The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


18. Makeover room

After cleaning my clothes, me and Jeula and Jad walked over to the mall to cheer me up. I threw on a tribal halter top with my white knitted cover up over it. I had on a maroon skirt and I wore black high socks and I slipped into my beige heeled booties. I slung on a white Chanel bag. Jeula wore a white crop top and a stripped blue and white shorties. I quickly put on my small gold dangling earrings. And I put on some mascara. Jeula quickly put on a purple cap and she had red lipstick, and nude eye shadows.

We walked over to Gretchen mall and we went to Free people. I got a mint green cashmere sweater. I also got a red halter dress. We then went to Forever 21 and I bought a white mini skirt . I also got a black sleeveless crop top with a small American flag on it. We went on to HnM and afterwards Bershka. In Bershka, I got a navy blue baggy shirt and then I spotted a grey body con dress that fits my body perfectly. After all that shopping, we walked home.

I hated that fucking party. It made me so angry. The only thing I wanted to do right now is punch the lights out off Elva! I quickly put on my blue satin dress for my pajamas. Jad and Jeula are sleeping over tonight. We decided to makeover my room. I placed a few Polaroids that spell my name above my bed board and I hung fairy lights on each side. I put my heart shaped pillow on my bedside table with my teal lamp. I rearranged some stuff on my white table and I put all of my photo frames into a nice position. We took some photos with my canon camera and placed it in a pink and yellow photo book. We turned off the lights and my fairy lights glowed. Me and Jeula changed into our favorite item that we bought. I changed into my grey body con dress and Jeula changed into a maroon halter dress with a knitted kimono like long cardigan. That cardigan is actually mine. She really likes it and wears it sometimes. She put her hair in a bun and I just let my hair curl down. Jad went downstairs to pour some champagne for us. We drank and took some photos like a normal typical night. We were the best of friends and I really loved them. I'm so glad Jeula came back and I really hope Jad will always stay here with me. We're only 17, and we still have a long long journey ahead of us, together.

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