The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


2. First day of school

I walked along to my locker and decorated it for awhile before making my way to home room to look for Jad. " hey " I said while tapping him on the shoulder. " oh hi! " he responded and stood up to hug me. " how was your summer?" He asked. " oh well I went to Tahiti with my boyfriend Clive " I mentioned,taking my books out. " and how was it?" He questioned settling his books out too. " well everything was perfect and for a few moments I thought we were meant to be and everything went out as expected but then we broke up" I sighed sadly. Jad gasped and spoke " omg. Who made the move?" He asked, trying not to make me sad. " him " I said trying not to sound heartbroken . " umm.. How?" He questioned looking at me. " Err... Remember when Clive used to date that slut Elva? Jad nodded. ' yeah well on our last day in Tahiti that fricking Elva called him and she started saying all these words that attracted him to her and when they hung up, Clive told me that he just realized how much he wanted her back in his life so he pleaded to break up and so we did" I answered.. Taking my pencils and pens out. " oh well he's a jerk and Elva's a goddamn fricking bitchyy slut. " Jad said patting me on the back to make me feel better.

" EXCUSE ME ??!! " the sound of a very familiar voice spoke. We turned around and saw Elva and the other two she-devils and with Clive wrapped around her shoulders. Elva was wearing a pink fur coat with a magenta mini dress that was barely covering her butt and she wore red stilettos. " But I'm no slut " exclaimed Elva in a bitchy tone. She then walked away with her hideous gang and after a few moments I noticed that everyone was staring at me. Ugh.

After a few hours, It was finally lunch. I got my lunch and placed it on the table when I saw Carl Ivy walk by me and he winked. Suddenly Jad came from behind and said " didn't you hear? Carl and Steve befriend Clive because of the way he dumped you. Carl really for the feebs for you doesn't he?" Jad mumbled and nudged me. " Ugh can you like not? I just went through a fucking breakup" I stated glaring at him In the eyes angrily. " I'm just kidding Viola. " Jad said and laughed it off. I ate and we started chatting about summer, about last year, and basically LIFE in general. All of a sudden I heard heels clanking on the floor and the sound of the silvers. They cut to the front of the line and got their food before the people that came first. Ugh.

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