The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


12. Divorce calls

It was finally..... Homecoming!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up with excitement and jumped around my room picking out my outfits. I took out my plain leather mini dress and dangling gold earrings. And I got my curling irons settled into the switch. I took my dark red purple-ish lipstick, my black mascara ,and my bronzer. After putting them on my dressing table, I got my brush and looked into my vanity and started brushing my hair. I used my hairspray and started spraying my highlights. After that, I took my black bathrobe and walked into the bathroom. Homecoming falls on a Saturday so I have the whole day to enjoy and relax until homecoming. I'm voting Jad and Keila for homecoming queen and king. Jad has been dating Keila Amber for 3 years and I totally want them to be together. I got my book 'fire with fire' and started reading it in my jacuzzi. I was reading for at least 30 minutes when my alarm went off. My facial master said every week I should spend 30 minutes in the jacuzzi to relax my body for calming it and boozing it down . It's great for complexion because the bubbles hitting against your skin tempts your muscles and lightens it. I got into my bathrobe, slipped into my fuzzy house boots, and went downstairs. I got my mug and made my morning coffee. It was only 9:00 am. My hair was wet and placed into a bun. When I walked into the living room and mum was watching tv. The movie 'daddy day care' was on and mom was laughing her head off. She was too having her hair in a bun with a black long baggy shirt dress. She saw me and stood up and hugged me.

" oh my baby is going to her first homecoming!"

Mom said while touching my face. I hugged her back and she hurried me upstairs. We went to the balcony and swung on our hammocks.

" I've seen you grow so much. I've seen you grown so much. I know you've been through a lot and jumping something onto u would be very hard. I love you and want to spend quality and special time with u. But me and your dad are filing a divorce. I'm sorry " mom whimpered and burst into tears. I'm really good in handling tears and talking to people. I was once studying counseling and was paid to become a certified counselor for 9 months. I hugged mom and wiped the tears off her face. She watched me shockingly.

Dad wanted to file a divorce because he thinks that he works too hard for our family and never gets time to spend with us. He thinks it's stupid and without a family, he'll be much better. Dad will be sending money every 2 weeks so I think we can still survive. And anyways, I have a lot of money in my safe in the room.

I rushed to my room and wrote it all down. Me and dad never really had a perfect bond. We were caring to each other but most times he's working.

I kicked off my fuzzy boots and walked over to my wardrobe to get my shear white button down shirt dress. I wore ripped tights underneath and put on my dark red beanie and dark red scarf. I took my diary, my laptop, some books and a sketch book. I packed it all info my bag and went downstairs. I packed some food and jumped into my covered grey buckled boots. I walked over to the town's library and set myself down at my usual spot. I logged onto the school's website and saw that Elva captioned ,'i will destroy you '. I bet she was talking about me. I see that my diary has become a very valuable piece and I should store it safely somewhere close to me. If the silvers read ANY piece of this, I'm dead. I saw a a girl holding onto a guy's hand and the girl looked like the fourth member of the silvers. And the guy ...... Omg. He looks like the guy Elva laid on in school the other day!!! Omg. I took a picture of them and went over to the printing system to print It out. I stuck it in my diary and wrote about it ALL.

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