The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


6. Breakfast at Tiffany's

We went to Tiffany's after changing. I put on my grey beanie, with my curly pink highlights showing. I wore my white baggy nearly cropped shirt and my fluorescent kimono over it. I wore my white laced high waisted shorts pairing them together. We walked in and at the corner of my eye, I saw Carl and Steve. The minute Carl spotted me, he gave me a text.


I like what you're wearing


I saw u and your mom on The beach. You both have Nice body and bikinis.

Thanks again.

How about u walk. Over to my table and let's have a drink

No thank you

Why not ?

Because I don't take drinks from creeps


Sorry. It's just I wanna spend some quality time with my mom.


And THIS is not quality time. I'm on my phone. Bye



I ordered cheese crepes and a mint chocolate milkshake. Mom got a chocolate waffle with a banana milkshake.

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