The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


10. Back to school

Ugh it's Monday again. Off to school it is. I got my red lipstick out and put it on. I curled my hair and put it in a high ponytail. I wore a red leather jacket with a white tank inside. I wore leather pants on the bottom and went downstairs to put on my beige laced wedges that aren't too high for school. I got breakfast and made my way out the door and to school.

There, at my locker, the silvers were standing and as I approached to my locker trying hard to avoid them, Elva put her hand on my chest and said " stop right there " I shrugged and look up to her. " I know that you've been hanging out with Carl these past few days, and you know what? You'll need punishment. " Elva looked at me sternly and licked her lips for awhile. " oh I got it! Your punishment is so that YOU can't come to homecoming dance. " Elva stated looking satisfied. I pushed her out of the way making her stumble on her heels and yelled at her " like I listen to plastic " everyone laughed and Elva stood up and stormed off with her pink heels and bright pink dress. I opened my locker to find a note. The note had Carl's signature on it and it read " will you go to the dance with me?" I smiled at it and remembered I'm not supposed to look like I'm interested in Carl other wise I'm dead. Because the silvers will be bringing in a wrecking ball to wreck me left and right . I put the note in my pocket. And as I closed my locker I saw Carl standing behind my locker staring at me. " so will u? " he asked. I nodded excitedly and quickly walked away. I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in the stalls with my diary. Then I heard one of the silver's voice and recognized that it was Debra's.

" oh my god like, Carl is so hot! I wish he will ask me to the dance "

I smirked when I she said this and in my head I was like well he asked me bitches. I wrote all of this down in my diary as she speaks.

" I know right! And I wish Clive asks me!" Said Teresa.

" you do know that Elva and him are so through and if she finds out that you're gonna be dancing with him, she'll crush you" Debra added.

I'm not the type to pick up gossip and I love how now I have the juiciest bit of information. I wrote every single detail down and made sure I confirmed I wrote the right person that was talking.

" yeah right, but Elva was just using him to shove it in Viola's face! " Teresa shouted

I was sternly shocked and I accidentally shut my book too hard. Oops. They were murmuring amongst themselves let's get out of here and when I made sure the coast was clear, I left too.

The bell rang and I quickly went to class. I had English first with Jad and then art with..... Steve. I have two other lessons with Carl and a few others with Jad. I sat at my usual table with Jad and quickly locked my diary, kept the key in my pocket, and safely put my diary in my bag.

After classes, I hurried over to the bathroom again with my dairy when I saw Elva walk in with..... Kian Deen? I quickly ran inside a stall with my diary and I heard whining noises. Wow just wow. I wrote it down in my diary again and when I saw Elva's panties drop to the floor ( because my stall is next to hers and there's a gap between the the wall and the floor) ; I quickly took a picture with my ringer off. I scurried out of the toilet and got prepared for the next lessons.

Elva was late for Math... And she lied that she got her period and she took a long time in the toilet. The teacher nodded and let her go. I stared at her with a fishy look and quickly turned my head when our eyes met.

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