The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


4. At home

Me and mom get along really well. Because mom still has a mind like a teenager. I went upstairs and mom followed me to my room. I showed her everything I bought and tried them on too. I showed mom what I got her. A black and white sleeve dress, shady white glasses, and we got matching ombré dresses and crop tops. My dress was from dark blue toned to baby blue. And mom's was from dark pink to salmon. My crop top was toned from purple to turquoise. Mom' s top wasn't a crop top because no matter what, mom's still a mom and I can't let her go out showing her belly button. Either ways, mom' s top was from orange toned to purple. I asked mom about her day at the beach and she said everything was great. The sunset was beautiful and we should go there together sometime.

Suddenly, my email notification went off and I checked it with mom by my side. The email was from school and it said that school is cancelled for the whole week because there was a gas leak in the cafeteria from the summer because one of the pipes were dented. Yay! It's first day back from summer and we already got a week of holiday. Mom also squealed with excitement and told me that we can finally spend some quality time together.

Tomorrow, mom said she's bringing me out early in the morning to catch the sunrise at the hilltop. We're going to go hiking at 6:00 am and catch the sunrise at 7:30 am. As we planned the whole day together, we heard the door slam shut and a deep voice saying I'm home.

We went downstairs and I flung into dad's arms. Dad announced that we should go get dinner outside. I went upstairs to change into my ombré crop top, my light colored Aztec cardigan , my black skater skirt with the brown belt. I put my hair in a high bun and tried to show my pink highlights. I put on my studded dangling earrings, and grabbed my grey beanie and put it in my Chanel bag. I went downstairs and put on my brown laced high heels and we went into dad's car and he drove us to a classy diner near fahrenheight 23. I live In fahrenheight 18. The diner's called My gram's recipes. Basically the owner of the diner has a grandmother who had a book full of secret recipes so he decided to open a restaurant. I ordered cheese lasagna. With mint chocolate milkshake. The meal was so fricking good!!!

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