The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


15. Are we together?

We drove around to Kellen's and we settled in. As we stepped in, I saw Pauline, the fourth member of the silvers, with her boyfriend, Arley. As soon as she saw us, she called somebody and I heard her saying " yeah she's here with Carl and Steve and stuff" what does she mean stuff? Who does she think she is to talk about Jad like that. I just ignored her as she walked past our table strutting her black heels and mini red dress. And her hair is in a bun, and she head heavy mascara and bright pink lipstick. Classic.

I ordered cheese lasagna with barbecue sauce and mayo sauce. I also had a mint choco milkshake. Suddenly, Steve's sister called saying that she needs him home because she needs the car. Steve ate quickly and left. Sooner or later, Keila called Jad and he left too.

Carl smiled at me and I just felt confused.

" I don't know what that smile means but I have a question, are we a couple ?" I asked, desperately

" I guess so" he said looking at me

" but you never really took me on a date " I replied, pleadingly

" look, the silvers are going to hurt u if we are together. I don't want that to happen." He exclaimed with a worried look

" so are we together or not?" I asked, finishing my meal

" it's better not because I want u to have good grades and if the silvers cause drama for u you might be too distracted and bothered by them. And I don't want that to cause because of me " he replied with sad eyes

" I - I gotta go " I quickly rose from my seat, and walked out of the restaurant.

I knew he was disappointed so am I.

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