The unpopular girl

Viola was that typical unpopular high school student. She was quiet, timid, but not don't judge a book by its cover! Viola has many deep dark secrets. But will she be able to keep them all ?


3. After school

After school, me and Jad went to a popular mall by the name of Gretchen. Gretchen mall is famous because there's a millionaire art piece in the basement floor that attracts a lot of people. The name of the art and the artist himself, is called Gretchen. First we went into HnM and I hurried over to the women's section and Jad went over to the men's section. I was finding an xs size pink flamingo sleeveless crop top and when I found it, I put it in my shopping bag that HnM provided. I walked further on and I bought 3 pairs of graphic tights. One was with money signs on it, another with graffiti designs, and another one was a scratch effect design. They were 5 Canadian dollars so why not? I also got a pink flared out tank that's shear material with lace detail. I got 4 more things that was a black skater skirt with a brown belt that came with it, a black leather mini dress, a brown laced high heel, and a light colored Aztec designed baggy cardigan. I went on to the counter desk when I heard 3 familiar voices.

" omg like I just totally got laid yesterday by Clive" .. Ugh that would definitely be Elva.

" omg really? "... And that would be Debra

" oh wow how many times have you got laid ?" ...Teresa

And they went on and on chatting about getting laid. Wth. I quickly smiled at the cashier girl, took my things and left. The silvers saw me and they smirked. Elva tried spitting her gum at me but I totally saw it coming. The mall security instructed her to pick it up. Haha serve her right.

I found Jad and we went from shop to shop and shop to shop. We went to Bershka, Target, Factorie, Romp, Dorothy Perkins, Guess, and a Korean shop with so many nice crop tops and graphic tees and kimonos.

After shopping, I went back to Jad's house to wait for my mom. I told Jad about the silvers talking about Clive and Elva getting laid together and how Elva tried to spit gum at me. Jad laughed and when my mom's car honked at 6:00 I hugged Jad and went home with me. I told her everything and she just listened.

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