The eye is a door to the soul. Or so they say. I thought it was just a phrase, just like every other, but i was wrong. My name is Alice, and i am a soulbender.


3. Soulbender

So a soulbender is basically the same as if you tried to imagine a waterbender, but instead of the cute little bubble tricks or turning water into ice. I can see peoples souls. If it is white the person is making good choices, but if they make bad choices, the soul will turn black and small holes will start piercing through it. And of cause as told in my incident I can.. Kill people. 

I woke up in the motel room. My neck was feeling sore, because I had fallen asleep while I was reading. I reached for the water bottle in an attempt to make my mouth not taste horrible anymore, but it was empty. "Damn it" I said as I threw the bottle over to the others in the corner. "Okay, so I wasn't the most clean person right now" I thought, but when you can kill people by looking at them, cleaning somehow doesn't seem so important anymore. I got up, and put on the pants from yesterday. They could hold on another day, it was jeans after all. I grabbed my sweatshirt and went out the door. Breakfast was the first step on the list. I looked at my sorry 5 dollar bill, and went inside the convenient store. The cashier was looking suspicious at me, but who could blame him. I was after all walking around in a big black sweatshirt with the hood up, not the most innocent looking person in the world. I paid for a bagel and 1/2 a liter water, without making eye-contact, which made the cashier suspicious enough to hold the bill up to the light to check if it was real. "Come on" I thought. I was starving, and in a moment of carelessness I looked at him, and saw the little grey shadow. I immediately looked down, but the guy had seen my face, and looked wondering at me. "Why are you dressed like that" He asked. "It's cold" I answered, and reached for the change in his hand, but he moved it backwards, and said "You look familiar, haven't I seen you before?". "He probably had, my face had been shown on every tv-screen in America since the accident. The picture was a horrible picture-day mix of a bad hairday and rainy weather, so most people didn't recognize me without having to look closely". "Probably, I was in here yesterday too" I said, and held my hand out for the change. He poured them into my hand, and gave me the bag with my breakfast in. 

After I had eaten on a bench in the park, I realized how cold I was. I decided that I should probably go back to the motel, it was after all warmer there, not much, but it was something. But when I came back to the motel, there was a very well known car out front. I had noticed it a few days ago, on my way to the library, but when I came out again, it was gone. Now it was parked in front of my motel. I went inside, and up the stairs, I could hear voices coming from my hall, so I stopped to listen. It was the voices of two men, they were arguing. And then I heard it."How will we catch the Soulbender if she's not here?".

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