The eye is a door to the soul. Or so they say. I thought it was just a phrase, just like every other, but i was wrong. My name is Alice, and i am a soulbender.


2. Alone

After that night, my mom wouldn't see me anymore, she was scared. "Who could blame her?". So I left home.

I had been on the road for quite some months now, I had stopped counting, but it wasn't so bad, though I was running out of money. I had tried with a few different jobs like, cashier, but I wasn't very good with the "looking people in the eye" thing (for obvious reasons). And so I got fired from that, "apparently people think you are a shady person if you never look anyone in the eye". All the other jobs had included looking people in the eyes too, so they didn't go very well either. I hadn't "tried" my power since I left home, I was way too scared. I didn't want this. I was supposed to be home, with my mother. I should have graduated, gotten drunk to the party after, and spent some months falling apart over what I wanted to do with my life. But no. Instead my life fell apart a few months too early, and this is not just something you can fix by going to the student-counselor.

I handed the money to the lady behind the counter and took the sandwich and water. The sun was hanging low on the afternoon sky and I swung my bag up on my shoulder, as I started to follow the road. It was getting colder everyday, and my cropped leather jacket wasn't enough to keep the cold out. There was quite a few cars on the road for a Sunday, or I think it was Sunday, it wasn't like it was my first priority to keep track of the days, but I was giving it an honest try. The sky was getting darker, and I headed for the hotel, which was probably more a motel/hostel kind of thing, and if not, I would definitely only be giving it half a star, and that was me being nice. But even though it was a creepy and filthy place, it was cheap, and giving my money situation, I wasn't allowed to be picky about it.

As I pushed the door to my room open, it made that creepy creaking sound that you always hear in horror movies, and I couldn't keep my body from shivering. I put by bag on the bed and started to pull out all the books I got from the library, they were all about magic, witches and other supernatural stuff. I knew if I wanted any chance to ever go home again, I had to start by figuring out what I was. I had started by checking the internet (obviously), but all i had found was a name, soulbender.

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