The eye is a door to the soul. Or so they say. I thought it was just a phrase, just like every other, but i was wrong. My name is Alice, and i am a soulbender.


1. The Beginning

It all started on a regular day in high school. I was a senior and there was only a few weeks till graduation. Most of the exams were passed and I only had a few to go. I thought I was gonna live a normal boring life. But I was wrong.

It all happend so fast. I came home one day and noticed the door was wide open. So I snuck in, like I had done so many times before, comming home drunk from parties. I walked in to the hall, and saw the floor covered in books and shards. I could hear my mother, she was crying. And there were two low voices, voices I did not recognize. I looked into the living room, my mother was sitting on a chair, tied up. And I could see the backs of two men, one in a black sweater and jeans, the other in a grey hoodie and bright jeans. Thats when someone hit me in the back of my head, and I passed out.

The next I know I am sitting on a chair next to my mother, and I am tied up. The man in the hoodie was sitting in front of me, as he waited for me to raise my head, and face his eyes. But when I looked in to his eyes, I didn't see the iris, but a small grey shadow. At first I just looked at it, but then it started moving, it was getting bigger. It grew until it surrounded his whole body. It wasn't grey anymore, it was black and full of holes. I was shaking now, my body was getting sweaty from the fear, and I felt like I was losing my mind. Thats when he started screaming, the shadow was chocking him and he was gasping for air. He landed on the floor, dead. That was the first time I found out that I was a soulbender.

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