To know about girls

Ashton is teaching his friends Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood about girls. As they hardly know anything about them but you would think they would by magazines for boys to teach them what girls like and love. Like for girls to teach them to be liked by boys or someone their not.

But Ashton has a so called 'Brilliant' idea, he will teach them about girls... by watching his sister.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Oh look here she comes" one boy said, his eyes trailing from his friend with the weird hair colour.

"Go on... Say something" The other boy said.

"Hey" the weird coloured boy said to a girl with brown hair.

"Hey" he said again.

His friend looked at him, "Michael" he said.

"What... That's all I've got Ashton" Michael said.

Ashton face palmed himself "You being serious?" He asked him.

"Yes I'm not a bloody ladies man" Michael scoffed, then shut his locker door.

"I knew she was totally into you when you talked to her" Ashton put a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey loser" a small girl said, blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Zoë" Ashton folded his arms glaring at his sister.

"Hey Z" Michael smiled, she saluted him before looking at Ashton,

"Moms out tonight so I thought about a movie night" Zoe suggested.

"That would be a great idea" a person said behind her.

"Hey Luke Calum" Ashton greeted them.

"As I was saying movie night all of us" Zoe repeated herself, the guys nodded.

"I'll bring the popcorn" Calum smiled.

"I'll bring the movies" Luke said nodding at them.

"Okay see you guys after school I need to do my math homework before we do anything okay?" She said, the guys nodded.

Zoë left the boys, walking down the corridor to her homeroom.

Ashton looked at the guys who seemed to be holding their breath, he folded his arms and glared at them.

"You guys can breathe now" Ashton said.

A big breath of air came from the guys, "was there any point holding your breath when my sister is around?" He asked hoping to know the question.

"Yeah she's pretty" They said in unison. Then they met Ashton's glare, that seemed to bore into theirs.

"I beg your pardon?" Ashton asked sarcastically.

"My sister is off limits" Ashton waved his hands in the air.

Michael scoffed, "Yeah right" he said.

"Your such a kill joy" Callum whined.

"Well let's face it, if we go anywhere near Zoë he'll have our balls for breakfast" Luke said.

"How the hell did you know" Ashton said sarcastically.

"Isn't it obvious" Luke folded his arms.

"Sometimes I really hate you" Ashton said.

"C'mon guys homeroom is about to start" Calum piped up.

Michael nodded, "I would rather have detention than go to Mr. Hanson's class" he said.

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