The Movellian A-List: Issue #2

This is the Movellian A-List Magazine! Bringing you the latest from Movellas!

Issue #2:
The Movellist of The Month!
The Movella of The Month!
The Model Movellian of the Month!
An exclusive interview with Emma Bolt's amazing author!
Cyberbullying top tips!


1. Welcome to The Movellian A-List!

Hello fellow Movellians, and welcome to The Movellian A-List!


Here's what's inside today!



> Super Important Cyberbully tips!

> Exclusive interview with Salamasunny!

> The Gem Chest: Hidden Gems that YOU need to read!

> Spoooooooooky Halloween recipies!

And Soooooooooo Much More!



Monthly Winners:

Movellist of the Month: Salamasunny!

Movellian of the Month: SMD1120

Movella of the Month: Emma Bolt - Energists by Raven 711

Motto for the Month: I don't have original ideas, Ideas have ME


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