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Issue #2:
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Cyberbullying top tips!


5. Super important Cyberbu//ying tips!

Cyberbullying is so uncool! So why do people do it? Here's a poster to show you just what Cyberbullying is:


See why cyberbullying totally SUCKS yet? If no, then just look at this and see if it changes your mind about spreading the cyberbullying disease!




OMG!!! I hope that none of my fellow movellians catch this virus! It's true. Cyberbullying has become WAY too big of a problem, and it's contagious, so do your best not to cave in to it! We can all cure the horrible cyberbullying disease by following these simple tips:

> Don't send ANYTHING mean or hurtful to ANYBODY unless you are sure that they'll understand if you mean it as a joke.

> Even tip #1 is risky! Ideally, don't send ANYTHING mean or hurtful -- even if it's a joke! The other person may not know that!

> Name calling is soooo dumb! Don't do it, online or otherwise!

>If somebody sends you a nasty text or email, just print it or screencap it then send it to a trusted adult, explaining that the message upset you. 

> Don't reply to ANY mean texts or emails! You could catch the virus, and having viruses seriously sucks!


So remember kids, Cyberbullying is NO JOKE! If you feel like you're being targeted, you can get a parent or carer to help you, or else call childline at

0800 1111

Together we can beat bullying!

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