The Movellian A-List: Issue #2

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Issue #2:
The Movellist of The Month!
The Movella of The Month!
The Model Movellian of the Month!
An exclusive interview with Emma Bolt's amazing author!
Cyberbullying top tips!


7. Spooooooooky Halloween Costume ideas!

OMG! It's october ALREADY? Here at TMA, we strive to be stylish, and we're sure you do, too! So to help you look as cool as possible, we've compiled a list of AWESUM Halloween 'fits!


Robin Hood:



Devil Woman (Wink Wink)



Sassy Skeleton



Crayola Crayon...?


Gypsy Girl




Phew! That's a lot of ideas! But there are sooo many more original costumes out there, so get creative and find the one (or several) costume(s) that seriously say

Have fun this october!

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