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Issue #2:
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4. SMD1120, the perfect role model!

Woah! We never expected to find such an AWESOME movellian for our magazine! Sarah is Tactful, caring and HILARIOUS! Here are some cool quotes:


 "Hey guys, I feel like all I have been doing today is running.
I woke up and after I got ready we had to leave to go to my softball game which ended up being a double header. So we stopped at breakfast before hand then went to the fields.
The first game we lost and the second game, our umpire quit in the middle of the game (Long story)

After the games we stopped at my grandma's house and had to pick something up. We drove home and stopped at dinner on the way then we had to go grocery shopping and then we got home and had to take the dogs out and get showers and pack lunches. So here I am finally at 8:30 at night and it is the first time I've been able to sit down and relax all day long!!! UGH!!!!

Anyways, how was your day? I'd love to hear what my beautiful fans have been up to. Comment below!!
XOXO ~Sarah"

She's also a great poet! Have a look at this AWESUM poem that she wrote!

" I know that a lot of you have read Dear Kyle, so when you think about me having a crush you associate it with Kyle. If you are a big reader and into that, go read the last chapter to know that I am done writing the letters and that I no longer have feelings for him.

This poem is written to a guy at my school that I am beginning to develop feelings for. I'm not going to say his name on here because I don't want to be known as a stalker as some of my friends called me for writing Dear Kyle...

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I feel kind of weird
Falling for you

You make me laugh
You make me smile
You listen to me 
for a long while

You probably don't care
I mean nothing to you
Just a friend on the bus
a girl you don't know the name to

Someday I'll confess
the feelings inside
but for now
I have to forget the boy who lied "


Isn't that just THE sweetest thing??? Bravo, S! You totally earned a place in the spotlight!

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