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Issue #2:
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2. Movella Spotlight: Emma Bolt - The Energists By Raven711

Blurb: I am Emma Bolt. I have a power. It can move things. It can hurt people. I control it completely.


Overview: This movella isn't done yet. And that's the bad thing about it. I was hooked after half a chapter, and now I've finished I want MORE! I'm not sure if it's done or not, because it hasn't been updated for a while but it says "in progress", however it's amazing nonetheless. I can't say much about the story, it's too good to spoil! Superb Job Rav!


We were lucky enough to get an EXCLUSIVE interview with the author, Raven 711! Here's what she had to say:



TMA: What inspired this UH-MAZE-ING novella?


Raven: Um.... a lot of late nights trying to think of a decent story idea, hehe. I'm not sure, actually. I wanted to give her a power and I guess that just fit. 


TMA: What is your opinion on Emma?


Raven: Oh, Emma's awesome. If I could change my personality I'd be like her. I don't think I've built in quite enough flaws and background to her, but I love how strong and resourceful she is. 


TMA: Tell us more about her powers.


Raven: But that's a secret! Haha, well, there's not much that wasn't written into the story already, but aside from moving things I might expand on the shocking people part -- I've sort of got a logic built up behind it. Emma's had her powers since an extremely young age and can control them decently well by they time the story happens. Where the powers come from in the first place... Well, I'd be glad to know that myself. I really should plan more... whoops.


TMA: If you were Miss Bolt, how would you use her telekinesis?


Raven: I would try to figure out how to fly, most definitely. If that didn't work, which is likely, I'd use it to prank people. I mean, think of all the things you could do...!


TMA: Who is your favourite character apart from Emma?


Raven: Definitely Katie. She is beyond epic, with her snappy comebacks and how bossy she is and all, but underneath she's just worried, and trying not to care. A tough front is her protection, and I can sort of understand that. But the first time she appears in the story... Oh gods, that's my favourite part so far.


Wow, Rav! Thanks for your time and that AWESOME interview! It's so cool to get insight on an amazing book like Energists!


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