Halo: The Missing Spartans.

A squad of the UNSC sub-section called the UNPD are called into duty to Arcadia, a Human paradise colony, and the planet is only %20 explored. They will find and lose many, but will they lose the most important part of them... themselves. They then get orders to track down and bring back a missing team of Spartans, and bring them home or put them down. Whatever it takes so they do not end up in Covenant hands. Will they find these Spartans? Or will they find something much worse lurking in the darkness that will strike at the heart of Humanity?

I do not own Halo! All credit for the beloved games series goes to Bungie (original creators) and 343 Industries (now owners). This is all from my imagination, except for references to the Halo games. I am not making profit off of this story, which was created for the sole purpose of entertaining fans of the series and fans of the lore.

Please enjoy :)


10. Chapter 9: Unexpected Friends

Once we re-grouped with Orange as they were leaving the Brig, with three UNSC perwe headed towards the Hangar in a phalanx. We only hit a patch of Grunts going to the Hangar on our way there, and killed them. As we entered the Hangar, it was chaos. Elites were behind whatever cover they could find, grunts were running, jackals were taking cover behind their shield gauntlets, and the Engineers were cowering in a corner behind the Pelicans, hoping they wouldn't be killed. "Target the Elites!" Johnny yelled, and we opened fire on the stunned Elites, realizing the had been flanked. They recovered quickly though, returning fire and hitting a few people in Orange, but not fatally. Axel lobbed a grenade at an Elite who's shield was down, and as the grenade detonated, his scream of rage was cut off.


The battle only lasted about five minutes, but it had felt like hours. The Engineers were still cowering in the corner, not realizing that we weren't going to hurt them. We needed them too much. The UNPD and ONI would want them, UNPD for stations and ships, ONI for information. We all put our weapons down, and backed away with our hands up. A few men from Orange were still covering the door, and we only had three minutes until a good-sized amount of Covenant reinforcements burst through the door. We got a few data pads, shot them with out pistols, and tossed them at the engineers, which they caught flawlessly. The Engineer that was near the front of the group, presumably the leader, finished his first, and slowly floated to me, making a chirping noise and hold out the data pad. It was a lot smaller then what it once was, but it worked. I rubbed his head with my hand, and he nuzzled my hand, a sign that he liked being rubbed. I smiled a bit at how peaceful they were. He snatched the pad out of my hand, and turned on the holo-projector. His cilia-covered tentacles flew over the hologram, and at the same time, words were being typed on my side in English. It was a translation program. "Hello Human. Are you here to hurt us? Have you come to save us?" He asked, and when he was done, he cocked his head at me and blinked, waiting for an answer. "We are here to save you. We won't hurt you. Will you follow us to our ship? We have things that need fixing." I said. His tentacles started flying again. "That is good. And yes, we shall follow you to your ship. I am Needs Adjustments." He said. I nodded to the others and turned back to Needs Adjustments. "Come on. We don't have long until they come back." I said, and he closed the hologram. He turned to the others, made a series of chirps, and turned back to me, waiting to go.

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