Halo: The Missing Spartans.

A squad of the UNSC sub-section called the UNPD are called into duty to Arcadia, a Human paradise colony, and the planet is only %20 explored. They will find and lose many, but will they lose the most important part of them... themselves. They then get orders to track down and bring back a missing team of Spartans, and bring them home or put them down. Whatever it takes so they do not end up in Covenant hands. Will they find these Spartans? Or will they find something much worse lurking in the darkness that will strike at the heart of Humanity?

I do not own Halo! All credit for the beloved games series goes to Bungie (original creators) and 343 Industries (now owners). This is all from my imagination, except for references to the Halo games. I am not making profit off of this story, which was created for the sole purpose of entertaining fans of the series and fans of the lore.

Please enjoy :)


7. Chapter 6: Plan (continued)

I had to pretty much drag Katie back. She was so mad about Emerald Cove being evacuated, mostly because her family was there, and knew they wouldn't leave just because the UNSC told them to. I let Katie go once we got to the barracks, and then went over to the bunk. Johnny and Axel were propped up laying next to each other looking at a data pad and talking, and Gabbi was on the top bunk reading some old book. Savannah was drawing on the floor, leaning on the frame of the bed. Katie and I walked over, and she went to sit next to Gabbi while I sat at the end of the bottom bunk. Axel and Johnny looked up at me for a second, then went back to studying a map on the data pad. Once they were done, Axel hit the top bunk two times, then Gabbi was leaning over looking at us with Katie next to her. "We gonna start this meeting or what?" She asked. Johnny nodded, switched to a file on the data pad, and turned on the holo-emitter on it, making a hologram pop up of the flagship. Little 'x's that were different colors marked the ship. "The blue x, is us. We'll blow a hole in it and enter. Once that's done, we'll make our way to the bridge and hopefully capture the Prophet if he doesn't bug out before we get there. Green will be at the hangar, Orange will be escorting us back to the hangar, and purple will be the last to come back, after they've planted charges on the engines. Once the charges are ready to blow, captain Derick will call the fleets and when they arrive, we blow the charges, and the real fun begins. Any question?" Johnny asked. "None? Good. We will exit slip space in thirty minutes. Get your armor on, and get our usual kits. I'll grab a cattle prod for the prophet to chew on once we capture him. Blue dismissed." Johnny said.


Five minutes until we exit slip space, and six minutes until we're supposed to be heading to the Covenant Super Carrier. I was the first to arrive at the pelican, with Katie not far behind me. Should would be our pick-up with two other Pelicans to pick all of us up. The thrusters whirred to life as she started the ship, and just then Axel, Johnny, and Gabbi walked in. "Mount up!" Johnny said, and we all rushed into the Pelican. The Pelican lifted off the ground, turned, and went forward out through the shields and towards the Super Carrier.



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