Halo: The Missing Spartans.

A squad of the UNSC sub-section called the UNPD are called into duty to Arcadia, a Human paradise colony, and the planet is only %20 explored. They will find and lose many, but will they lose the most important part of them... themselves. They then get orders to track down and bring back a missing team of Spartans, and bring them home or put them down. Whatever it takes so they do not end up in Covenant hands. Will they find these Spartans? Or will they find something much worse lurking in the darkness that will strike at the heart of Humanity?

I do not own Halo! All credit for the beloved games series goes to Bungie (original creators) and 343 Industries (now owners). This is all from my imagination, except for references to the Halo games. I am not making profit off of this story, which was created for the sole purpose of entertaining fans of the series and fans of the lore.

Please enjoy :)


4. Chapter 3: Delayed

We arrived at the control center two minutes later, and saw there was another slaughter, and we guessed the guards had turned and killed everyone while they weren't expecting it. We found the console to unlock the doors, and we opened all of the blast doors for the other teams. Red team had found a sealed container that looked like it had been the reason for the final battle here. They also had found a soldier's helmet data chip like we found, and were ordered to bring back the container to their Pelican and wait for the rest of us. Once were done looking through the systems in the control center, we made our way to the Pelicans.

When we arrived, we were walking up the ramps into the Pelicans when the Innies started shooting. The medics all grabbed their shield generators, and threw them around the Pelicans to avoid damage. "Gabbi! Get a launcher over here now!" Johnny yelled. Gabbi came back with the launcher, loaded it, took aim, and fired off a rocket. It hit a boulder and broke it into pieces with a loud 'BOOM' that shook the ground, and multiple screams from the boulder. Axel grabbed a sniper and took cover behind a rock, picking off more serious targets. Savannah was crouching on the ramp of the Pelican, and was popping off shots with her magnum. The battle only lasted a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity went by. I definitely preferred it more instead of building Orbital Stations. The medics grabbed their generators, deactivated them, and put them away. We all walked into the Pelicans without a word, and started towards the ship.

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