Halo: The Missing Spartans.

A squad of the UNSC sub-section called the UNPD are called into duty to Arcadia, a Human paradise colony, and the planet is only %20 explored. They will find and lose many, but will they lose the most important part of them... themselves. They then get orders to track down and bring back a missing team of Spartans, and bring them home or put them down. Whatever it takes so they do not end up in Covenant hands. Will they find these Spartans? Or will they find something much worse lurking in the darkness that will strike at the heart of Humanity?

I do not own Halo! All credit for the beloved games series goes to Bungie (original creators) and 343 Industries (now owners). This is all from my imagination, except for references to the Halo games. I am not making profit off of this story, which was created for the sole purpose of entertaining fans of the series and fans of the lore.

Please enjoy :)


3. Chapter 2: Core Room

Our Pelican made it to the roof, and the roof was so small, we had to be dropped off before Green could unload. We had chosen our loadouts on the way down, and mine was an assault rifle, a standard issue magnum, three grenades, and my pack which was filled in the main section with medical supplies. My pockets on the pack had my rations, and the pouches on the sides had portable mini-shield generators, solar powered of course. I also had five clips for each gun in the pockets in my armor and uniform. Katie had the same load out, but with a portable computer on her other hip, opposite her magnum. Gabbi had a battle rifle, and a magnum, and a rocket launcher, with her pack filled with extra explosives. Johnny had the same load out as me, and his pack full of food and ammo. Axel had a shotgun and a magnum, and his pack had a battle rifle, two assault rifles, three magnums, and a ton of ammo. Since savannah would stay with the Pelican with Orange and Silver, she just chose a magnum and a book to keep her busy.

We scouted one end if the roof while Green scouted the other, and it was clear for what we could see. We decided to pry open the emergency exit that had been built next to the building a few feet below us, and we volunteered to take point. Axel was first, and he turned on his flashlight in the surprisingly dark room to see, and it was evidently clear now something terrible had happened. There were no Covenant bodies or scorch marks from plasma, indicating it was an inside job, and was the work of insurgents. We found a data pad still unlocked, and Johnny took it, storing it in his back pocket. Once we declared this area was clear, we have the other teams the go-ahead to come in, but be careful, there could still be a threat inside the compound. We decided to move to the labs, hoping to find them sealed and a few surviving scientists to tell us what happened. We were disappointed. The door was off the hinges, a meter away, and the scientists were sprawled over the tables and floor. They didn't stand a chance. There was no sign of enemy bodies, meaning the scientists were slaughtered. We took pictures and profiled them, so the UNSC could send condolences to the families. We then took a right, heading to the armory and barracks, and that's where we found the struggle. There were people dead that had come from the way we came, most had guns, meaning they weren't scientists fleeing, but insurgents. There were also people in UNSC fatigues from the barracks and armory, and some guards who had tried to fight, but were over whelmed. Luckily we found a guard's helmet with a camera and it's storage chip still intact so we could see what exactly had happened when we viewed it. We followed the same process and then decided to head into the core room, and possibly turn the power on. The other teams had radar that showed where the other teams were, so they would know it was us that turned on the power.

It took two minutes to reach the core room, and it took two seconds to realize there had been a battle. The scientist who had hid in the far corner had been unmercifully slaughtered. And the soldiers protecting them had been killed brutally. The core was luckily intact, confirmed by Katie and Green team's techie, Angela, who decided it was safe to turn on the power. Johnny sent out an alert to everyone that they were turning on the power, and to disable night vision if they had it on instead of flashlights. The core whited to life as the lights snapped on and the air vents started pumping out cool, not too cold, air, and then the alarms went off. Apparently no one had deactivated the alarm switch, instead just turning off the power. That's also when the emergency blast doors started closing. Luckily, we were still in the hallway where the Command and Control center was, and they all had a standard control panel that you could turn off each system individually. We left the core room, and headed to the Control center.


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