Halo: The Missing Spartans.

A squad of the UNSC sub-section called the UNPD are called into duty to Arcadia, a Human paradise colony, and the planet is only %20 explored. They will find and lose many, but will they lose the most important part of them... themselves. They then get orders to track down and bring back a missing team of Spartans, and bring them home or put them down. Whatever it takes so they do not end up in Covenant hands. Will they find these Spartans? Or will they find something much worse lurking in the darkness that will strike at the heart of Humanity?

I do not own Halo! All credit for the beloved games series goes to Bungie (original creators) and 343 Industries (now owners). This is all from my imagination, except for references to the Halo games. I am not making profit off of this story, which was created for the sole purpose of entertaining fans of the series and fans of the lore.

Please enjoy :)


2. Chapter 1: Infiltration

Three days. It's been three days since we lost contact with our UNSC facility on Arcadia. We were dispatched a day later when we couldn't regain contact.

My name is Paul by the way. I'm in the UNPD, otherwise known as the United Nations Planetary Defense. While many people believe the UNSC puts the Orbital Defense Stations above planets, it's really us that build and work at the stations. Although the UNSC puts commanders there and runs the military from the biggest, baddest, and most heavily armed / defended one, The Cairo (ironically above Sydney, Australia). So they end up taking the glory. And even when we're not building stations, we're also on planets under attack from the Covenant. When Harvest made First Contact with these alien freaks, we were there protecting our diplomat, who met with their ambassador. Then, their forces went and starting slaughtering us. We were in a Pelican en route to calm a riot when we got the call to help evacuations. It was a slaughter house. Only twenty ships made it off Harvest. And the death toll was estimated more than 3/4 of the population. And now, Arcadia is under attack.

Once we arrived, we had to fight for our lives. It turns out, we jumped right into the middle of a fight between an armada of Covenant ships, and a UNSC fleet, the Twentieth Fleet, commanded by Admiral Mag. And the UNSC was losing. Bad. The Covenant had about twenty-three ships, and the UNSC only about thirteen. Making it about fourteen with us now joined. The Covenant had only lost three ships, only one destroyed, the other two disabled and retreating. The UNSC on the other hand, had about five ships down. Three totally destroyed, now debris, and two retreating, and disabled.

The battle took an hour at most. The Third Fleet arrived, including The UNSC Midsummer Night, the UNSC Pillar of Autumn, the UNSC Spirit of Fire, and the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, all four being legends for multiple things. Sadly, the UNSC Dallas and UNSC Armstrong were both critically damaged, and it's a miracle they still even fly. We were able to finally get teams ready to go to the facility.

I met my squad beside our Pelican, as many other squads started forming near their respective Pelicans. Our squad consisted of me, Johnny, Axel, Vivian, Katie, Gabbi, and Savannah. We were a good team. I was the medic, Johnny was the leader, Gabbi was the demolitions expert, Savannah was the pilot, Axel was the weapons expert, and Katie was the technology expert. We got along amazingly well, we could share any info without fear of it spreading, and we all thought alike. And while we're lounging around, we crack jokes, tell stories, read, and eat together. We're like a big family.

"Hey guys. So what's today? Watching the sunset or helping an evacuation? Oh! I know! Is it gutting every Covenant soldier in sight? 'Cause I really wanna do that." I said as I walked into the group. "No Paul, this is serious. We can joke around later. Let's get our supply list going." Johnny, the squad leader, said. "Paul, since you're the medic, grab as many medical supplies as possible. I'll grab the grub. Make sure you each have your own rations as well, but let's eat the food I grab first. Don't want anyone dying on an MRE. Gab, since you're the demolitions expert, grab any explosives you can, and make sure they don't go off. Savannah, since you're the pilot, make sure our Pelican is fueled up and ready to go, and put some extra provisions on the jettison pods incase it comes to that. Axel, since you're the weapons expert, grab as many guns as possible. Take a cart and load them into the armory on the Pelican. We'll choose our load-outs on the bird. Katie, make sure you grab any tech gear you can. We'll need everything running smoothly down there. We'll be working with Green Squad on this one. So make sure you all get along. Blue, let's get going!" Johnny said. As soon as he finished, we all went to our assigned tasks, and ended up finishing and ready to launch before any other squads.

Luckily, we got the luxury of going into the compound from the roof, which is mostly skylight anyways, so we could look in before we went in. Red and Yellow had to go in through through the front, and Black and Gold had to to go in through the back. Silver and Orange would be defending our LZ and would keep our birds warm while we were away. There was a Spartan team on the ship, but they were assisting with the defense of the major evacuation center in New Kingston, a major resort. Once we were given the signal to launch, we flew out of the hangar shields and into the atmosphere, dodging plasma and banshees as our little convoy of Pelicans descended to the base, just on the perimeter of The Dark Zone.

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