This Isnt How Its Suppose To Be...

"I thought we were bestfriends!" I yelled at her.

"We used to be best friends, but we will never be the same again." she said.

"ITS THE BOYS' FAULT! How could we let boys get between us?" I asked sadly.

"At the time, love was more important." she said and walked away. I just lost my best friend. Now the only person I have left is Niall. I knew we shouldn't have gotten involved with One Direction and 5SOS.


13. Twelve

Liam's POV

I was just sitting in my room, bored, before a heard a scream from outside and then another one. I ran outside and realized Michael had followed me. I run to the sidewalk and see some guy and a girl. As we get closer, I see the girl is Peyton!

"Let her go." Michael says trying to grab her. But then the guy pulls out.......a gun!

"One more step and she dies." the guy said ready to pull the trigger. I opened my mouth to reason with him but he moved the gun and shot her in the stomach. She didn't scream or anything, she just cried. The guy let her drop to the ground and ran off. I quickly ran to her side.

"Michael call 911!" I yelled and he whipped out his phone. After the call, he ran inside to get everyone. Everyone came rushing out of the house. I look up and see a lot of emotions. I see Louis and Niall crying, Michael and Calum getting ready to cry, and everyone else just shaking their heads.  The ambulance eventually makes it and takes Peyton away. We all ran to the their van and drove to the hospital. The car ride was very silent. We finally made it to the hospital and ran inside.

"We are here for Peyton Star." I said to the receptionist. She took a quick look at her computer.

"I'm sorry, she is in surgery right now the doctor will tell you when you'll be able to see her." I nodded.

"Thank you." I said and went to sit down with the others.


Louis' POV

I sat there trying to be patient, but I just couldn't. I needed to know if she is alright. I looked at Niall and saw he was about to burst into tears. I pulled him into a tight hug, as he started to cry.

"She is going to be alright." I whispered into his ear over ad over again.



Niall's POV

Lou kept telling me that she is going to be alright but I don't think so. Why did it have to be her? Why couldn't it be me? I just sat there crying thinking 'Why?'. Just then the doctor came out. He sighed while looking at his clipboard. That's not a good sign.

"I'm sorry, but she didn't make it." The only words that came out of his mouth before I started to cry harder. Everyone started to cry.

"Peyton didn't deserve this." Lou said.

"Peyton?" the doctor asked. We all nodded.

"Oh I'm sorry, I have the wrong family. Are you guys here for Peyton Star?" he asked. Oh thank god se isn't dead. I nodded.

"She's awake and doing well. Only one person is aloud to g in there for now and she requested..." he said trailing off while searching for the name.

"Niall." he said. My hands started to shake as I stood up. Lou gave me a pat on the back as I walked to her room with the doctor. He nodded at the door before walking away. Probably to tell the other family, their girl died, I feel really bad for them. I took a deep breath and walked into her room.

"Hey there, hottie." she said when she saw me. I was confused. She was always shy with that kind of stuff.

"What?" I asked and she just shrugged.

"You feeling okay?" I asked.

"I'm doing okay, but do you know what would make me feel better?" sh asked cheekily. Oh my god, something is wrong with her.

"I'm going to the bathroom and then you can tell me when I get back." I said while she nodded. I left the room and found the doctor.

"How can I help you Niall?" he asked.

"What's wrong with Peyton?" I asked. He nodded.

"She wouldn't tell what happened. So we gave her some medicine that makes her tell the truth. She says anything that comes to mind, it wont ware off for like a week." he said. I nodded and walked back to Peyton's room.

"So what would make you feel better?" I asked walking into her room.

"A kiss." she said pointing to her lips. Oh my. I tried not to be nervous but I am still nervous. I slowly walked over to where she waiting on her hospital bed. I took a deep breath and leaned in. Our lips touched as I cupped her cheeks.

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