This Isnt How Its Suppose To Be...

"I thought we were bestfriends!" I yelled at her.

"We used to be best friends, but we will never be the same again." she said.

"ITS THE BOYS' FAULT! How could we let boys get between us?" I asked sadly.

"At the time, love was more important." she said and walked away. I just lost my best friend. Now the only person I have left is Niall. I knew we shouldn't have gotten involved with One Direction and 5SOS.


5. Five

Peyton's POV

I stayed in my room the whole night. When I got up I showered and got dressed in this.

I put my hair into a high ponytail before putting the bandanna on my head. Then put on lip gloss and eye shadow, then my shoes. I went downstairs and grabbed my keys, heading towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Niall asked from behind. I turned towards him.

"The mall."

"Can I go?" he asked. I hesitated but nodded and walked out the door. We got in the car and started our journey to the mall.

"I like your outfit?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, I don't anything with your name on it." I said smirking.

"At the store I'm going to buy us shirts with each others name on them." he said proudly.

"Fine by me." I said as I parked the car. We got out, walking side by side into the mall.

"Lets go get those shirts." I said walking into 'Personalization'. It took five minutes to get our shirts.

"Shall we change into them?" he asked. I nodded and we headed towards a bathroom. He was obviously done first. We started laughing when I came out of the bathroom. He had 'Peyton' written across the front of his shirt and I had 'Niall' on mine.

"Okay we should head back so they don't worry about us." he said. I nodded and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I smiled at the feeling. We hopped in my car and headed back home.

I giggled as we entered my house, his arm around my shoulder again. Everyone stared at us as we walked into the living room. We were sweatshirts so they couldn't see our shirts.

"What are you laughing at?" Luke asked staring at Niall's arm around me. Jealous much? We took off our sweatshirts and that's when they started laughing.

"I want one." Luke whined. I just shook my head making him frown and Niall smirk.

"Niall's special." I said with a smirk.

"I want one with Chloe." Calum, Harry, and Michael said. My eyes widened as I looked at Chloe. I opened my arms and she ran into them.

"Boys lets go upstairs." I heard Niall say.

"Want me to call Addie?" I asked.

"No I'll do it." she said walking off. I stormed upstairs to the room the boys were in. I slammed the door shut, catching their attention.

"What the fuck?" I asked. I was pissed. Niall came and wrapped his arm around my shoulders again. I admit, it did calm me down a little bit.

"I want to know everyone's feelings right now, except Niall, I trust him." I said sitting on a chair.

"I like Chloe." Harry, Calum, and Michael said.

"Yeah I got that part." I said getting bitchy again. "I know Louis, Liam, and Zayn have girlfriends." I said.

"I like Addie." Ashton blurted out.

"Oh my god, our lives are ruined." I yelled walking downstairs. I see Addie and Chloe sitting on the couch looking out of breath.

"You guys heard everything didn't you?" I asked.


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