This Isnt How Its Suppose To Be...

"I thought we were bestfriends!" I yelled at her.

"We used to be best friends, but we will never be the same again." she said.

"ITS THE BOYS' FAULT! How could we let boys get between us?" I asked sadly.

"At the time, love was more important." she said and walked away. I just lost my best friend. Now the only person I have left is Niall. I knew we shouldn't have gotten involved with One Direction and 5SOS.


19. Eighteen

Peyton's POV

Their concert still doesn't start for another 2 hours and everything is still so awkward in this dressing room. I probably shouldn't have come but Louis wanted me to be here and I wasn't going to let him down. I was just sitting on the couch with Addie having a conversation when Harry sat down next to me.

"May I help you?" I asked as he just stared at me. He blinked and brought out a pack of pixie sticks, handing them to me.

"Louis told me to give those to you." he replied and walked away. I was smiling so much, pixie sticks are one of my most favorite things in the world even if they could give me diabetes. I opened them and started eating them. By the time the boys came back into the dressing room I had finished the whole bag.

"Louis!" I yelled as I jumped on him making us fall to the ground. We just laughed since this has happened so many times before.

"I forgot you always get a sugar high when I don't limit your pixie sticks." he laughed. We just layed there on the floor with me on top of him and everyone just staring at us.

"Okay guys. I am going to be here for a while and I would appreciate it if you guys didn't stare at my every move." I said standing up.

"I agree." Louis said.

"Me too." Addie pitched in. At least they are here for me.

"I get why Addie is friends with Peyton but I don't get why Louis is." I heard Luke say. "Addie and Peyton are just basic bitches who think they are so cool." he added. I could feel my blood boiling.

"Don't talk about them like that." Louis said getting mad. "You're just mad because she chose Niall over you." Everyone fell silent until Ashton said something I didn't expect him to.

"I agree with Louis. Also Addie isn't a bitch. I don't see why you guys don't like them, they never did anything to us." Ashton came to stand next to us. He gave Addie a small smile, I like that he stood up for Addie.

"I know you like Addie, so I will just call Peyton a bitch." Everyone came to stand on my side instead of Chloe, Calum, and Luke. Those three are the only ones that don't like me.

"I really want to knock you out right now." I glared at him.

"I really want to see you try. You always say you can beat the shit out of someone or you will hurt us if we are mean to your friends but you haven't done anything." I quickly punched him in the face and he fell to the ground unconscious. It was quiet for a moment while I calmed down.

"Good job Peyton!" everyone suddenly yelled as I laughed.

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