Change Me (One Direction not famous)

**A One Direction/ 5 seconds of summer fanfiction**
Mary-Ann Smith is just an ordinary girl that moved from Ireland to London, due to her dad's work. In her new school she meets some nice guys and bad Niall Horan and his buddy Harry Styles, the schools assholes. Will Mary be enough influence to change them, or only Niall, for the better...??


41. The Truth

Mary's P.O.V.

"NO WAY!," everyone exclaimed.

"Yeah...,"  I smiled at Niall.

We just told everyone (Perrie, Zayn, Louis, Eleanore, Liam, Harry, Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum) that we're going to have a baby, a day after we found out.

"But.....the recording.....the studio....," Harry said.

"Well....that won't change much," Niall said kissing me.

"True," Harry said.

I smiled. I was actually happy I was going to have a baby with Niall.

~ 1 hour later ~

"Hello?," a voice said from the end of the line.

"Mom?," I asked.

"MARY!," my mom exclaimed.

"Hi mom."

" are you!?"

"I'm good, great, actually," I smiled and looked over at Niall laying on our bed.

"That's good to hear," she said.

"Mom....I have something to tell you," I said.


"I'm going to have a baby," I said.

"WHAT! WITH WHO!!!????"


"The boy that was in the hospital, who got kidnapped with you by your dad...?"

"Yes mom."

"That's so great honey!!!"

"I know mom. I also calling to tell you that me and Niall are coming over to Ireland this weekend," I said.

"That's amazing! I haven't seen you in AGES baby!"


"Well I got to run, call me after-tomorrow, before you take off, okay?"

"Okay mom," I said.

"Well bye dear," she said.


"So how does your mom like the idea that I got you pregnant?," Niall asked.

"She's pretty okay with it," I smiled.

"I'm glad she is......princess....when we get to Ireland, I want to go to the doctor with you, okay?"


"Well I wanna know if the baby is healthy or not, and we need a doctor to help us in this 9-month journey," Niall said coming over to me.

"True," I said and placed my hands on my stomach.

~ 2 days later ~

"Well have a safe flight!," Perrie said giving me one last hug.

"Thanks Pez," I said and hugged back.

"C'mon princess," Niall said and guided me through the gates to the plane.

Niall and the other boys were recording songs all day yesterday and the day before that and a little bit today, and Niall was very tired, and happy that we were going to Ireland.

"When was the last time you went to Ireland?," I asked him once we sat down on our chairs.

"Emm, last summer," he answered.

I nodded my head. "Me too."

Niall smiled and took my hand in his.

The plane took off.

~ 3 hours later ~

"Babe?," Niall said gently shacking me awake.


"We're here!"

My eyes popped open and I looked out the window to see, great plains full of green.

I smiled.

~ skip the car ride to Mary's house~

I opened the door to my old house.


"BABY!," my mom said running to me with tears in her eyes.

I hugged her and Niall stood behind me grinning.

"Mom this is Niall.....Niall my mom," I said, introducing them.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Smith," Niall said.

My mom's smiled dropped.

"Mom?," I asked.

"Mrs. Irwin actually," my mom said.

"What?," me and Niall said at the same time.

"Darlings I think you should sit down, I have a lot to tell you," she said, leading us to the kitchen.

"Irwin? Did she just say Irwin???," I exclaimed.

"I think she did," Niall said taking my jacket off for me.

I walked after my mom to the kitchen.

She was sitting at the table, crying.


"Sit," she told me and Niall.

We sat down.

"First, I want to thank you Niall. For taking care of Mary, saving her from John's kidnapping and I would like to congratulate you on the baby," my mom slightly smiled.

"It was nothing. Harry actually saved us from that ship-kidnapping thing," Niall said.

"Well I want to thank him too, whenever I meet him," she said.

"Mom, why did you call yourself Mrs. Irwin?," I asked.

"Darling, John Smith isn't your biological father," she said taking my hand in hers.


"No honey. He's was your step-dad. During high school, I was in love with this boy named Chris Irwin. We went to dances together, he asked me out on dates, long into college. In college I also met John. He fell for me too, but I was in love with your real father. So we made love for each other for the first time. And it happened that I got pregnant with your older brother," my mom stopped for a minute, and sobbed a little.

"Mom?," I said stroking her hand.

"Well.....after your brother was born, John got really mad, because he's the kind of person that thought if he wants something he gets it. Well I broke our friendship saying that he's such a dickhead to think that I would ever be his. I loved Chris all this time. John got angry and drove off somewhere, and later I learned that he took off to become an officer. I got married to your father and our little boy grew and was one when we decided that we wanted a little girl too. So we had you. After you turned two, and your brother was three, John came back. He had became an officer and came to our house. He pulled out a gun at our son and said that if I don't become his, he'll kill your brother, you and your father. I gave in and took you with me to live with John. Your father left for London with your brother. John was sweet at first took care of you really good and for 12 years it was fine. But when you turned 17 he began to change again. He started beating you when I was not home. He started treating me bad and said that I got so old and crappy," my mom sighed, "And I think you know the rest of story ....," she looked up at me.

I nodded.

"My his name Ashton?," I asked.

"Yes, how do you know?"

"Mom, I went to the same school as him in London. We are really close friends," I said.

"My other baby's alive!," my mom cried.

"Yeah, why wouldn't he?," I asked.

 "John said that he killed Ashton and your father!, "my mom cried harder.

"Well Ash is alive and living with his father.....Ashton told me his mother died years ago, since he was three," Niall said.

"They're alive!," my mom said.

"Wow....Ashton's my brother.....and he had feelings for me," I grinned.

Niall chuckled. "You guys kissed once remember?," he said.


My mom smiled.

"Mom, come back with us to London by the end of this week.....lets get this all straight," I said taking my moms hand in mine.

"Yes. Lets! And now John's dead.....oh Lord thank you!," my mom cried.

I hugged her.

Wow, I was going to have a baby with Niall and now I know that Ash is my brother and my old dad wasn't really my dad! 



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