Change Me (One Direction not famous)

**A One Direction/ 5 seconds of summer fanfiction**
Mary-Ann Smith is just an ordinary girl that moved from Ireland to London, due to her dad's work. In her new school she meets some nice guys and bad Niall Horan and his buddy Harry Styles, the schools assholes. Will Mary be enough influence to change them, or only Niall, for the better...??


38. Promises

Mary's P.O.V.

~ one week later ~

"OMG!!! This is so exciting!!!," Perrie squealed, as me, Eleanor, and her sat on the couch watching the X Factor, were the boys were at.

"I KNOW!!!," I exclaimed.

We all quieted down when the boys came on stage and started singing.

"I swear my man has the best voice," Perrie said, after the boys finished.

"No, mine does," El said.

"I think mine's the best," I said.

Perrie grabbed one pillow.

"Oh it's on," she said.

We all grabbed a pillow and started chasing each other around the hotel room.

Oh, and by the way, we were staying with the boys at a near by hotel. I missed our house but I wanted to be close to Niall. And I also switched to online high school and Perrie and El did the same. I just couldn't go to school after all that happened.

Perrie swung her pillow to hit me when but accidentally hit one of our glasses.

"Oops," she said.

"That means we should stop," Eleanor said.

"Your right," she muttered, "Let us clean this mess."

"Your the one who knocked it, why don't you clean it?," Eleanor said sweetly.

"Help me girls??," she begged.

Me and El laughed.

"We will!," we both giggled and got something to clean the mess.

After we finished, we all sat down on the couch watching some random movie on T.V.

Soon there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!!," all of us screamed knowing who it was.

Eleanor reached the door first.

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YOUR ON THE X FACTOR NOW!!!," we all yelled as El opened the door.


"People please be quiet, there are other people here that need their sleep," a women that probably worked here told us.

"Sorry, we'll keep it quiet," I said and quickly pushed all the boy into our room, mines and Niall's that is.

"Campaign?," Perrie asked, holding the bottle up.

"Yes!," they all said.

She poured 8 glasses of campaign.

"To new beginnings," I said raising my glass up.

"New beginnings," they all repeated.

~ 1 hour later ~

The boys and girls left, and me and Niall were snuggled in bed.

"You did so good today," I said.

"Thank you princess," he smiled.

"I'm so proud of you Ni," I said wrapping my arms around him, "I love you so much! More then words can describe!"

"Babe, you know I'll always love you more," he said smiling even more.

"I know, I know, you win this time Horan" I said.

He chuckled.

"Okay Mrs. Horan," he said.

I looked up at him.

"Mrs?," I asked.

"Well you are my angle aren't you? Oh, that reminds me," he said getting up to go to his suitcase.

"Babe come here," he said.

I went over to him and he made me sit down in a chair.

He got down on one knee.

"Niall I-"

"This is not what you think," he said.

I nodded and listened to what he had to say.

"Mary, since day one of high school I felt that you might be the one. And now I'm sure of it. There is NO ONE that can take your place, so please accept this promise ring to promise me that you'll never leave me, and that I'll always be your true Niall Horan," he said, pulling out a small ring, but a beautiful one.

He looked at me with his sparkling blue eyes.

"Yes, I promise my dear Niall," I whispered.

He took the ring out of the box and slid it on my finger.

"I love you Mary, and it's never EVER going to change.....from the beginning you were the one that changed me....and now? I have the most beautiful women by my side supporting me on the X Factor. No matter what happens on the X Factor....if I ever have to are always still going to be the one," he said.

I nodded tears rolling down my face, as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I love you Ni," I whispered into his neck.

"I love you too princess. So so so so SO much," he said hugging tighter, and wrapping my legs around his waist.



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