Change Me (One Direction not famous)

**A One Direction/ 5 seconds of summer fanfiction**
Mary-Ann Smith is just an ordinary girl that moved from Ireland to London, due to her dad's work. In her new school she meets some nice guys and bad Niall Horan and his buddy Harry Styles, the schools assholes. Will Mary be enough influence to change them, or only Niall, for the better...??


17. Niall Wakes Up

Mary's P.O.V.

He pulled me to himself and smashed his lips to mine.


Somehow I didn't pull away and I was actually enjoying the kiss, when....

"M-Mary?," Niall said.

I quickly pulled out of the kiss to see Niall looking at me tears in his eyes.

"NIALL!!," I cried, and wrapped my arms around his neck, crying all the time.

I heard Ashton leave out the door.

"Mary, shhhhh, don't cry," Niall said.

"Niall please let me explain. Ashton and me-"

"I understand....," he cut me off, "I was never good enough for you." 

"No Niall. You're everything I ever wanted....your all I'll ever need," I said.

"But....but you guys were...," he said.

"That just happened right now....I was fighting with him, trying to explain to him why I love you, when he pulled me into that kiss....," I said.

 Niall's P.O.V.

"Did you just say what I think you did?," I asked.

"What?," she asked, looking at me with those baby blue eyes.

"You love me?," I asked.

"Yes Niall I do.....and it's never going to change, since day one of school, I fell for you, and I don't think that, that feeling will ever go away," she said.

Despite my lack of strength I someone lifted myself up and cupped her face with my hand and kissed her ever so gently.

"Niall, I really don't think you should sit up," she said against my lips, worried, even if she was enjoying the kiss.

I was starting to feel dizzy, but I didn't care....all I care is that I finally had her! She was here and she loved me!

Harry's P.O.V.

I was sitting outside of Niall's room half an hour from when Calum, Luke, and Ashton left, when Mary opened the door and had a huge smile on her face.

"Niall wants to talk to you," she said.

"WHAT!!??," I exclaimed, jumping from my chair.

She giggled.

I entered the room and saw Niall half sitting up.

"Hey bro," he said.

"Niall man, I missed you so much! I am so sorry. I should of-"

"Harry, Harry, Harry. There is no need for's not your fault!," he said.

"But it is Niall," I said sitting down.

He sighed and looked out the window.

"How'd you ever do it?," he asked.

"What do you mean?," I said.

"'d you get her back for me?," he asked looking at me.

"I just told her that you were in a crash....and she wanted to come to see you, so I brought her.

After she saw you, she burst into tears and didn't want to leave....and then you woke up and-"

"Wait, I woke up?," he cutted me off.

"Yeah you did," I said.

"Really? I don't remember," he said.

"You did, and before you passed out again you said...Mary I love yo-.....and then you stopped breathing, and they had to take you into surgery..," I said.

"I said that?," he asked pretty shocked.

"Yeah you did, and then Mary never left your side, except when her father came..."

Then I told him  about how Michael brought Mary's dad to the hospital, how he got hit in the stomach, and how Mary's dad almost raped her, and how I saved her.

He looked at me with wide eyes.

"He did not...," he said.

"Yeah he almost did," I said.

"Oh my gosh!," he said.

"Hello Niall how are you?," a doctor interrupted our conversation.

"Emm, pretty good I head hurts though," Niall said.

"I see. I can get you some pills for the headache, but for now I'll remove some of these cables," he said and took the cables near Niall's heart off.

"When can I get out of the hospital?," Niall asked.

"Not for another two weeks or so," the doc said.

"Oh," Niall said looking disappointed.

"It's good that you woke up and remember everything, I was getting worried," the doctor said.

I stepped out to give the doc more space, and saw Mary standing by the door.

"Finally he's back," she said in tears.

I pulled her into a hug.

"I told you everything will be alright, didn't I?," I said.

She nodded.

~ few hours later ~

"Guys?," I said peeking into Niall's room.

They both looked at me. Mary was cuddling into Niall's arms.

"Em, sorry to mess things up a bit, but it's getting late," I said.

"Do I have to go?," Mary protested.

"Mary there is hardly room on my bed, you can't sleep here!," Niall chuckled.

"But I wanna!," she pouted.

Man she was so damn cute, if I was Niall I would be.....wait a I wouldn't be. I'm suppose to change, God why is this so hard!? Now Niall woke up and I'm starting to think different again. I can not let that happen.

"So Mary want to go home?," I asked.

"Wait were does she live now?," Niall asked.

"With you!," Mary exclaimed hugging Niall tighter.

"NO WAY!," he said smiling.

"Yes way," she smiled back.

"Okay kids time to go to bed," I laughed.

"Night my angle," Niall said and kissed her.

"Night Nialler," she said after they pulled away.

She got up and walked over to me.

"Take me home you teddy bear," she said giving me a hug.

Niall threw his head back laughing. I guess I had a really funky face on.

"Your okay with her calling me a teddy bear?," I asked Niall.

"Sure, I already got a nickname," he said proudly, " Nialler or my sweet Irish leprechaun," he smiled.

"Oh, so I'm teddy, cool, haha, night bro," I said.

"Night take good care of my angel," he said.

"I will," with that I closed the door and picked Mary up and swirled her around.

She laughed like a little kid.

"Are you feeling better Mary?," I asked her as we made our way to the parking lot.

"A hundred times better!," she exclaimed.

I chuckled. 

"That's good to hear," I said.

~ later on in the night ~

I was waken up by Mary's shrieking cry.

I jumped out of bed, but before I could get to the hallway, I was pinned to the floor by someone.

I tired getting him off my back, but he was stronger then me.

Then someone walked into my room and turned the lights on.

"Nice to see you again Harry."

There he stood. The last person I wanted to see.

Charlie Davis.


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