Change Me (One Direction not famous)

**A One Direction/ 5 seconds of summer fanfiction**
Mary-Ann Smith is just an ordinary girl that moved from Ireland to London, due to her dad's work. In her new school she meets some nice guys and bad Niall Horan and his buddy Harry Styles, the schools assholes. Will Mary be enough influence to change them, or only Niall, for the better...??


39. It's Not Your Fault

Mary's P.O.V.

"And the winner of the X Factor is....."

Me, Perrie, and Elanor, held on to each others hand, while holding our breath in.

"Rebecca," the announcer said.

"What!," Perrie yelled.

Tears started to form my eyes.

"I can't believe this," Eleanor said.

"Guys what is going to happen to One Direction," the announcer asked the boys.

"This is not the last of One Direction," Zayn said, " We are certainly going to stay together."

"This is only the beginning," Simon said.

I sighed, well perhaps......

~ later on in the evening ~

"I can't believe it!," I  said.

We all decided to go back to Harry's house and spend time with each other.

"Yeah, I know princess, but as Simon said.....this is only the beginning," Niall said.

"Did you see all those people that came out to see us in the parking lot!?," Zayn exclaimed.

"Yeah I did," Perrie said, snuggling into Zayn's chest.

"I think we have so much support....that I feel that 1D is actually going to go somewhere," Liam said.

I sighed and snuggled closer to Niall on the couch.

He smiled down at me and played with the promise ring on my finger.

"I have something to give to you tonight," I said, smiling.

"Really? What could it be??? Your beautifulness one......your sexiness three.....what else could it be??," Niall smiled.

"It's a surprise," I winked.

He chuckled.

"Okay princess," he said and kissed my forehead.

~ 2 hours later ~

"So you said you have something for me, right?," Niall asked crawling slowly on top of me, on our bed.

"Mhmmmm," I said.

Niall lifted my shirt over my head.

"So what could it be?," he said kissing my neck lightly.

"You'd have to get up," I said moaning.

Niall quickly got off and sat down neatly beside me.

I sighed, because I REALLY wanted to continue, but I had something to give him.

I reached into my pocket.

"I want you to have this Niall," I said taking his hand and putting a ring in it.

"What's this?"

"A promise ring from me.....when you gave me mine, I just felt like we both should have promise promise a never ending love for each other...," I said.

Niall slid the ring on his finger.

"Our love is not only never ending," he said crawling back on top of me, "It's eternal," he kissed me passionately.

~ 2 weeks later ~

"REALLY!," Niall exclaimed.

"Yes, they have a recording session scedualed for tomorrow!," Harry said.

"Oh my gosh!," Niall yelled.

"What's all this about," I asked yawning walking down the stairs in my pj's, my hair all messy, but whatever, right?

"We are going to the studio tomorrow to start recording our album! The fandoms getting bigger and bigger of 1D that they need music from us, and we're going to start tomorrow!," Niall said as he picked me up and swirled me around.

"That is great news Ni!," I smiled.

"I know!," he said and kissed me.

Harry chuckled.

I ran my finger through Niall's hair and he picked me up wrapping my lags around his waist.

"Aye guys, none of that when I'm right here!," Harry complained.

"Too bad," Niall moaned and pushed me up against a wall.

"Ahh, you love birds," Harry said and turned the T.V. on.

Niall chuckled and pulled away.

"Love you princess," he said and pecked my lips one more time before letting me go.

"Love you too," I said.

"I'm going to take a shower, okay?"

"Okay," I smiled, thinking about surprising him in the shower.

Niall went up the stairs, and I waited for a couple of minutes.

"Hey," Harry said walking into the kitchen.

"Hey," I smiled.

"What you doing?"

"Waiting for a moment before going upstairs to surprise Niall  in the shower," I smirked.

"Haha, okay," Harry said, coming to my side.

I smiled up at him.

"I never forgot that time, you know...," Harry said looking me in the eyes.


"That time....when we were forced to do it..."

I was shocked, why is Harry talking about this??

"Because you know.....I took your virginity away after all," he said wrapping his hands around my waist.

I starred blankly at him.

"And I never forgot how you kiss," he said inching closer.


"Shh," he put a finger to my lips, before putting his lips on mine.

"Mary I was wondering.....WHAT THE FUCK!," Niall walked into the kitchen in his boxers.

"'s not what you think....we-"

"Get the fuck away from her!," Niall snarled grabbing my waist pulling me to him.

Harry looked quite shocked.

"Mary go upstairs," Niall said.

"Niall I can explain-"

"GO UPSTAIRS!," he yelled.

I quickly obeyed and ran up the stairs crying.

Niall's P.O.V.

"What are you doing!?," I yelled at Harry.

"Bro, calm down, I just-"

I punched him in the face.


"You stay away from her, got it!?"

"Niall, I'm really sorry. I really don't know what took over me..."

"Hmmm, maybe JEALOUSY! Try to be nicer to girls and maybe you'll find the one! But Mary SHE'S MINE! GOT IT!?"


"Good!," I turned and walked up the stairs.

I walked into mine and Mary's room and she was crying into the pillows.


She looked up at me with big blue bubbly eyes.

"Come here," I said pointing to the place in frint of me.

She obeyed and within seconds was standing in front of me. And GOD! She was shacking all over!

"Shhh," I said, calming down.

She sobbed into my shoulder.

"It's not your fault," I said and kissed her head.

I pulled her face in front of me so I was looking into her eyes.

"I will always love you.....even if other stuff happen, I'll always forgive you," I said kissing her nose, then her lips.

"Shower?," I asked opening the door to the bathroom.

She nodded.



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