Change Me (One Direction not famous)

**A One Direction/ 5 seconds of summer fanfiction**
Mary-Ann Smith is just an ordinary girl that moved from Ireland to London, due to her dad's work. In her new school she meets some nice guys and bad Niall Horan and his buddy Harry Styles, the schools assholes. Will Mary be enough influence to change them, or only Niall, for the better...??


12. Friends

Harry's P.O.V.

I was waken up by the voices of some doctors passing by. I have slept the whole night in the chair outside Niall's room. I stretched out. Man, I was so stiff!

"Excuse me are you Harry Styles?," a nurse came up to me.

"Yes, yes I am," I said.

"Well they sent me here to inform you on Niall," she said.

"Please tell me what's going on with my friend!," I said, getting up.

"Well Niall is still alive and he's breathing correctly too. The surgery was very long but successful. But there is one sad part......the doctor says that Niall is in very deep coma, and he says that if he doesn't wake up for the next three week......then.....he never will again...," she said.

"Wh-hat!!?? Is there any way Niall can be waken up??," I asked alarmed.

"Well....some doctors say that when your in a coma you hear what's going on around you, and some patients wake up when they hear their love ones near them, but it rarely happens," she said, "Niall's accident was pretty critical," she said.

I swallowed the lump in my throat.

"Where is Niall now?," I asked.

"We put him in a different room now, where there are the special machines that we needed to connect him to," she answered.

"C-can I see him?," I asked.

"In an hour or so. The doctors are still in there and need the space," she answered.

"Oh okay," I said.

She nodded her head and left.


I don't know if I'll be able to tell Mary this.......THREE WEEKS!!!???? Why can't they give him more time!!??

I closed my eyes,  and thought about Niall......since we were 5 years old we were friends.....then Niall had to go to Ireland when he was 7, but I visited him every summer, and we spent it playing and goofing around....then Niall moved into my house when he was 16, because he wanted to finish school here and go to the college here....but most of all we both loved to sing....he used to play his guitar and I would sing with him......we haven't done that in a long time......

"Harry!!," Mary yelled running down the hall, interrupting my thoughts.

"Hi Mary. Hi Michael," I said as they approached me.

"How is he?," Mary asked worried.

I poured out everything that the nurse just told me.

Mary went pale all over.

"Uhh, Mary please sit down," Michael said.

She sat down.

"This.....this can't be happening!," she said, throwing her hands up in the air.

"I know Mary, but sadly it is...," I said.

"When will they let us see him again??," she asked.

"The nurse said not for another hour or so," I answered.

"Oh....," was all she said.

Michael's P.O.V.

~ 1 hour later ~

Me and Mary were walking around the hospital building catching some fresh air, while waiting for Harry to text us when the doctors will finally let us see Niall.

"Mary, are you planning on going home today?," I asked her.

"Michael please don't make me......please let me stay one more night at your house...please," she pleaded, whispering the last word, her eyes full of tears once more.

"I'm not going to kick you out of my house Mary, I was just asking. You can stay as long as you want to," I said smiling down at her.

"Thank you Micky," she said and hugged me tightly.

"But are you planning on going back?," I asked.

"I really don't know.......," she answered.

"It's okay Mary, you take your time," I said.

She sighed.

My phone buzzed.

~New Message From Harry Styles~
"The doctor said we can go see Nialler now....c'mon guys! -Haz

"We can go see Niall," I said to Mary, whose face was hard to read. It was like she was happy and sad and worried all at the same time.

"Ok-kay," she said.
We entered through the front doors and made our way to Niall's new room, room 105, on the second floor.

We met Harry right before the doors.

Mary's P.O.V.

"I've already been to see him. Um, the doctors say to go in one at a time," Harry said to me and Michael.

"Go on Mary, I'll wait out here," Michael told me.

I opened the doors and walked in.

Again the sight of him almost took my breath away.

He was attached to more machines then before, and he wasn't wearing a shirt anymore, weird cables connected to the place where his heart is. He had a breathing tube in his mouth.....and he was breathing slowly.

I clutched his hand and pressed it against my cheek and kissed it.

"I love you Niall," I whispered, tears sliding down my face.

Harry's P.O.V.

"You know what Michael?," I said to him.

"Hmm," he looked up at me from where he was sitting.

"Niall once gave a hint how he would like to create a, him, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. But the thing is that we are hardly friends with them...because as you probably know we are the schools, you know, "assholes". I was just thinking about how great it would actually become a band. We could go and audition together on the X Factor and see how it goes. So my plan...before Niall gets out of the hospital, I'll try to make friends with Zayn, Louis, and Liam and tell them about Niall's does that sound?," I asked.

"Harry, what on the planet earth happened to you!!??," Michael asked smiling.

"What do you mean?," I said knitting my eyebrows together.

"For the last couple of years your the schools bad-boy and now, one accident of your best friend, a girl from Ireland and your completely changing!!,” he exclaimed.

“Well Michael, I think I finally realized what I was doing my gang influence ruined me. But now Niall’s accident opened my eyes to see all the mistakes I have been doing for the last couple of years...,” I told him.

“Well Harry, as for the plan of yours, I think it’s brilliant! That is the most wonderful thing a friend could do for a friend,” I said, praising him.

“Haha, thanks Michael, your a good friend too,” I smiled at him.

“Friends?,” he asked extending his hand.

“Friends,” I said shacking his hand and smiling.


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