Change Me (One Direction not famous)

**A One Direction/ 5 seconds of summer fanfiction**
Mary-Ann Smith is just an ordinary girl that moved from Ireland to London, due to her dad's work. In her new school she meets some nice guys and bad Niall Horan and his buddy Harry Styles, the schools assholes. Will Mary be enough influence to change them, or only Niall, for the better...??


16. 5 Seconds of Summer

Michael's P.O.V.

I look at my friend wide-eyed.

"You what?," I asked.

"It's true. Since school started I've been falling for her.....and then when I heard that she's going to Harry's and Niall's party....I knew that I was going to lose her....that something is going to happen...and it did... and now Niall's accident, and you say that she loves him and he loves her" Ashton put his head in his hands.

"Aww, dude, why didn't you tell us earlier?," Calum said.

"I just couldn't.....," he said.

"Look Ash, I know it must be hard.....but I really don't think it'll work out.....Mary spent two days at my house, and all she talked about was Niall and how she loves him. Not to make you feel bad, but I really don't think you have any chances with her," I told him.

"Yeah I know. I should of asked her out....BEFORE the party," he said, slamming his knee with his hand.

"It's okay man, there are other women in the world.....Mary, sadly is already taken," Luke said.

"Yeah, I know," he said, quite gloomy.

Ashton's P.O.V.

Gosh! I wish I knew earlier....

Mary is taken! Well maybe......what if Niall doesn't wake up?

I know it's not the right thing to wish, but I wish that he'll never wake up.

I want Mary to be mine!

And now she's going to live in Harry's house! I hope that bastard doesn't lay hands on her! If he does.....if he does....

"ASHTON!," Luke yelled.

"What?," I asked shocked.

"Snap out of it man! Cal has something to say..," he said.

"Uhhhh, to make you feel better Ash and you too Micheal, and yeah you too Luke, I think I got a good name for our band," Calum said.

We all looked at him.

"What is it?," I asked.

How does 5 Seconds Of Summer sound?," he asked.

"DUDE!!! That is brilliant! How's you come up with that??," Luke said, all excited.

"I don't know....I was just lying in bed thinking and this is what came to mind, so you guys like it??," he asked.

"I love it!," Michael said.

"Me too," Luke said.

I was thinking of Mary again, that I didn't hear them saying that.

"Ash, what about you? Do you like it?," Calum asked.

"Uh, yeah! It's great!," I said.

He smiled.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was sitting outside of Niall's room, when Luke came down the hallway.

"Hey," he said.

"Oh hi," I said.

He sat down next to me.

"How are you?," he asked.

"Good, and yourself?," I said.

"Good. Um, how's Niall?," he asked.

"He's still in a coma....they say his accident was pretty critical," I answered.

"Oh," he said.

"Does Ashton really hate me?," I asked looking at the blond boy sitting next to me.

"Well he's been upset ever since you stole his girlfriend...and he doesn't want to forgive you for that," he said.

"Oh. I'm sorry about that one time, when I hit you in the stomach because you were trying to win Ashley back for Ashton," I said.

"You still remember that?," he asked.

"Yeah, I was really mad that one of Ashton's friends were coming into mine and Ashley relationship, but now I'm totally sorry," I said.

"What happened to Ashley anyway?," he asked.

"We got in a stupid fight, and yeah," I answered.

"Oh," he said.

"LUKE!!!???," I heard someone calling from the other side of the hallway.

"Over here Cal!," Luke yelled back.

I saw Calum followed by Ashton walk towards us.

I got up from my chair.

"Oh hi Harry," Calum said.

"Hi," I said.

"Is Mary in there?," Ashton asked, pointing to Niall's room.

"Yeah she is," I answered.

"Can I go in?," he asked.

"Yeah I guess," I said.

He opened the door and walked in.

Ashton's P.O.V.

I walked in to see Mary sitting next to Niall's bed holding his hand in hers. was a horrible sight......I felt bad right away.

"Hey Mary," I whispered.

"Oh hi Ash," she said, looking up with teary eyes.

"Are you okay?," I asked.

"Yeah, it''s just hard for me," she said.

"I understand. Me and the boy will be leaving now....perhaps you'd like to come along? Maybe go out somewhere?," I asked.

"No, I want to stay here," she said.

"But Mary you've been here all week!," I protested.

"And I'm planning on staying here until Niall wakes up!," she said a little louder.

"Since when do you care so much about Niall!?," I asked.

"Since I fell in love with him on the first day of school!," she said.

"You what?! You loved him from the start? What about that time at the saw who he really was....just like Harry, you were upset about it and you told me what an asshole Niall is, that you should of listened to me and now you love him so much all of a sudden, because of a stupid accident?! Jesus Mary!," I said trowing my hands up in the air.

She stood up.

"Ash this was no stupid accident!! It happened a short time later after he tried explaining himself to me, and I didn't listen.......and then Michael showed me so many text messages he got from Niall apologizing for what he did, telling him how he's so much in love with me...and how he blew his chance with me due to Harry's influence on him.....he said that he finally found the one he was looking for but blew the chance and now he's better off dead! Asthon, Niall really does love me, and I already forgave him for what happened at the party. And no one will stop me from loving him!," she yelled.

God I couldn't take it any longer!

I pulled her to me and smashed my lips on hers.

She gasped all of a sudden, but she didn't pull away.

"M-Mary?," I heard Niall say.


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