What I Want

Do you know what it's like to want something so badly, with your whole entire body, as soon as you lay eyes on it? Well, that's what it was like the moment I first saw him. It was like the feeling I got when I practice my music, play around with my art, or even how it felt to help out Earth's creatures. Yes, it was like all those feelings, but better...
*Parents' perfect angel pretending to be somethings she really isn't...What happens when the real her comes out? Can she keep living the classical life her parents raised her to have, or will she be chased to where there's no return?


4. The Project


        After I was snapped out of that weird trance, I headed off to class. I had to tunnel my way through students left and right, elbow people to get into my locker, but sigh in relief when I finally get to class. My first hour is literature, which I have with Skyler and Lynzie. The desks are in groups of two and I sit in front of those two, who sit together. Lynzie kind of has like a huge crush on him, which is huge for her. She doesn't gush about the male species often.

        Skyler has girls crawling over him, being popular due to football, but he choses to hang out with us misfits. He doesn't talk about girls with us, and when it comes to boys, either Lynz or I always make the comment about hurling. It's rare for Lynzie to like a guy or talk about them, and as for me, it's kind of an uncomfortable subject. I've never seemed interested in anyone or have any experience except with Terrance, which again, is a totally fake relationship. He has his moments, and I can't lie when it comes to his attractive dark green eyes and brown hair, nice shaped lips that are so soft looking. Then he opens them, let words come out, and ruins the whole image of himself.

        Students file in in a hurry, the bell ringing and the teacher clearing her throat to capture out attention. "Class, before we begin the project I assigned to you yesterday, why don't we allow our new student to introduce himself?"

        At the words new student, my head snaps up to see him looking straight at me. It seems as no time as past, but I'm aware that he's been standing there for too long, and he was spending all that time looking at me. I couldn't look away. He was hot, supermodel good looks, even, but not in a popular kind of way. In a dangerous and mysterious kind of way, which intrigued me, sure, but I felt stuck, like I had just fallen into something I no longer have control over.

        Another throat clearing slams me looking at the teacher, or anywhere really, just to be looking at anything else, but I still feel his gaze on me. Other eyes, as well, as if they were aware that it was me he was staring at. "It seems our new student is a little shy, class. I do hope we can break him out of that. Well, this is Daymien, why don't you go sit in that empty desk over there, next to Charlotte?" 

        Of coarse the desk next to me is empty, it always is, and the only extra desk we have. Hearing my name, I look up at him and give him a slight wave, not meeting his eyes, when he passes by the air seem to take on an almost electrified feeling.

        "Okay class, get with your partners and begin your assignments, I will put the rules back up on the board so you can see the order. Charlotte, you will no longer have to with work Skyler and Lynzie. Daymien will be your new partner."

        "Would one of you like to switch?" I whisper to them.

        "Naw, I'm good." they both replied, at the same time. That would have been cute, if my mind hadn't run from me.

        "I'll work with you next time princess, alright?"

        "Skyler?" I say sweetly.

        He looks up. "Yeah?"

        I punch his shoulder. "Shut up, would you?"

        "Sorry princess!" he smirks, turning to pay attention to his partner. I do the same, seeing Daymien's eyes locked on my face. I blush, looking down at the papers. 

        "Okay, so I guess we are introducing ourselves to each other, like discussing our likes and dislikes or something..." He still hasn't said anything to me. "Oookay...Well, I'm Charlotte, please call me Charlie if you want to be on my good side."

        "And princess, is that one of your names, too?" I look at him, his eyes twinkling, their color a caramel brown. He has longer than average black hair and a few holes can be seen in his face, which I'm assuming are piercings. He's smirking, playing around with me. I bite.

        "Yeah, I suppose it is, if you want to get punched. Which I don't exactly recommend, sooo..." I laugh a little, tucking my hair behind an ear. Why would I do that, am I actually nervous?!

        "I like you laugh." he states, I think trying to make me feel better, and not so nervous around him. Why would I be? I've never felt like this before, what is happening too me...?!

        I pick up the paper to take a look at it. "I think we should start on the worksheet. Kind of like a twenty questions kind of thing here. Do you want to start or should I?" Receiving no reply, I move the paper to look at him. Looking at me, again. "Oookay, how about we fill out our own, and then swap them after? I like that idea, let's do that." I slide one of the identical papers over to his side of the desk and move to work on mine.

        There were questions about family, friends, growing up, memories, hobbies, your likes and your dislikes. When we were both finished, we swapped papers. Our fingers grazed each other and my hand tingled up, sending what felt almost like butterflies in my stomach. Ignoring that as best as I could, I read over his answers. He had a very unique handwriting style, one that I liked to look at very much.

        He left a lot of the questions blank, most of them being about family and where he is from and how he grew up. The only things he answered were the questions  about his likes and dislikes. That part of his paper was almost exactly identical to my own.

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