What I Want

Do you know what it's like to want something so badly, with your whole entire body, as soon as you lay eyes on it? Well, that's what it was like the moment I first saw him. It was like the feeling I got when I practice my music, play around with my art, or even how it felt to help out Earth's creatures. Yes, it was like all those feelings, but better...
*Parents' perfect angel pretending to be somethings she really isn't...What happens when the real her comes out? Can she keep living the classical life her parents raised her to have, or will she be chased to where there's no return?


6. Sleepwalking


        I was still staring at our papers when the bell rang, and I swear he was the first one out the door. I was shocked, completely shocked. Who is Daymien? Why the mystery and why is he so intriguing to me?

        "Yo Jo, you awake in there?" Skyler asks, knocking on my head to emphasize his point. We were walking towards our next class, but I couldn't seem to get last hour out of my head. "Hello?" he knocks again.

        I grab his wrist, pushing down hard with my thumb. "Don't" I warn him.

        "Damn Char, what bit your ass this morning?"

        Feeling bad for snapping and for reddening his wrist, I lace our fingers together. "I'm sorry, Sky. I'm just feeling a little...weird...today."

        He stops us, giving me a look. "This wouldn't have anything to do with Mr. Hot, Dark, and Mysterious, would it?"

        Face turning warm, I fake dumb. "Huh?"

        "Nice try, princess, but you can't hide a blush."

        My hands fly to my face, looking at him wide-eyed. I'm blushing?! He only smirks before continuing our walk to Chemistry, still hand in hand. 

        I have every class with Skyler and this one with Emma. Emma was sitting at my desk next to the usually empty one, which is currently occupied by Mr. Hot, Dark, and Mysterious himself. Thank you for the nickname Skyler, now you've got me using it! In my head, I'm giving him a slap.

        When she sees me, she slams me down into her seat, giving me some kind of look. I stare back at her with expectant eyes, "Yes...?"

        "Nothing, nothing...?"

        "What is it with the girls acting so weird today?"

        "Right, sky, like you're normal."

        "Says the girl still holding my hand." Blushing, I shove him away from me. "Again with the blushing, really princess?"

       I turn towards Emma, clenching my jaw to keep from showing him I'm smiling or to keep from snapping at him, once again.

       "Emma, the most wonderful girl in the world---"

       "What do you want?" she cuts me off suspiciously.

       "Switch seats with me--"

       "No way!"

       "Pleeeaaassse!" I extend, giving her my best puppy dog eyes I knew she wouldn't be able to resist.

       "Fine!" she slams to her feet, dragging her chair back dramatically. I rush into the now abandoned seat, squealing dramatically at my victory.

       "I am hurt, princess" Skyler says, leaning over Emma's desk with his hand over his heart. I glare at him, turning away. I grab a pencil the scribble a note for Emma in my notebook. What's wrong with us girls? What's up with Skyler? He's acting stranger than usual.

        The teacher walks in, demanding straight away we open our textbooks. He seems to either not know we have a new student just doesn't care, but knowing this teacher, he'll snap if we say anything, so I rationalize and put the book between our desks, sharing it. I stare at the pages, the words blurring together. I could care less about whatever topic we were discussing and couldn't pay attention even if I wanted to. I was too focused on trying to not feel how close Daymien and I were. It's so strange, how he's all I could seem to think about, how aware of him I was, it's a feeling I've never felt before, but I don't think I would want it to stop. And that kind of scares me.

        Something lands in my book. The note. Flicking my gaze upward to see the teacher not giving me any notice, I read away. It's Skyler, he always acts like this when he's going through something. I think it has something to do with a certain girl.

      Him and Lynzie are doing fine on their own Emma, don't meddle

       "Miss Williams!"

       I snap my head towards the teacher. He is looking at me expectantly but irritated and most of the class is looking at me with bored expressions. Daymien murmurs something I'm surprised I made out, and repeated it to the teacher. With a suspicious look, he went back to scribbling on the white board. The bell rings and I slam to my feet. I mumble a quick thanks and retreat quickly out into the hall.

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