What I Want

Do you know what it's like to want something so badly, with your whole entire body, as soon as you lay eyes on it? Well, that's what it was like the moment I first saw him. It was like the feeling I got when I practice my music, play around with my art, or even how it felt to help out Earth's creatures. Yes, it was like all those feelings, but better...
*Parents' perfect angel pretending to be somethings she really isn't...What happens when the real her comes out? Can she keep living the classical life her parents raised her to have, or will she be chased to where there's no return?


18. Sleepover


        It was pitch black outside, besides the street lamps highlighting the streets. Daymien wouldn't leave me, given I still have no idea where to go. Taking the suggestion of calling Emma, I pull out my cell and give it a shot.

        "Charlie?" She sounds shocked, confused, hesitant...

        "Hi." I reply, unsure. "Um, if you're busy, I can call you back a little later--"

        "Oh, no! It's not that, you're fine! It's just that, ummm..."

        I could hear noises in the background, voices maybe? "I'm sorry, it sounds like you have company...?"

        "No. Yes. Ummm, just our friends...?"

        "Oh, I see." I couldn't help but feel very hurt by that. Nobody, not even Emma, wanted me around anymore.

        "Oh, for the love, just tell her to get her ass over here already!" Somebody screams into the phone's speaker. Lynzie, I think.

        "Yeah, Char, why don't you come over?"

        Skyler?! "Guys, I'm on speaker phone, aren't I?"

        "Kinda!" several voices exclaim at once. "And hurry up! We've been waiting on you guys for forty-five minutes now!"

        "What do you mean?" I stop walking, pausing to give Daymien a look. "Wait, we?"


        "Of course, Of course you guys had this all planned out! Man, Damn you guys!" I try to exclaim over my giggling. I couldn't even fake being mad. I was nowhere near so. I'm just really lucky to even have these guys.




        We sat on the couches in various positions, just kind of staring at each other or off in the distance, whole place silent except for the awkwardness echoing off the walls all around us.

        I push to my feet, the room too much. "I can just leave---"

        "Charlotte, put your ass on my couch, because you're staying." Emma stands in front of me, pointing towards the cushion like I'm a little kid or a dog. Still, I obey, sitting back down.

        "I was just going to say that I appreciate you trying, but I don't want to be here ruining your time, with me being hated and all."

        I hear a loud, harsh sigh and look towards it, seeing Staycee sitting up and facing me. "Charlie, we do not hate you. I don't, and I'm really sorry for the way I've been acting."

       "I get it. I've been a bitch and you were only looking after your brother--"

       "But he can handle himself, and you are not a bitch. I was being one, though. I know I was, so please don't contradict me. You're just being yourself, and we should have respected that. We knew how you work, how you felt about things, how much you wanted change."

       "Maybe I just changed too much, too fast?"

        They all seemed to nod in agreement. They were all here, Emma, Lynzie, Staycee, and Skyler, along with Daymien and I. When we got here, nobody seemed to know what to do, which was why we kind of just sat and stared for a while, unsure of what move to make next. I'm glad Staycee was the first one to speak up. I thought for sure that she would hate me forever, seeing as she reacted the worst.
       So!" Emma exclaims, clapping her hands and making all of us jump. "What shall we do now? I vote truth or Dare!"

        I groan, but the other girls agree, leaving the guys and I to trudge down to the floor and join their little circle. "Guys, what's even the point of this?" I whine. Haven't they gotten me in enough trouble? Naw, that won't happen again. We're all cool here. I think. Well, Sky hasn't said a word since I've been here, and Lynzie hasn't done more than give me a small, sad, shy smile. 

        "The point is for us to have fun. Besides, we are all friends here." Emma smiles. 

        "Okay," I mutter, pushing myself to the ground between Daymien and Staycee. I get comfortable, extending my knees behind me as I lay down flat on my stomach, fists rested under my chin.

        "So, who first?"

        "Since it was my idea Lynzie, I'll go first. And I chose Charlie." She turns to face me, smiling wickedly. "My dear Charlotte, truth or dare?"

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