What I Want

Do you know what it's like to want something so badly, with your whole entire body, as soon as you lay eyes on it? Well, that's what it was like the moment I first saw him. It was like the feeling I got when I practice my music, play around with my art, or even how it felt to help out Earth's creatures. Yes, it was like all those feelings, but better...
*Parents' perfect angel pretending to be somethings she really isn't...What happens when the real her comes out? Can she keep living the classical life her parents raised her to have, or will she be chased to where there's no return?


10. New look


        ...This is going to be so much fun...

        "Young lady, where have you been!?" my father exclaims the moment I walk through the front door. I turn to him, the staff hurrying to take my bags up to my room, to leave the two of us alone.

        "I'm sorry, father. I was bored, and mom has been saying I don't do enough shopping, so I thought I would...?"

        "Okay, fine. But you should have left a note or something. I was just... worried, that's all."

        "I'm sorry, daddy." I started to feel guilty for a second, but then it passed. I deserve this. "I'm going up to bed, I have a big day tomorrow, and I need to put all my clothes away."

        "Sure thing, Charlotte. Goodnight." For a second, I thought he was actually going to hug me, but no, he just turns and walks toward the way of his study. My parents never do anything to display their affection. With a shrug, I rush up the stairs, making sure to lock my bedroom door.

        Phase one complete, now time for the real fun to begin.


        "Charlotte, Terrance is here!" That was mom's voice this time.

        Perfect, they're both home. "I'll be down in just a second, I'm almost ready!"

        Turning back to the mirror, I lean in, fluffing my new hair to make it bounce just right, then slip on a navy blue beanie. I stand back, checking myself out. "Perfect."

        "Okay, I'm coming down" I tell them, so they'll see my full entrance. Both of my parents were at the table talking to Terrance and Carla both. Carla, who actually looks classy today. My parents look at me like they have no idea what they are looking at, and I would have loved to savor that moment, but my guests took that as the time to leave and pull me out of the house.

        "What?" I ask innocently, smirking at them as we make our way to the curb, to the car.

        "What on Earth were you thinking?" Terrance exclaims, pointing his hand up my body for emphasis.

        "I'm tired of being something I'm not. And if you don't like that, then you can be one more problem I'll eventually get over. My whole life has revolved around what my parents have wanted. Now it's my turn."

        "So you dye your hair blue?!"

        "Yeah, so are you done stating the obvious? I'd like to get a move on here."

        We get in the car, but the drive to school was everything but silent.

        "Charlie, are you sure this is how you want to do things?"

        "This has nothing to do with what we discussed yesterday, Carla. I'm just seriously done with what others want me to be. This is me, so please, just go with it, okay? Or don't, I really don't care. What are you doing here, anyway?"

        "I wanted to make sure you asked Terrance that other thing we discussed." She meets my eyes in the rear-view mirror as we were parking in a space at the school.

        "He's not going to agree to that now---"

        "Dammit Charlotte, just say it already!" Terrance speaks up, slamming the driver's side door shut. I climb out, too, facing him.

        "I was hoping you could maybe tutor me in algebra, like in the old days...?"

        "It's a date!" he smirks, stalking off. 

        "I'll see you later, okay?"

        "Sure thing,Carla." I smile back at her. She hugs me, before prancing off to join up with her group. I turn to walk across the hall to my locker and freeze. "Take a deep breath, you can do this" I tell myself, walking over there.

        "Charlie?" I turn to the stunned Skyler.

        "Hey," I reply, taking a piece of my now purple-blue hair that has escaped my beanie and tuck it behind my ear.

        Then the others walk up, obviously not impressed. "Wow, um, why do you look like you ransacked both Lynzie and Carla's closets?"

        "Staycee, I'm just trying something new, alright?"

        "Yeah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the new, hot goth guy, right?"

        I stutter, staring at her, shocked. "That's not it at all, I swear!" 

        "Yeah, sure it's not. Come on, Sky, let's go to our classes."

        "I'll catch up with you in volunteers, okay Stayc?" She storms off scoffing and rolling her eyes. I collapse my back against the lockers, arms tightly around me, eyes closed, taking a deep breath. That hurt, that really hurt. Something happened that I had no control over, and I lose all my friends. I'm devastated. I feel an arm on my shoulder and look up into Sky's blue eyes. "Hey, just ignore her, okay? She's just a little upset. They all kind of are."

        "I know, I've kind of noticed. By why aren't you?"

        He puts a hand on my cheek, wiping away tears I didn't know I had. "How could I ever be mad at you?"

        "Because I...deserve it?"

        "What happened wasn't your fault. We all know Terrance is an ass. Let's just try to put what happened behind us, alright?"

        I pull out of his arms, suddenly nervous. "Skyler, I c-can't just f-forget about it."

        "Don't worry about what was said---"

        "I like you Skyler, okay? I like you, as more than a friend, I think, and that's not okay."

        "Wait" I hear him say, but I was already running down the hall to class. We were late.

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