The One He Lost (N.H)

Niall lost her he, found her is he lost her again will he be able to keep Hanna close and protected.


1. Just a day as niall

                   Niall's pov : The boys were running around being crazy where  I was  just sitting, eating ,laughing along ever once and a while, and  scrolling on twitter. When our hair stylist came in but someone was behind her. It was a girl she had chestnut brown hair bright blue eyes that melted me. She was around 5 foot 2 as an estimate, she wore jeans, amarican eagle hoodie, and black converses. It took a while to dawn on me that I was staring until our stylist louise said, ''This is Hanna she went collage with me and was in town so I told her she could meet you guys is that okay." before thinking I practically screamed , "Hanna's perfect here.". Everyone stared at me like a physco. ''Ummm soo what's your last name?" I said a little embarrassed. when she looked up fully this time I could tell she had dark skin kinda. "My last names Walson and before you say its wallllll-sooon not Watson or Walton, Walson I know its weird name its cause Im Irish." she said shyly. The name sounded familiar yeah, she was on the girls soccer team and a starter. the last to words rung in my ears shes Irish I even heard it in her voice. "I remember you, you were a starter for the schools soccer team cause you were the most athletic girl in school and ohh yeah I'm Niall Horan." I said running on and on "yeah Niall Horan that's you but I liked your bieber hair what happened." she said holding her arms out for a hug we were kinda close during school so I would not miss a chance for that hug. "I got taller and as I can see you still haven't grown an inch? still 5 foot 2 with an attitude." I teased she was always insecure about her height so I would rest my head on her shoulder during gym or walking to class I always HAD A CRUSH ON HER. she never saw it though so I gave up when I went to go audition. Everyone wanted her in school she's beautiful ,smart, athletic, absolutely hilarious, shall I go on. But she was down to Earth didn't rub it in any ones faces and she was short well the last ones my favorite. When we released from our reunited hug she dropped her phone. She went to pick it and maaaan did she have a booty on her. Then I saw it scars, cuts, scratches on her arms but how but who she's so sweet innocent. I pulled her outside the room to chat she was confused but then I began to grab her arm and pull up her sleeve. She had scars all the way up her arm ,"May I ask why?" I asked kindly and caring ,"umm I umm couldn't take everyday and every night of all this unnecessary meaness what did I do to deserve it Niall am I really that bad of a person?" she broke down so I hugged her she already trusts me to tell me this wow but who did this. "Hanna?" I whispered softly ,"Yes Niall." she responded. "You didn't deserve any of this you deserved to be loved ,cared for ,caressed , and sometimes god puts his strongest, beautiful, and powerful angels to a test that he knows they will succeed. You might face some mountains but you won't just climb over them, lose your grip, and  fall here an' there  but in the end you'll be flying over  that mountain.      

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