You and u 3 best friends r just hanging out when 5sos comes in u'r house and u start to go nuts and u'r friends r saying come here Luke Ashton and Mike u'r friends r dating them in 5 seconds u and Calum r talking for 14 mins and just as he was going to ask u out they leaved and u r crying and u'r friends say what is wrong with u and u say Calum was going to ask me out but u'r BF'S tock he away u'r home for 4 mouths and u finely get to see Calum and u start freckingout again and he ask u out finely u say yes u go to 90 of the 5sos contents and he sees u and falls off the stage and he broke 2 bones he's leg and arm u started to freck out Luke and u'r BFF is making out Ashton and u'r BFF r singing Mike and u'r BFF r saying cute thing and u'r scared he is not going to be able to move at all and u started to cry but 4 mouths later he is better and u to and u'r friends live happy ever after


1. bad boys

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