Little Things (C.H.)

Clara is madly inlove with her best friend Calum Hood. But the thing is he has a girlfriend. And he's engaged to her. Clara is devistated and doesnt even want to go to his wedding but she does anyways. As the day came she told Calum how she felt but he still got married. But little did Clara know Calum wish he wasnt engaged.


4. Why Did You Run Off


As i arrived home i sighed and cried. Yeah i ran from the reception cause Calum told me he loved me and we then kissed but he then kissed Amelia and told her he loved her. Luke saw but wouldnt tell cause he wanted me and Calum together instead of him and Amelia. I took my dress off and took a shower when i put my pj's on and sat in bed eating a tub of ice cream and crying over titanic. I heard my phone beep as it was Calum. I ignored it and continued watching the movie not noticing that Calum was in my room.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!?" I yelled.

"Calm down its just me." He said.

I nodded and sat down.

"Why did you run off," He asked.

"I thought you didnt love her." I said.

"I dont." He said.

"You told her you love her and kissed her." I said.

"Hey... to make her think i do. I only love you and i only want to kiss your lips." He said as he pressed his lips to mines.

I kissed back as he laid me down and hovered over me not breaking the kiss. I felt his hands on my shirt as he took it off and kissed my neck leaving a love bite. I felt my pants slide off leaving me in my bra and panties as he took his shirt and pants off revelaing his tones abs and his V-line. I realised where this was heading when i stopped him. Leaving me in my bra and panties and him in his boxers.

"We cant." I said.

He nodded and understood when i crawled under my bed sheets. He crawled under too and pulled me on his chest wrapping his arm aound my waits.

"Nice hickey." He said laughing.

"Im gonna have to cover it up." I said.

"Nah looks good on you." He said.

I smiled and he kissed my head.

"Why did you make me say I do to her?" He asked.

"Dont want to make her sad." i said as i felt my eyes closing.

"I know... i'll find away to be with you Clara. I love you." He said.

I yawned and smiled.

"I love you too Cal... forever and always." I said.

"Forever and always." he said

And we both fell asleep.

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