Little Things (C.H.)

Clara is madly inlove with her best friend Calum Hood. But the thing is he has a girlfriend. And he's engaged to her. Clara is devistated and doesnt even want to go to his wedding but she does anyways. As the day came she told Calum how she felt but he still got married. But little did Clara know Calum wish he wasnt engaged.


3. I Finally Feel The Same Way


As i waited at the alter i couldnt help but think of what Clara told me. But as i saw her i felt butterflies in my stomach. She looked so beautiful in her brides maid dress i couldnt help but smile. But its like now everytime i think of her i get butterflies in my stomach. I shook my head and sighed. I cant like Clara... Can i? I mean she's beautiful and all but she's my friend. I was interuppted by music playing as i saw the maid of honor who was Clara. She had red eyes and looked horrible. She looked up at me and i sighed. She stood on the steps and then i saw Amelia. I didnt feel butterflies like how i feel it when i see Clara. Oh my god... I do like Clara. As Amelia walked up i saw Clara look up and i saw her beautiful face. I looked at Amelia and sighed.

"We are gathered her today to witness Ms. Amelia Jay Lockwood and Mr. Calum Thomas Hood being put together in holy matrimony. Does anyone here not want these two married?"

I looked at Clara. She was in deep thought. C'mon Clara do something please. I finally feel the same way as you. But she didnt do anything.

"Thank you. Now on with the speeches."

Skipping Speeches

"Do you Amelia take Calum to be your laughtful wedded husband. To have and to hold in sickness and in health?"

(Haha sorry bad at making a wedding scene.)

"I do..." She said.

"And do you Calum take Amelia take her to be your laughtful wedded wife? To have and to hold in sickness and health?"

I looked at Clara and her eyes caught mines. I mouthed 'I Love You.' to her and she gasped and smiled when she sighed. 'Just say it Cal.' She mouthed back. I felt tears forming as i said those two words.

"I do..."

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