Little Things (C.H.)

Clara is madly inlove with her best friend Calum Hood. But the thing is he has a girlfriend. And he's engaged to her. Clara is devistated and doesnt even want to go to his wedding but she does anyways. As the day came she told Calum how she felt but he still got married. But little did Clara know Calum wish he wasnt engaged.


1. The Night Before The Wedding


As I watched Amelia open her gifts for her wedding i couldnt help but wish that was me. Me opening my wedding gifts and getting married to my child hood friend and crush Calum Hood. As i dozed off i didnt notice Amelia shaking me.

"Huh what?" I asked.

"You okay Clar?" May asked.

I nodded. May is Ashton's Girlfriend. And we have Casey who is Luke's girlfriend and Maya who is Michael's. Yup single person here. I felt my phone buzz as i smiled when i saw his name flash on my screen.

Fr: Calumimus

Hey Clarice...

Yes my full name is Clarice Annalise Campblle. But i like Clara.

To: Calumimus

Its Clara you doof -_-

Fr: Calumimus

Haha okay whatever but hey i miss you.

To: Calumimus

Miss you too Cal. Hows the Bachelor party?

Fr: Calumimus

Eh its okay... hows my baby doing?

Reffering to Amelia.

To: Calumimus

Oh uh she's o...okay.

Fr: Calumimus

Whats wrong Clara?

To: Calumimus

Nothing i gotta go.

Fr: Calumimus

Okay... i'll stop by when your parents are asleep tonight okay?

To: Calumimus

Okay i'll leave my window unlocked.

Fr: Calumimus

Okay bye Clara.

I sighed and locked my phone when i looked at the time. It was 9:30.

"Gotta go guys. See you tomorrow." I said.

"Yeah okay I'll bring your bridesmaid dress." May said.

I nodded and walked out. Oh guess who's maid of honor... Me yay... (Note Sarcasm)


I sat on my bed eating an apple and reading when i looked at the time. It was 1:30 am. I sighed and fixed my glasses when i saw a figure enter my room.

"Clarice." Calum said.

"Clara." I said.

He smiled and hugged me.

"How you been?" He asked.

"Good." I said.

He sat on my bed and i sat next to him.

"Look Clara i know once i'm married your gonna think that you'll loose me as your best friend but you wont. I'll always be your bestfriend." He said.

"I know Cal." I said.

He nodded and kissed my head.

"I have to go... see you tomorrow." He said.

I nodded and he jumped out my window and i saw him disappear. I laid in my bed with tears. He'll never realize how i truly feel about him.

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