The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


62. Chapter 60 - The Final chapter to this book

I'm in the waiting room. Hunter's not here yet. I'm anxious as it is. He was running a little late. He had to swing by the house, and grab something. Sebastian is with Charlie, and my for the day. I had to get back to work once I was done here. I was working until seven o'clock this evening. I checked my phone again. A text message I'd received well over an hour ago. 

"On my way baby. I love you."

No other messages. No missed calls.

"Leah Emerson" The nurse called my name and I headed back.

We made the small usual chit chat. She took my vitals, and left me to change into a gown. 
I waited quietly checking my phone, and nothing. A knock on the door, made my heart lurch.

"May I come in?" Dr. Martin's voice was on the other side."

"Yes." I spoke softly.

He walked in washing his hands, and walked over to me, "Hunter couldn't make it?" 

I shrugged, "Running late. I'm not sure. It's pouring rain out."

Dr. Martin nodded, and about forty minutes later, I was done. I had my ultrasound pictures, my blood work done, and I headed back to work.

I walked back down, with my coffee in hand. I looked at the ultrasound pictures, and called Hunter. It rang, then I got voicemail.

"Hey it's Hunter. Leave me a message."

I smiled, "Hey handsome. I've finished at my appointment. I have new pictures for you. Julian is doing great. See you later. I love you."

I hung up, and went to my locker. I slipped the scans in my bag, and walked back out.

I went to check on a patient, and then walked back out. I was going to grab some supplies, when I caught the Paramedic's relaying information over the radio."

"Hydroplaned, lost control of the car. Hit a tree head on. Was wearing his seatbelt. Passerby called it in. We've intubated. He was unresponsive on scene. No pulse, passerby started chest compressions, and administered CPR."

I cringed hearing the call. I hated car accidents. I could only think of Jacob's mom, and Hunter's dad. I grabbed the supplies I needed, and went back to my patient. I worked quietly, "Ok, I need to check on another patient. I will be back shortly." I smiled, and stepped out closing the curtain behind me.

The trauma room was bustling. People rushing in, and out. I sat down, and looked up at the board.

Trauma One - Emerson, Hunter MVA

I looked at the board stunned. It couldn't have been the same. A coincidence in names. I got up, and walked towards the trauma room. I saw Dr. Hendrick working quickly, and shouting. "Let's go people. CT is waiting for us." I watched, and I saw Carlisle in there also. They were moving quickly. I saw them push my husband out on a gurney. He was intubated, and covered in blood. His leg was badly broken. His face was swollen. He was bruised, and cut. All sorts of monitors were attached to him. His blood pressure was low, and his heart rate scared the crap out of me. "OR after the CT. I want to clear his head let's go." Dr. Hendrick sent him off. He went up with OR nurses, and a couple of surgeons. They removed, the gloves, and gowns, and washed up. That's when Dr. Hendrick spotted me, at the same time Carlisle did.

"Leah." Carlisle walked towards me briskly.

"I, I was at my twelve week prenatal appointment. He was running late." I spoke calmly, but felt my body start to tremble.

"He hydroplaned, and lost control of the car. He hit a tree. Ara saw it all happen. She started CPR, and then they brought him here." Carlisle rubbed my arm.

Dr. Hendrick came over to me, "Listen we'll bring you up to the family waiting room outside the OR. Don't worry about things down here. We've got it ok. Your father, and I will walk you up."

Carlisle smiled, and held my hand. "Let's get your things ok."

I just nodded, and walked silently. I retrieved my bag from the locker, and my umbrella.

"Ok hun, let's go." Carlisle held one hand, and Dr. Hendrick held my other.

"I've called everyone, and they're aware of what's happened. Esme is coming up. I'm not sure who's with her. Your mom, and Charlie are on their way. They have Sebastian as well. Seth, is coming also." Carlisle's voice was haunting soft.

"I, I need to call, um, um, Leslie." I was at a loss for words. I pulled out my phone, my hand was trembling. I dialed her number. 

"Hi sweetie. How was the appointment?" Leslie's sweet voice answered.

"Leslie, Hunter was in a car accident. He's being taken to surgery. He's intubated. I'm here now." My voice wavered on breaking.

"Oh my god. Alright, Alex and, I will be there soon. Call me if anything changes. I'll call the others." She hung up, and I put my phone in my pocket.

We were at the waiting room. I stood by the windows looking out. Dr. Hendrick came over to me, and hugged me, "He's a fighter. I need to get back downstairs. Please call me for anything." She left after speaking with Carlisle for a moment.

Carlisle moved over to me, "Leah you're trembling. Why don't you sit down?" He pulled over a chair for me.

"I can't. I need to stand." I continued to look out the window. He moved away to answer his phone, and spoke softly. About an hour later, Esme arrived, along with the others, including Jacob, Billy, and Renesmee.

"How is she?" Esme spoke softly, watching me.

"She's trembling. She won't sit." Carlisle spoke softly. 

"How's he doing?" Bella asked quietly.

Carlisle paused before speaking, "There was a lot of internal damage. He's most likely suffered head trauma. They rushed him for a Cat Scan, then right off to the OR." 

Someone touched my shoulder. I didn't turn to look.

"Easy ok." Emmett's voice came from behind me. He wrapped his arms around me, and looked out along with me. "He'll be ok. I'm confident." He rested his chin on top of my head.

My body was on autopilot.

"He missed the appointment." I whispered.

"Oh sis." Emmett squeezed me a little. "Do you have pictures of my nephew?" He released me so I could retrieve them from my bag. Emmett always being the practical joker, had a serious side, and this was it. He tried desperately to get my mind off of what was going on. Ease the tension that lingered around me. "He's handsome sis." Emmett smiled, and handed them to Rose.

I returned to looking out the window. The rain pelted the glass, making ticking sounds. I pulled my fleece coat around me, and said a prayer quietly.

Charlie, Seth, and my mom arrived. They had Sebastian with them. I turned to see him, and ran over grabbing him. I held him tightly against me, and inhaled deeply. He nestled against me. "I love you Sebastian. I love you, and your daddy, and Julian so much." Sebastian made noises, and smiled at me, "Da da." He nuzzled against me. I'd been dada for about three weeks now as well as Hunter.

"How is he?" Charlie asked.

Carlisle took the family out into the hall to talk.

I went back over to the windows, pointing things out to Sebastian, "Bus. Vroom vroom. Beep, beep." Sebastian giggled.

"There's internal bleeding, and it's required him to need a blood transfusion. He's broken his leg, quite badly. They had to had to start CPR in the field. The CT showed a lot of internal bruising. He was cut up quite a bit. The windshield shattered. He also has head trauma. We didn't see any bleeding. There is some swelling, and neurosurgery is on call. We're monitoring it. Right now they needed to get the bleeding under control." Carlisle spoke.

Charlie sighed, and held my mom. The others filtered back in the room quietly.

The hands on the clock ticked away. One hour. Two hours. Three hours. Four hours. Five hours.

The clock read 8:33pm, and the surgeon walked out, "Hi I'm Dr. Mellaki. Let's sit, and talk." He looked at me, and sat down. "So there was a lot of internal bleeding. We've gained control of it. His blood pressure is still quite low, so we're giving him a transfusion. Dr. Manoss looked at his leg, and he's in there now removing broken fragments of bone. That shouldn't take too long. Now Dr. Bralee from neurosurgery is ordering an MRI, as soon as he's done. We want to clear anytime of bleed. Right now we feel as though it's a concussion. He has a rather large lump on his head. We were told the windshield shattered."

He continued speaking, but I couldn't hear anymore. It was like this hollow sound, had surrounded me. I could see lips moving, and see people glancing at me, but nothing made noise. I looked at Sebastian who was yawning now. Rose looked at me, "Let me take him sweetie. I will put him to bed ok." I had to read her lips as she spoke. I nodded, and kissed him. "I love you sweetie." He curled up with Rose, and she left with Emmett.

Travis arrived, and came running over to me. "Oh my god. Leah I'm so sorry. I got here as fast as I could." We hugged one another. 

"So right now, we're at a 50/50 chance." Dr. Mellaki spoke. "He's in recovery now. He's sedated because of the intubation. We'll be moving him to the ICU shortly, as long as the MRI is clear. If you'd like to go back and see him, you can. One other person can go with you."

I looked at my family. I shook my head, and headed back alone with Dr. Mellaki. "Now you're a nurse, so you have an idea of what to expect." He patted my back, and guided me down to recovery.

There was my husband. My beautiful husband. The man who made me laugh. The father of my children. My mate for life. My best friend. He was laying there, hooked up to all the monitors. I watched as the numbers differed slightly with each reading. The beeping was a soothing feeling. It provided reassurance he was alive, and he would come out of this.

"Hi baby." I stroked his cheek carefully. I took his hand, and put it on my stomach. "Julian is doing great. I have ultrasound pictures of him for you. When you wake up, you'll see them." His hand didn't move like it normally would have. He wasn't at the level of my growing abdomen, saying hello to our son. He was laying in this bed, and unresponsive.

"So fifty fifty chance?" Charlie spoke, a cough to hold back the sadness.

"Yes. Fifty percent chance he'll pull through, and be fine. Fifty percent chance, he could take a turn for the worse. So for now, things are looking towards the up, and up." Carlisle spoke quietly.

The MRI was cleared for any bleed. Just some swelling, that they were going to repeat the MRI in the morning. After a couple of hours in recovery, they moved hunter to a room in ICU. He had a nice view of Port Angeles. I stayed with him until it was just shy of midnight. Samantha walked in, "Oh sweetie." She hugged me tightly, and rubbed my back. "Can I get you anything?" I shook my head. "Catterbrie called up to me, and told me. How are you?" Samantha felt my stomach, and I shrugged.

"No pain, or sudden difference." She looked at me. I shook my head. "Ok good." She rubbed my back.

"Sam I can't lose him. We have Julian on the way. They need their dad. I need him." I whispered, tears streaming down my cheeks.

She pulled me tightly against her, and hugged me, "They'll do everything they can sweetie."

His nurse walked in, "Hi I'm Susan. I'm Hunter's nurse." She smiled, and started writing down all his vitals, and entering them into the computer in the room.

I stood beside his bed, and held his hand. Samantha stood quietly with me. I couldn't bear to leave him like this. Susan spoke softly, "I can get you a chair, and blanket if you'd like." Samantha nodded, "Thank you."

I sat with him, and Sam put the blanket around my shoulders. "Sweetie I will be right back. Can anyone else come in?" I nodded, "His family is here. Leslie please, and Alex." Sam nodded, and walked out.

I sat quietly, and spoke softly, "Sebastian went home with Rose, and Emmett. He was tired." I couldn't say much more. My heart was being held together by a thread at the very moment. I started to doze off, my head on the railing of his bed. The adrenaline would course, then stop, and I was starting to slowly crash myself. The grogginess taking over.

"Take it easy ok. We love you. I just wanted to see you quickly. You need your rest." Leslie kissed his forehead.

Alex spoke gruffly, "Hey you need to pull through ok. We're here to help however we can."

Leslie walked over to me, and gently woke me up, "Leah hun, let's get you home ok. You need to sleep, or at least try." She helped me stand up, and I kissed Hunter on the forehead.

"I love you. Always, and forever. I will see you later." I let go of his hand slowly, and walked out of the room. The walk down to the ICU family room seemed to be miles long. I walked out, and grabbed my bag.

"Leah?" my mom called my name. I kept walking. My heart pounding against my chest, like thunder. I got to the elevators, and pushed the button and waited.

Seth caught up to me. He didn't say anything. My little brother, was all I needed. I hugged him, and started to sob. My body shook violently against his, with each sob that escaped me lips. "Leah I'm so sorry." Seth just held me.

"It's not fare Seth." I sobbed.

"No it's not. You're damn right." Seth kept me safe in his arms. "I need to get you home. You have a little boy, who needs his mom still. We'll come back tomorrow, and hopefully things will have improved." Seth held me against his side, and we stepped on the elevator. The rest of the family filed in, but I stayed beside my brother.

The rain had eased up a bit, and we walked along together. Seth held onto me snuggly, afraid I might fall apart if he didn't. I handed him my keys, and he hit the remote unlocking the doors. He opened the door, and helped me in the passengers seat of my car. Seth helped me get my belt on. "Breath slowly." He shut my door, and smiled. Travis was driving us home. He held my hand, as we quietly made our way through the streets.

"Go to the accident scene." I spoke softly.

Travis looked at me, "Leah please."

I spoke staring straight ahead, "Travis go to the scene now. I need to see where it happened." He nodded, and started driving.

It was a woodsy area of Port Angeles, near the major through way. The tree he'd hit, was missing bark. Pieces of the car were scattered around on the ground. The car say their mangled. The police still had it blocked off.

"Pull over." I spoke quietly.

Travis did so without asking, or trying to detour me. I undid my seatbelt, and climbed out. I walked over.

"Ma'am you can't be here. Please." The officer called out.

I kept walking.

"Ma'am please." The officer was following me.

"Her husband was in the accident. This is his car." Travis spoke following me.

"We're just starting the clean up. There have been several accidents tonight. Our accident investigator couldn't get here until a short while ago. The puddle over there, grabbed the tire, and yanked the wheel from his hand." The officer spoke with Travis.

The car was mangled. Sebastian's car seat wasn't in the car. In the backseat sat Hunters coat, and bag he'd received for Christmas. Hanging from the rear view mirror, was his jade Buddah. I reached in, and pulled it down. I then retrieved his belongings.

"Where's the person who called this in?" Travis asked.

"When I arrived, the medics were just loading him in the ambulance" the officer spoke.

"He's not some delivery. He's not a package. They didn't load him. They transported him. Please watch how you speak." I spoke softly, looking around.

The officer nodded, "Sorry ma'am."

I inhaled deeply. "My sister called it in. Ara Storm."

He looked at his notes, "Yep. When I arrived, she was gone. She told them she was going to the hospital."

I looked around, and there was nothing. Travis looked around with me, "Thank you officer." Travis wrapped his arm around me, "We need to go now. You'll catch pneumonia, I'm not kidding." He escorted me back to the car, and I climbed in. I clutched Hunters belongings against my chest. They still smelled of him. I clutched them, once I was situated in my seat again. Travis climbed in, and we started the drive home. Once we were back at the house, cars were in the drive way, and in front on the road.

Travis helped me out, and we made our way inside. I walked quietly into his office, and hung up his coat, and placed his bag on the couch like he always did. I sat down in the chair, and stared off.

"How is she doing?" Jacob spoke softly.

"We saw the car. It's totaled. She grabbed his belongings. Pieces were scattered everywhere. His head hit the windshield. The impact was so hard, the seatbelt didn't do a damn thing." Travis was upset.

Carlisle spoke calmly, while the family listened, "He had the impression of the seatbelt on his chest, and abdomen. We knew he was wearing it. That's what part of the internal bruising was caused by. Speed wasn't a factor. He just hit a puddle, and lost control."

Travis nodded, "That's what the officer said. I just don't understand. We just went out for dinner last night. We took Sebastian with us, Leah had a nice night to herself."

Charlie, and my mom took the spare room. They were exhausted. Chloe was home with Sophia, and Harry. Sam, and Emily had headed over to help her out for the night. Renesmee had fallen asleep up in Sebastian's room, curled up in the rocking chair. Jacob slept on the floor, leaning against the small dresser.

"We can only pray. That's all there's left to do." Billy spoke softly. 

It was 1:37 am. I wasn't going to go to bed. I couldn't sleep. I had too much going on. I grabbed the house phone, and called Ara.

"I mate. Eh, can't come to the phone. Leave me a message. I'll phone you, when I get a chance."

The beep came.

"Ara, he's in ICU. There's a lot of damage. Thank your for being there with him. I hope you're ok. I know you're off hunting. Probably clearing your thoughts. What state this time? Call me back. I love you."

I hung up, and dialed Hunter.

"Hey it's Hunter. Leave a message."

"Baby I miss you. I love you. You're my sunshine, on rainy days. I hope you'll be home soon. Sweet dreams." I hung up.

Again I dialed, and listened to his voice. I continued to keep calling, and listen to his message. An hour later, I hung up, and set the phone back in it's holster.

I fell asleep at his desk. My head on top of his desk. The small Tiffany lamp on his desk, illuminated the rich woods of his built in bookcases. The books were of different sizes, colors, leather, paperback, hardcovers. Some had torn jackets, some had lost theirs years before.

"She's asleep at his desk." Esme spoke softly. Walking back out to the others. "I covered her up. She sat down quietly beside Carlisle. He held her hand, and they stayed quiet. 

Rose, and Alice puttered around the house quietly, cleaning things. They made food so it just needed to be heated up. They worked on putting together a grocery list. Bella quietly helped by doing all the laundry, and putting it away when it was done.

Emmett, Jasper, and Edward sat quietly watching the television. There was nothing anyone could really do. Billy finally decided to call it a night, and retired to our sun room. Bella had set up the couch into a bed for him.

It was 3:30am when I startled awake. I was panicked. I looked around the room. I was still in my scrubs. I made my way upstairs, and quickly showered, and changed my clothes. Jeans, my clogs, and a black turtle neck sweater. My hair was braided, and I was back out the door. I quickly got in my car, and backed out of the driveway. I wasn't going to sleep, and I needed to be with him. The first 24 hours were crucial. I shifted the car into drive, and I was gone.

"She's gone." Esme looked up at Carlisle.

He sighed, "She's trying to be there for both Sebastian, and Hunter." He held Esme's hand.

I arrived back at the hospital, and his room was dimly lit. I slipped in and shut the door behind me. I pulled out of the bag, a picture of the three of us. A copy of the ultrasound, and The Polar Express. I also brought his bell. I displayed them for him, incase he woke up and I wasn't here. I knew he would wake up. I curled up in the chair, slipped my shoes off. I pulled the book into my lap. I started reading.

"Soon there were no more lights to be seen. We traveled through cold, dark forests, where lean wolves roamed and white tailed rabbits hid from our train as it thundered through the quiet wilderness."

He always smiled at that part, and would look at me.

"Sebastian let's be wolves and get mommy." They'd pretend to chase me, "Growl." I laughed, "Need to learn those wolf noises daddy." Hunter would laugh.

I continued. The words struck me.

"Who receives the first gift?" we all asked.

The conductor answered, "He will choose one of you."

I was stuck there for a moment, looking at Hunter. "He will choose one of you." I whispered it softly.

I was at the end of the book, when I took Hunters hand into mine,

"At one time most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years passed, it fell silent for all of them. Even Sarah found one Christmas that she could no longer hear it's sweet sound. Though I've grown old, the bell still rings for me as it does for all who truly believe."

There was no movement. His chest rose, and fell. Rose, and fell. It wasn't doing this on it's own. Hunter had oxygen being pushed into his body. He had fluids being pushed in. He was incapable of doing these things himself. He had a catheter, because he could no longer use the bathroom on his own. Yesterday, he was helping high school kids with homework. Yesterday he was teaching of Romeo and Juliet in class. Today they were going to watch the movie. Instead he was laying here unconscious, while machines provided him the means to stay alive. 

They say the first 24 hours are the most crucial. I say the first 48. We only were about twelve hours since his accident. A few since he came out of surgery. Now we wait. That's the hardest part though. I stood up, and put his hand on my stomach, "Julian needs to know you. Sebastian needs you. I need to love you. You need to be here for us." I watched the monitors, and prayed. The sun started to rise, and I sighed. Susan came in, "Catterbrie is coming on to take over. I'm back tonight at seven ok. Try and get some rest." I nodded. She smiled, and left us to be alone.

I sat down, and curled up. I turned the tv on softly, and watched the news, nodding off, I never let go of Hunters hand. The Catterbrie walked in writing on the white board, March 5th, 2014. She listed the doctors, and the nurse, which was her. She was pleasant, and sweet. "Ordered breakfast for you, while you slept." I smiled, "Thanks." She stepped back out, after changing his dressings, and recording his vitals, and logging them into the computer. A knock on the door, and someone from the kitchen came in. They'd brought breakfast for me. I thanked them, and left. I looked at the food, but I drank only the coffee, and nibbled on the toast. "Baby I'm missing your cooking already. See you have to get better, or Sebastian may starve." I could imagine him laughing, and kissing the tip of my nose.

I watched him sleep, if that's what you called it. I wanted to curl up beside him, pull his arm around me. I wanted to feel his lips on my lips. I wanted him to caress my cheek, because I was having a bad day. I wanted him to sit up, and be laughing. Complain how for an eco friendly car, it wasn't too good at being safe. I just wanted him up, and communicating. My phone rang, and I answered it.

"Hello?" I spoke with a worn tone to my voice.

"Mrs. Emerson?" A male spoke on the other end.

"Yes this is she." I replied, holding Hunter's hand. 
"This is Patrick Murphy from Port Angeles High School. I'm the principal here. We heard about Hunter. You're entire family is in our thoughts and prayers. We've sent out an email through the entire school system. We've started up a donation for your family as well. We're planning on an announcement later today with the students. It's up to you if you have any information you want to pass on."

I listened to him speak, and I sighed, "Mr. Murphy right now, he's intubated, and on a ventilator. He's had to have blood transfusions. His leg was badly broken. He also has head trauma. We're waiting for another MRI later this morning. Right now, he's not doing too good. It's a 50/50 chance right now. I would tell your students that, thoughts, and prayers are needed."

He cleared his throat, and spoke softly, "I'm so sorry Mrs. Emerson. We'll relay the message to our students. If you need anything, even a hot meal please call us. Hunter is truly a gift to our school."

I swallowed, and could hear the principal about to break. Hunter touched everyone's life. Didn't matter if it was in passing, or if you were his student. He made an impact, and that's what I loved about him. He wanted to push people to strive for the best. Never settle for less was his motto.

"Mrs. Emerson I hope to hear from you soon. Take care." His voice broke, and he hung up.

I looked at Hunter, "You truly are an angel in disguise." I held his hand, and rested my head against the side rail of the bed.

A soft knock on the door, and Dr. Bralee, and Dr. Mellaki were standing in the door way. They stepped in, and shut the door behind them. "Dr. Manoss will be by shortly. He had a meeting to attend." Dr. Mellaki smiled. "So we have some lab results back. He's still very low on his blood count. We're going to start another transfusion. He's running a slight fever, but nothing terribly alarming. We're starting antibiotics to be on the safe side. Dr. Bralee would like to have another MRI done now. It's been over twelve hours, and we want to make sure everything is ok. While we're down there, we'll have another CT Scan of his abdomen."

I nodded. Two people came into the room, from radiology, and started moving stuff around, "We're going to take him down now. He won't be terribly long ok sweetie." The woman smiled at me, and I just simply nodded.

"So when we have all the results in from the images, we'll come back and talk." Dr. Bralee smiled at me, and left with Dr. Mellaki. 

I watched as they wheeled Hunter down the hall, and through the double doors. I felt dizzy, and I rubbed my eyes. I was exhausted, but I couldn't leave. I was here alone at the moment. Sebastian must be awake, but he had my mom, and dad. I pulled the blanket around me, and hummed I Hope You Dance softly to myself. Again sleep came up over the wall, and hit me. It swallowed me up, and I gave in.

"She's sleeping. Let's not wake her." Esme spoke softly, stroking my hair. They sat down beside me, and let me sleep.

"She's been here all night. She read to him, and has been holding his hand." Carlisle spoke.

Hunter was brought back, and now the doctors had to wait for their results.

Carlisle looked at Esme, and she spoke softly, "Talk to her about it, only if there's no other option. We know what he wants."

Carlisle nodded, "No extreme measures taken." 

When I came around, Dr. Bralee, and Carlisle were speaking. 

"Hi sweetie." Esme smiled, and helped me sit up, as I yawned.

Dr. Bralee pulled a chair over. Carlisle squatted beside me.

"So the CT Scan was clear. The bleeding has stopped. So that's great. The MRI results show swelling. Nothing more then what we saw last night. We're concerned though about what his brain function will be, once the swelling has gone down. There's bruising, and now we're watching for any signs of a stroke." Carlisle held my hand.

"Leah this isn't a definite of anything to come. We need to discuss what Hunter wants. Now he has it clearly defined that if it comes down to it."

I cut him off, "No heroic measures. I know this. It's just some swelling, and possibly bruising. It's only been about twenty four hours. we can wait and see what happens."

Dr. Bralee nodded, "You're absolutely correct. We just want to keep you informed."

Once we were done talking, I leaned against Esme. I didn't have to speak, she knew how I felt. 
"I've seen you go through some tough times. Leah you always push forward. I'm truly proud of how strong you are right now." She smiled, and I swallowed.

We made it to forty eight hours, and no significant changes. The white board read, March 6th, 2014. I stayed when I could, and spoke to him. I read to him, and filled him in on the news. I told him about Sebastian, and how adventurous he was.

"Remember how I didn't want the white picket fence. Well our little friend is making me second guess that idea." I chuckled. Pulled from my memory bank, was Hunter's laughter. It filled the emptiness in my head. "So your student's miss you dearly. They've started a Facebook page for you. The school has started taking in donations." I moved so I was right beside his ear, "Hunter you need to pull through for me. It's ok to need time to heal, but please show some sign of improvement." I kissed his forehead, and packed up my belongings. I needed to get home, and have dinner with Sebastian. I would return later, and sleep in the chair once again.

It's March 11th, 2014 at 3:13 in the morning. "We need to move him quickly. Get the wife out now." the voices were quick, and confusing. Someone brought me out to the waiting area, and I sat there stunned. I wasn't sure what happened. Carlisle came jogging down the hall. "Have they spoken to you?" I shook my head, "No I was just ushered out quickly." He sighed, and hugged me.

"Carlisle please promise me. If you have to, SAVE HIM." I looked right into his eyes. My entire being pleaded for his acceptance of this request.

"If it comes down to it, I will save him. This isn't considered a heroic measure by means of device. This is a life altering changing. Leah you're sure?"

I looked at Carlisle, "He's my soul mate. What's a soul, without it's mate."

Carlisle nodded, "Very well then. Let's see what's going on."

After an hour, Dr. Mellaki walked out, "Hunter's lung collapsed. We had to put in a chest tube. He's doing better now. He's stable for now. We need to talk. He's not showing any major improvements. We're still at the same place as we were when he came in. If by March 17th, 2014 there's no sign of improvement, we'll start the process of ending life support. We'll give him morphine at that time. We'll extubate him. We'll let the natural process take over. We'll remove the chest tube. The feeding tube." It was as if someone had disconnected my head from my shoulders, and my ears from my head.

I went to stand up, and hit the floor.

"LEAH! Page Lucas Martin NOW!" Carlisle yelled over to the ICU Secretary. "Sweetie look at me come on." 

I came around, and recognized the emergency room patient rooms. I went to sit up, and felt a cool hand stop me. "Whoa slow down ok." Carlisle was standing beside the stretcher. "Lucas just stepped out, he'll be back in a moment. Your blood sugar dropped, and the talking didn't help your blood pressure." I went to move, and felt off balance. "Relax. We're getting you some juice. You need to eat something. Then we'll go back up."

Dr. Hendrick walked in, "So you are officially on paid leave for a month. Lucas, and I were speaking. Your pregnancy is bordering on high risk, due to blood sugar issues. I'm discharging you to Carlisle. Lucas already has an appointment set up for two weeks from today ok." I nodded. She quietly felt around on my stomach, "Any discomfort?" I shook my head no. "Alright well you're free to go. Please eat hun. We'll see you soon." She smiled, and patted my shoulder before stepping out.

Carlisle looked at me, "Esme, and I are going to stay with you. We've already had what we need brought to the house. We took the spare room. Sebastian is in great hands with Rosalie. We'll head back up, but you need to eat." I nodded, and agreed.

Hunter had a tube in the side of his chest. He wasn't getting better. I couldn't take seeing him like this. I whispered to him, "Carlisle will save you. Please don't hate me for the decision." I kissed his forehead. It was time to head home for the night.

March 13th, 2014 Hunter's prognosis hadn't changed, and it wasn't going to. Carlisle looked at me making sure this is what I wanted to do. The family gathered around in the waiting room. Sandra, and George waited back at the house. Leslie, and Alex were there as well. Esme was in the room, and held onto me. The others waited in the waiting area. Carlisle injected his venom into Hunter. If it could heal Bella, it would work on Hunter. Now we just had to wait.

Ara hadn't returned my calls. So I assumed she'd gone back to Denmark. The life she had here was just too much. It was easier to leave, without saying a word. I was left at a loss. My best friend, and birth coach were gone. I sighed, as I watched Carlisle. Once he finished, he cleaned up discreetly. There was no trace of anything. "No we wait. It takes three days."

I nodded, and kissed Hunter's forehead, and curled up in the chair. I didn't leave for the next couple of days. It was March 17th, 2014, and it was time. The papers were signed, and they removed everything, except the IV. I asked if Sebastian could say goodbye to his father. Typically they wouldn't allow children on the unit for visitation, this but this was much different. I held Sebastian, "Baby can you give daddy a kiss." I brought him over to Hunter. Sebastian snuggled against him, "Dada." Esme stood with Carlisle. My mom, and Charlie were in the room with us. Travis stood quietly in the corner. Carlisle quietly took a picture of them two them for me. "Sebastian daddy loves you so much." Sebastian kept patting at Hunter, "Dada" I carefully picked him back up, and handed him to Esme. "Rose now please." She quickly brought him out of the room. I watched the heart monitor quietly.

She returned, and Travis moved closer. He pulled out his phone, and put on Dashboard Confessionals - Stolen. "I remember when you told me you thought of Leah every time you heard this bro." I smiled, and swallowed. The song ended, then Tears In Heaven came on. "I'm so sorry Leah." Travis quickly fumbled. I reached for his hand.

"Don't worry about it. That's Hunter's sign. Leave it please." I moved over to Hunter, and held his hand against my stomach. " I will tell Julian of all the amazing things we did. How you were such an amazing father. How you taught so many. How you loved everyone." A small flutter in my stomach startled me. "The baby moved." That's when the alarm on the heart monitor alerted me, it was the end. Hunter's hand was on my abdomen when our child moved for the first time. He'd experienced it with me. They shut off the monitor.

"Time of death 11:27am." Dr. Mellaki called it.

Travis left the room. I was standing there, stroking his hair. "I love you. I will always love you. Goodnight Hunter, and rest well." I kissed him one final time on the lips. I turned, and walked out of the room. My mom, Charlie, Esme, and Carlisle walked out with me. I walked down the hall way, and saw Rose, talking to Sebastian.

The Cullen's stood waiting, and my faced showed it. My mom had stepped away phoning the house to let them know he'd passed. Charlie walked with my mom. They were left speechless.

Carlisle spoke softly, "Leah I'm so sorry. I don't understand."

I turned and looked at him, "Three days you said. She woke up." I looked at Bella, then back at him. "Three days. It's been three days Carlisle. He's dead." I spoke through gritted teeth.

Carlisle looked so devastated, "Leah something could have happened during the process. He's been on life support for several weeks. I"m so sorry."

I growled, "Sorry. You're god damn sorry. My husbands dead. My children don't have a father anymore. This is your fault." I charged at him, shoving him with all my force. He stumbled back a little.

Hands were on me pulling me back. Esme was in front of me.

"Sis calm down." Emmett's voice was there. It took him, and Jasper to hold me back.

Esme stood in front of me, she held my face, "Sweetheart stop please."

I felt the pain ripping me apart. My chest was throbbing. I cringed.

Esme quickly grabbed me, and held me tightly against her stone body. "Leah we don't know if it will always work. This wasn't a typical situation." She spoke softly. Emmett, and Jasper stayed close.

My siblings watched as the strong woman I was, completely shattered before them.

We left the hospital, and arrived to Hunter's family standing in my living room. I just looked at them, and then went upstairs. I dropped my bag on the floor, and left it there. I took Sebastian upstairs, and shut the door to my room. I looked around the room. Every wonderful memory I had of Hunter, unfolded in front of me. I turned on the iHome, and turned it up. Trading Yesterday's - Shattered played through out the room. I laid down with Sebastian, and cuddled him.

"Dada," Sebastian said smiling. I realized he was looking at our wedding photo.

"Yep that's dada. Now though dada's up there." I pointed up towards the ceiling. "He's in the sky. He's watching over us. He's now your daddy in heaven."

The day shifted into night. Carlisle had to return to the hospital for a shift. Sebastian was asleep. I crept down the stairs, and into the office. I looked around. "You should be here. There are papers that need to be graded. You have exam's to give. There are so many more people you need to teach."

I swallowed, and realized I was talking to an empty room. In the distance a train honked three times. That was it. He'd made it to where ever he was going to. Now I had to pick up the pieces, and hope they may fit together. I was now a widow, with two children. I didn't have the faith in myself. I sighed. Then a soft jingle came from the book case. A small silver bell sat there. I picked it up and examined it. Engraved was two simple words.

Believe Leah.

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