The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


61. Chapter 59 - A shred of hope

March 4th, 2014 6am. I am awake early, it is time to write some letters to my family, put them all in a big brown envelope and Fred can't touch until such time, Fred is out and will be back in an hour. So onto the first letter -


To Mum and Dad,

If you are reading this, one of three things has occurred, I am so sorry if it is the doing something stupid, as always I followed my heart, If it is because I finally passed away, please do not cry, I will always look in on you. If it due to vanishing, don't search for me, somehow I will return, in time.

Both of you took me under your wings, I was broken and lost, you found me. Also I am sorry I broke your hearts that one time, everything built up, I had no escape. Please look after everyone, the way you always have, a heart once thawed can never freeze again.

Lots of Love Ara xxxx


In five seconds I sealed it and began on the next.


Dear Leah, Hunter, Sebastian, Julian and other kids,If you ever get to read this, something has happened. I have no clue which of the three but in any case this is for you.

Hunter – Look after that precious soul, I love you more than I can say, thank you for always believing in me, I treasure all the memories I have here in my mind, once a year on January 6th, eat some birthday cake for me.

Leah – This is hardest of all,you gave me life when I felt so dead, despite where I go or where I am, you will always have a piece of my soul, do not forget to open up once in a while, the time has come to turn the page, live the next chapter of your life, I love you wolf girl, always.

Sebastian – Hi there my little man, I doubt you will remember me, but you are always my little man, I am sure mum and dad will tell you tales of me. I love you xxx

Julian – I do not know how old you will be when this letter gets opened, although I never met you, I feel you will always do everyone proud.

Lots of love to you all

Ara xxx


Sealed I put this in the brown envelope along with the other letter, just a few to go.


To Alice & Jasper,

Jasper, keep up the projecting, I am sure you will be amazing at it someday, thank you for the wisdom, wherever I am, think of me every now and again.

Alice, whatever happened to me, don't let it eat you, thankyou for being the best wedding co-ordinator ever, for being there when I needed a helping hand.

Lots of Love
Ara xxx


To Rosalie & Emmett,

Rose, thankyou for giving me confidence when I didn't have a shred, you brought out the best in me, thankyou.

Emmett, my partner in crime, hahaha, memories are a great thing, thankyou for being a shadow to me and listening to me when I moan, when you race think of me, I will be in the passenger seat.

Lots of Love
Ara xxx


To, Edward, Bella and Renesmee,

Edward, thanks for being the logical part of me, I follow my heart too much, which was probably why I got myself in whatever mess I am in. Also thanks for being discreet with my sometimes chaotic thoughts, love you.

Bella, thanks for shielding me when I was electric, wow what a buzz hahaha, if the storm came I hope I did good, and I hope you all have the happily ever after.

Renesmee, such a wise mind on young shoulders, you will go so far, reach for those stars, you will get there. Love you all

Lots of love Ara xxx



geez what can I say? You kept him off my back for all those centuries, I can never repay you, from the bottom of my heart, thankyou, you always looked out for me, look after Amelia for me, teach her well. I love you both


Lots of love
Ara xxx


One letter to go, a tear slides down my cheek but this needs to be done.


To, Fred, my love,

Hello from wherever I am, so hard to write this, listen to this song – My song knows what you did in the dark by Fall out boy, that's me saying don't give up, I love you so so much, you captured my heart and ran with it, never did I expect to fall in love, so glad I did, you are the other part of my soul, the lighter side, the caring side and I'm sorry, just in case we never had kids, I know you wanted them.

Don't fade into the background, let yourself be seen, capture the sun I am forever your star, oh and Travis if you are reading this over his shoulder, Hi. Love you my tower of strength, my will and testament is in my journal. Mwah,

Love always The Storm xxx


All are now sealed in the big brown envelope, just in time too, Fred is back. Standing up I put the envelope near the kettle, “Morning hun.” I hug him.

“What's in the envelope?” Fred asks as he kisses my neck.

“Never open it, unless one of three things happen, I pass away, I vanish or done something stupid.” I rest my head upon his chest.

He cups my face with his hands, I am now looking into his eyes, “Baby why?” he looks hurt, “I can't lose you ever.”

Tears are near, my voice is level but there is a sense of pain behind my words, “I have to face upto the fact that if I change there will come a time where I pass away, if I vanish I want you to know something and if I have done something stupid I want you to know I was following what was right.”

“What made you think of doing it?” Fred picks me up, holding me close to him.

“It was the right time, I feel better for doing it, my last will and testament is in my journal tucked between two pages.” I wrap my arms around his neck.

His lips press down on mine, passion and pain are present, putting me down his frame towers my own, Fred takes me by the hand and begins leading me upstairs, “Why are we-”

His finger presses gently against my lips, “Quiet sweetheart,” his voice is raw and husky, “something I have been waiting to do to you for along time.”

As we reach our bedroom he pins me against the wall, his hands cuff my wrists like chains, feverishly kissing me all over he presses himself against me.

The fire builds within me, tears run down, I press myself against him and kiss him, “Please, now,” I moan quietly, “I am yours.”

Scooping me up he opens the bedroom door, places me on the bed and goes to close the door. We are as one, entwined with each other.

Just gone 8am, Fred and I are staring into each other's eyes, “I will keep you safe honey,” He gently whispers in my ear, “I love you so much Ara.”

“I know you will, safely tucked away inside your heart,” sighing, “work soon.” Smiling.

He gives me his most innocent look, “Do you have to?”

“I am afraid I do but I'll be back this evening.” Sliding out of bed I go to the bathroom and run a bath.


Signing in at work, Jay the security guard is eyeing me up, “Hey Ara.” He smirks.

“I'm engaged or are you blind?” I know exactly what he's upto.

“What!” He exclaims, “When? Who?”

“A while ago and none of your business.” Glaring at him I walk into the lift.

Carlisle is there, “You okay sweetheart?”

Sighing, “I am engaged and guys still pull stuff like that.” I itch my forehead.

“You don't see your own beauty, both on the outside and on the inside, maybe you exude a vulnerability?” He kisses my forehead.

“Pah, I have survived so many battles and wars, I have finally settled and now they come out of the woodwork.” I half giggle.

Carlisle wraps an arm around me, “It is time you spread those wings and take down your walls.”

The lift pings, the doors open and we both step out.

“Maybe it is time to dismantle the wall I built around me.” Putting my bag under a table.

“Good, I have watched you transform over time, you have made huge steps, you're my child and

I am watching you grow,” smiling, “come to the house after your shift, we have something for you.” adding, “Ara I couldn't be more proud of you, each life you have touched changes, all because of you.”

I jog over and hug him tight, “You have all changed my life somehow,” looking at him, “sure, I will see you there, I love you dad.”

“I love you too hun.” He turns around and waits for the lift.

Locking the car I walk into the Cullen household, “Only me.” I call out.

Emmett stands at the top of the stairs, “Hey my partner in crime,” raising an eyebrow, “no snow with you today huh?” His laugh echoes.

“Afraid not,” I wink, “just me.” Sticking my tongue out.

Sitting down, Carlisle presents me with a box, “For you, from all of us.” He smiles, Esme joins him and they hold hands.

Carefully opening the box a beautiful necklace is staring back at me, there is a delicate looking sterling silver chain, hanging off the chain is a delicate looking leaf, each vein has been replaced by a name, all of them are here, I am lost for words, standing up I hug Esme, Carlisle and

Emmett, “I shall always wear this and keep it close to my heart.”

Esme hugs me, “I love you hun, always.” She smiles.

Carlisle wraps an arm around me, kisses my temple, “We thought you'd like it, I love you sweetheart.”

Emmett picks me up, “Love you my partner in crime.”

Laughing, “I love you all too.”

Carlisle helps me to put on the necklace.


The rain is pouring down like sheets, even though my wipers are on full, it doesn't make much difference. I am en route to Port Angeles to see Alice. Keeping my eyes on the road I pick up a CD by 30 seconds to Mars, the first song to play is Hurricane, pressing repeat I am settled ready for the slow journey to Port Angeles.

I thought of Carlisle as my father, rest assured I can count on him and he would keep me safe.

Esme was like my mother, gentle, thoughtful and so much to give.

Edward, Hunter, Emmett and Jasper were my brothers, Edward was the silent but deadly type, he would murder anyone who upset you then tell you the problem has been dealt with. Jasper is the one who looks out for me, any tactical talks I would always turn to him. Emmett, what can I say? He is the brother that is your partner in crime, willingly leading you into mischief, he is the comedian but if trouble comes knocking at the door, he opens it and punches it. Hunter is the one who will listen and is not afraid to step into the dark with you, he will happily pull you out.

Bella, Rosalie, Alice and Leah are my soul sisters. Bella is quiet and thoughtful, Rosalie is the one who will give you a kick of confidence when you lack it. Alice, always willing to take over the hardest of jobs, so jolly and happy, I couldn't ask for more. Leah, she holds my soul in her heart, self sacrificing, warm, funny and willing to walk into the fire with you, just to make sure you're alright.

Renesmee and Sebastian. Niece and nephew, Renesmee is so wise, it is unbelievable, always happy and excited over something, beautiful and magical. Sebastian is cute, funny and completely at ease, such a cool young man, he is my little man, no matter how old he gets.

I see Hunter's car pass me on the other side of the road, something within me tells me to turn around and make sure he gets home safe, especially in this weather, pulling a quick 'J' turn I am now on Hunter's tail, well I am 150m behind.

Hunter's car spins wildly out of control for some reason, the car spins three times before heading into a tree with a sickening THUD!

“What the?” I exclaim.

I slam on my brakes, the dodge begins to slide sideways doing 50mph on soaking ground, it comes to a halt inches from the ditch. Ringing 911 I explain the situation, tell them who I am, where the accident has happened and which hospital is closer. Time I sense is limited for Hunter, punching in my father's number.

“Hello.” His soft voice answers.

My voice is full of pain, “Get to Port Angeles memorial hospital as soon as possible,” my voice shakes, raindrops drip from me, “damn it dad, this is all my fault.” I chuck my mobile on the ground, I watch it shatter.

I now know what I must do, placing one hand on his unbeating heart, “You need this more than I, you have your life to fulfill with Leah and Sebastian.”

A second later I find myself in the darkness, evil lurks everywhere. Hunter isn't here and this frightens me. Going further into the realms of darkness, further than I have ever been, “Hunter.” I call out, my voice echoes eerily.

No answer, my physical body starts shaking, creeping forward, I tell myself, “Fight it Ara, fight it.”

Turning off to my right there is a small shard of light, I spy Hunter, a second later I spy Leah's father who is standing beside him.

Walking forward, Hunter's eyes show fear, Harry looks calm.

“Hunter,” I smile, he nods, looking at Harry, “Hello stranger.”

Harry speaks, “I have been waiting for you to come for him, it is not his time,” looking at Hunter then back at me, “you are their guardian, there is little time, save him, Leah needs him.” Harry smiles and hands Hunter to me.

Taking Hunter with one hand I shake Harry's hand with the other, “Thank you.” I whisper.

I look at Hunter with pain in my eyes, “do not let go.” I tell him.

I am fighting the overwhelming darkness, it wants me, to eat me alive and erase me from life,

“Not if I can help it.” With that I push harder.

Hunter looks at me as if he knows I am fighting to keep us both from falling into death and darkness. My power seeps from me and into Hunter via his hand.

I find myself back in the living world, I can hear the sirens, staring at Hunter he has no heartbeat,

“No,” I yell, “not after all that.”

I begin chest compressions with what remained of the physical strength I have left. More power seeps from me into Hunter, “Fight Hunter,” I whisper, “they need you, we all need you,” his heart kicks into life, “keep fighting Hunter, please.”

My body starts writhing in agony, my head hurts, “I'm sorry.” I manage to croak out. I feel my head hit the concrete, my body is still in spasm from the agony, my last thought is that Hunter has to live, my last view is of Hunter, lying on the ground, his heart beating slowly.

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