The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


60. Chapter 58 - Soul mates. When two souls, are perfect mates.

Jogging back home from a quick two mile walk, Leah is there waiting for me, "Are you stalking me?" I wink, putting the key in the door we head inside.

"No I'm too slow to stalk." I smile.

"Fancy a hot chocolate? Coffee?" As I fling my coat on the sofa.

"Sounds good." I rubbed my back, the dull ache still there.

"Okay then," switching kettle on, "your back aching?"

I nodded, "Since last night. I've tried pain relief, heat pad, hot bath, and shower. Hunter tried but it just made it more uncomfortable."

"Want me to try and massage it?" Mixing the hot chocolate.

I shrugged, "Up to you. I can't do this for these months ahead."

"I can try," patting Leah on the shoulder, "you have to, part of it I'm sorry to say." I put the hot chocolates down, get Leah to relax and I begin working on her back.

I tried to stifle tears. The feeling of excitement wasn't there, and this was concerning.

I pull Leah into my arms, "Hey now, maybe tell Dr Martin next time you see him? Or me, definitely tell Hunter." I begin rocking her gently back and forth.

I spoke softly, "Hunter knows. Pre-partum is what the signs all point to. Not uncommon, but not good either." I hug my best friend.

"We are all here to help you through this." Kissing her forehead, my sister hurts and there isn't much I can do.

"Hunter said we'll be okay. He's not upset, things like this occur in life. It's why Lucas started the Paxil before. I'm always with Sebastian. I feel like I'm not being a good enough mom. I'm making it up to him, however I can." I'm sniffling.

"Hunter is right, you'll see it through," shocked, "Leah in my time I've seen worse parents than you, you're doing things, in time Sebastian will thank you for it, you love him loads, I know." Smiling and giving her another hug.

"The guilt is the worst. Ara I'm scared. At least last time I was excited." I've made a huge confession.

"Guilt haunts us all, we can't always do the best for loved ones," sighing, "take it a small step at a time."

I look at her, "Hunter has been supportive, I feel like I'm punishing him. They said this isn't uncommon." I sigh.

"You are punishing yourself by feeling like you are, but it's all part and parcel." I look directly at her.

I looked at her. Beautiful honey colored eyes looked back at me. Ara was so much more then anyone ever knew. "We have another appointment approaching soon."

"Want me to be your shadow?" I wink. When I look at Leah I see so much more than just a person, she was wonderful, if I could tell the whole world would know.

I nodded. "Dr. Martin is watching very closely with this pregnancy. Hunter is going to try and make it. He's helping kids after school."

I start laughing, "Now he sounds like a martyr."

I spoke softly, "He's always done it. Just trickier scheduling,"

Smiling, "Since I'm one of three birth coaches, want me to be life coach too?" Winking and sticking my tongue out.

I looked at her with a straight face. "Yes."

"I can only guide you, ultimately the decision will be yours." Taking a sip of hot chocolate.

I nodded, and sipped the coco. "I don't understand this. I'm always happy, and easy going."!

"Things change, events change us," itching, "we just have to go with it.

I hate to mention him. "Could this be some trauma from he who shall not be named."

Looking at her again, "It could be suppressed trauma because of," growling, "him."

I look at her, "If this comes down to a c-section. Would you be in the room helping, or waiting?" I smile, "Getting my plan in order."

"Glad to help, as always." I smile back. "I was booted out last time, not to mention you said you weren't a fish." Bursting out laughing.

I looked at her, "I allowed you back in. For the record, I'm not a fish."

"That was still funny." I try keeping a straight face.

"The idea of being a fish came to my mind.

"I couldn't help but giggle. It is very different when someone I love is going through the moves." It was true, it's hard.

My tone changed, "Dr.Martin is concerned about labor again."

"Cross that bridge when we get closer." It gets my mind ticking over.

I nodded, "So Sam was heard gloating about you."

"Damn well knew it, he," growling, "lied, there was supposed to be a truce but I will not be drawn into his game." Rage rage and more rage, I felt hurt.

"Whoa calm down. It's good. He said you're a great person, and are great at keeping us safe."

Okay so I over reacted, "Thought he'd turned into his usual self," rubbing my head, "my temper will be my downfall some day."

I laughed, "Ara trust me, nobody has seen my full temper."

Giggling, "I hope I won't see it but there again that wasn't me at full volcano either." I wink.

I smiled, "With the way I punched Sam, maybe a quarter of my temper."

"Whoa, hate to see you at full tilt then." Stretching.

I smiled, "I've never completely lost it. I hope I never do. It could be damaging. That's not a joke."

I remember something she told me ages ago. I nod in agreement. I remember the night Kimi tortured us both, I remember seeing Leah's father drop and Leah changing, I bite my lip and nod in agreement.

I rubbed my stomach, leaning over slightly

Quickly I grab a bucket, ",Easy." Rubbing her back.

"It creeps up." I focus my breathing

"Something for me to look forward to at some point." I go to get her a glass of water.

"Oh god." I feel a sharp cramp.

"Anything i can do?" I feel helpless.

"Your hand." I'm hunched over.

I give her my hand, quickly.

"Dr. Martin said cramps are normal. That was really hard. Can we sit down?" I'm rocking gently.

I pick her up and put her gently on my bed, "The most comfy place." I smile.

I laid on my side. "It's eased up. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, it's a natural human thing," I run my fingers gently through her hair, "never be sorry for something you cannot help."

"They can be stronger sometimes. I forget that." I smile looking at her, "No more kids for a while after this."

"Keep it on a tight leash." I wink.

I blushed.

"I blame Emmett." I chuckle.

"As would anyone." I stroked my stomach gently.

"True," I put my hand over her stomach, "hi Julian, calm down."

"Thank you. After each exam, I'm so tense. This doesn't surprise me." I exhaled, "So are we safe?"

"Anytime," i itch, "safe from wolf gene? Or something else?"

I whisper, "Something else."

"I'd be lying if I said yes," grunting, "I know his plan now, well part of it."

"I can't lose you." I closed my eyes.

"I'm only part of it, I am more worried about you all, if my life stops him, it will be worth it." I feel heartbroken.

She's only part of it. Those few words make my heart thud louder. I realized, he still wants me. He was going to come for me.

"You play a small part," looking at her, "he told me if I give up willingly he would leave you all alone," tears are close, "I seriously considered it , it is better my life goes and I take him with me." I hug Leah and cry.

I hugged her back. I couldn't lose her. I was afraid now.

"I couldn't do it " sobbing, "I fought I kept fighting, if the chance arises I will escort him to hell myself, that doesn't frighten me," wiping Leah's tears, "loosing any of you would finish me."

"The same for me with you." I'm just tired now. It's killing me.

"I have lived, far beyond my time " looking at Leah, "I know you are tired."

I couldn't lose anyone. I felt sleepy, and looked at her.

I begin yawning, "Let's see if we can nap, you stay there and I'll sleep on the opposite side, the bed is huge."

I smiled, "ok

I watch her as she slowly drifts, "Sleep easy Leah, I love you." Turning over I lay on my side.

I was dreaming, and rapidly. Vladimir would appear, and disappear. I needed him gone.

My light sleep produced nothing, I wasn't sleeping deep enough.

I felt weird. "You can't carry it. What a shame. You weren't meant to be a mother,"

Soft whimpering was coming from Leah, sitting up I stroke her cheek.

He smirked in my dream. There was bloody, every where.

I continue watching, for some reason I feel sick, looking down to the floor, blood was everywhere, jumping back I don't have a clue if it is real or not. Putting my foot down, it is real, I clamber to the bathroom, the blood is coming from me, but how?

I stir realizing, it's a miscarriage. I'm panicking.

The bleeding has slowed down but hasn't ceased, I feel dizzy and sick, how the world spins. The cramps are painful too.

Fred came home, "Baby?"

With my head over the toilet, I somehow throw up blood, I growl so loud the ground shakes, I hope Leah is ok?

Fred ran upstairs, "What's going on?"

I laugh faintly, "In here, I think." There is such a mess.

"In the bathroom." I croak, my throat feels raw.

Fred walked in raising an eyebrow.

"Don't step in it for crying out loud." I semi-hiss.

Fred looked around, "Uh step in what?"

"Step in what? Can't you see it? Smell it?" I wrinkle my nose, the smell of iron thick in the air.

Fred raised an eyebrow, "Ara what are you talking about?"

"So you are telling me, you can't see I am blood soaked? Not to mention the bathroom floor and the bedroom floor?" Sniffing the iron once again permeates the air.

Fred pulled out his phone, taking several pictures. "See for yourself." He handed the phone to Ara.

Looking at the photo's on his phone, it shows nothing, yet when I look at myself I am blood soaked, I hand him the phone back, confused, "I'm covered in the stuff, but the pictures show nothing."

Fred nodded. "Leah's here?" His face went into shock, The baby."

Scrambling up I zip into the room, Fred is behind me.

Fred looked at Ara, "What's going on?" I stirred, and touched my stomach. I could hear Vladimir laughing.

I could hear his laugh, "Stay with her." I orfer Fred and run outside, he has to be close, taking a cut across the grass I vanish into the woods.

I came around slowly. "Fred? Oh god she's willing to sacrifice her life. That way he's guaranteed to be destroyed." Fred shook his head, "Oh God. She can't."

I can't see him anywhere, looking down at myself, there is no sign of blood anywhere on me, I stand there looking around feeling confused.

I felt like my stomach had been beaten. Fred looked at me. "She's outside."

"Why was I covered in blood?" Again I look down, nothing. Slowly I wander to the front door and sit on the porch.

Fred called out, "Baby come here please."

Why do I get the ominous feeling when he calls me like that, I'm in the dog house? Grunting I walk inside, "I'm downstairs. Is Leah ok?"

Fred called back, "Please come here." He touched my stomach, and I winced. "Now!" His voice was concerned.

Bounding up the stairs I am in the bedroom, looking at Leah, "Let me see." I place my hand above her stomach, my hand shakes, I feel like I am fighting Vladimir, again. Placing my hand lower I fight harder.

Fred spoke softly, "She winced."

I speak through my teeth, "He did this, him, he will pay the price," I let my hand go, "Leah you must have had a dream, he was involved, I could feel him."

I swallow, "Miscarriage."

"I can assure you there is no miscarriage," I feel angry, "excuse me a moment, be right back." Running down and outside I growl, followed by a pain near my lower back, ignoring it I walk inside and put the kettle on, "Leah, do you want a drink?"

Fred headed downstairs, "baby coco for her." He kissed Ara's cheek, "Easy."

"Coming right up," I grab a clean cup, "easy? I want him gone, seems like there maybe only one way." I go to the fridge and grab the milk.

Fred dropped his voice, "I'm telling you to take it easy. She's a bit pale, and you're on the verge of hysterical, and with good reason. I haven't smelt anything out there what so ever.

I whisper, "Fine sir, I will take it easy," dropping my voice even more, "I told her, I shouldn't have but I couldn't lie," sighing, "hysterical, yep, sounds about right, as for smelling, it isn't only about that, you sense him."

Fred shook his head, "I think it was a dream. You two are," Fred looked for the word. "It's like you've imprinted on her."

"How can that happen? I know there was a strong connection in Italy," stirring in the hot chocolate, "this is confusing, so confusing."

Fred smiled, "It's why I was drawn to her. You're closer then that."

"How odd," I giggle, "I'm a magnet," I re-think the last word to come out of my mouth, "magnet, opposites attract but it still doesn't make sense."

I quietly got up. I felt like I was invading on their space. "So sacrifice your life for him? Making sure he gets to hell?"

"If that is what is required of me," I confess something, "I'd rather not, because I'm finally enjoying my life and everyone in it."

I came down, "Then don't. I can trick him, then kill him,"

"He would know exactly what you're upto," looking at her, "he has been on my tail 600yrs, the time will come and he will go, I will stay right here." Getting hold of Leah gently, "having what it takes is one thing, I've been on every major battle line since 1475, you alone cannot do it."

Fred smiled, "Leah you can't sacrifice yourself. Neither of you can. He'll screw up, and then he'll be done."

"Aro let us all down," looking at Fred, "if anything I would have Felix have him."

Fred nodded, "I have confidence, we'll live in peace."

"When Vladimir sods off, yes until then we stick together, all of us." I look at them both.

Fred grinned.

















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