The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


57. Chapter 55 - It's for business. I'll be back soon.

"Leah how are you feeling?" Dr. Martin asked, touching my stomach.

"Not good at the moment." Hunter held my hand.

"Alright. We'll get some blood work, and another ultrasound. Then we'll do a follow up in two weeks."

I feel miserable, but I'm pushing through. "Ultrasound is waiting for you. See you in two weeks." I nodded, and left.


Cozied up on the sofa with Fred, "How are you sweetheart?" He asks softly.

"A little tired but good, Amelia will be coming on the 15th for two days, Stefan has a few things to sort out."

Kissing her lips, "And you say you're not cut out to be a parent."

"This is different, I can hand them back." Smiling.

"Look at how you handle Sebastian, you love him as if he were yours." he smiled. 

Propping myself up, "Because that is how I feel, it's how everyone feels about him," I hear the postman putting mail in the box, "be a darling and go grab the post."

Fred gently got up, "Be right back."

He brought in the mail and hands a letter over, "For you." He smiles.

"Thank you hun," I sit up and open the handwritten envelope, pulling out the letter I open it up, it reads like this - "Dear Ara, I request your presence in Volterra, I would love to finally meet you, I am sending Felix along to escort you, to make sure you are safe, expect him on the 8th of Feb in the afternoon, I hope you liked my gift? Regards Aro," I knew it would happen at some point, "looks like I'm away as of tomorrow." I stare at Fred.

He stares at me, "What is it baby?"

"You remember Aro and his siblings?" I stand up.

"I've heard of them, the Volturi right?" Fred answers.

He looks uneasy, "That's the one, Aro has requested I go meet him, one of the guards, Felix will be here to escort me to Volterra tomorrow afternoon."

Pain is written on Fred's face, he takes my face in his hands, "Why?"

"I knew this was going to happen at some point, don't be scared hun, I'll be back most likely the 13th, just in time for Valentines day." I smile.

His lips press down on mine, "Don't let them hurt you." He mumbles.

"I have done nothing wrong, they can't hurt me," pulling back, "best text Dad and Leah, let them know," pulling out my mobile, "Hey, I am going away tomorrow, Aro has requested to meet me, Felix will be escorting me, see you when I return, Ara xxx"

Once we finished the ultrasound, and blood work we left, "You're quiet. You ok?"

I nodded, "Nauseated." Then tears started.

"Baby don't cry." He rubbed my back. "You going to be ok at work. I know it's a short shift." I nodded, "Go you're late as it is." He smiled, kissing me, and my stomach.

"I love you." I smiled,

"I love you too." He got in the car, and left.

I decided to call on my father, I felt like I had to see him before I go tomorrow, "Hello, anyone home?" I call ascending the stairs.

Carlisle, "Yep. Everything ok? We're getting ready for a hunt."

"Yes, just wanted to see you before I leave tomorrow." Smiling.

Carlisle smiled, "Alice told me. You're safe."

"I know, bit nerve wracking," I hug him, "anyway I will let you all get on," pulling back, "see you all when I return."

Carlisle smiled, "Aro is safe. Trust me I know that." He hugged Ara, and so did Esme.

"We love you." Esme smiled.

"And I love you all too." Quickly I hug my mum and go, it was time to see Leah before I leave, putting the car in reverse I head for the hospital.

I'm working, when it started. I was setting up for an IV. "Alright I'm going to have another nurse come in ok." I smiled stepping out of the room.

"Bummer Dr. Storm only works with the dead." Matthew said.

Jason spoke up, "If she worked with the living she'd be causing heart attacks. The hospital would have more lawsuits then patients."

I heard them, and ignored it.

"Maybe someone will die today, and she'll come to get the body." The guys laughed.

"Seriously? What are you guys five? I'm going to have security make you new badges. Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dumb."

They looked at me shocked. "Nurse Ratchet's in a bad mood."

Getting into the hospital I head to where I hope Leah will be. Turning the corner she looks annoyed,Ii see Matthew and Jason, ignoring them for now I walk over to Leah, "Hey you." I smile.

Matthew remarked, "That's nurse ratchet."

Turning round I'm furious, going for him I pin him straight against the wall, "How dare you," I snarl, "her name is Leah Emerson, she's got more balls than you will ever have, say one more thing and I will personally chuck you out of the main doors." Shoving him I walk calmly back to Leah, "Hi." I wink.

"Hi. They're going to be written up with Dr. Hendrick." I sit down

"What did they say to offend you?." Rubbing her back.

"It's a bummer you only work with the dead. That if you worked with the living you'd be causing heart attacks. That we'd have more lawsuits then patients." I was angry.

The two of them sat down going over their charts.

"Ok," I whisper, "page Hendricks, I'm going to deal with them now," I march over, time to let the world know how immature they are acting, "you two, stand up NOW! You have thirty seconds to tell me why you act like a pair of idiots, this is a serious place, if you can't keep your mouths shut then I suggest you leave medicine altogether." I stand with my hands behind my back.

Mathew spoke up, "We were just joking about you. No offense met. Leah was really fun before, she wasn't so strict."

Jason looked down, remorseful, "She lost it with the heart attack joke.

This time I really blew up, grabbing them both I drag them into a spare room and slam the door, "Trust me I am not offended, you should think before you speak," rage boils but I keep calm, "her father died of heart complications, now do you see why she got so angry?"

They book  looked horrified. "It was meant to be funny. We've heard her call Carlisle sorry Dr. Cullen dad. Then the cop guy also."

"It is none of your business who calls who what," pointing, "out both of you, sit down until Dr Hendricks arrives, if you move I will promise to physically chuck you out of the hospital via the main doors." Both stand up and walk out slowly I follow on behind.

Jason stopped, "Mrs. Emerson I'm so sorry on your loss."

I looked up, "I'd had an argument with my parents. My dad walked outside, dropped to the ground. I couldn't do a damn thing to help him. I know it wasn't my daily. The guilt is there still. When I'm a bitch, I expect the best,"

I watch Jason apologize before pointing at the seats. Walking back towards Leah, "I'm glad Jason said sorry. I thought I'd come and see you before I leave tomorrow."

"What?" I look at her shocked. "Why?"

"Didn't you receive my message?" I look puzzled.

"Hunters getting me a new phone. Sebastian destroyed mine." I smiled.

I smile, "So the fun begins," chuckling, "I," whispering, "I can't tell you here in the open, come in to the spare room."

I stood up, and followed her.

Closing the door gently, "I have been sent for by Aro, he wants to meet me, Felix is coming to escort me to Volterra tomorrow." I smile as confidently as possible.

My heart lurches out of my chest. I'm not sure if my color drained, but I'm horrified,

"Leah, are you ok?" I rush over to her and give her a hug, "please don't worry, I will be back on the 13th."

"You need to come back." I look at her.

I smirk, "Obviously I'm coming back, this is heaven, no-one can take it away from me." I kiss her forehead.

I feel myself starting to tear up. "I'm not Nurse Ratchet." 

I hug her tighter, "Of course you're not, you want the best, there is not a cell in your body that is corrupt by greed or power, listen to your heart, not other people's opinions."


"I need to sit down." I rubbed my stomach gently.


"Then sit, take it easy." I escort her to the seat.


I pull out the ultrasound picture and hand it to her. "Eight weeks."


I study the photo and grin, "Such a cutie already."


I smiled. "Sebastian is starting to sit on his own now."


"Awe, making such amazing progress," smiling, "want me to come over to yours later? Or shall I see you on my return?"


"Come please. Hunter would love to see you. Plus your nephew misses you." I smiled.


"Of course, what time?" Hugging her again.


I smiled, "Whenever you would like." My pager goes off, and it's Dr. Hendrick.


"I will go home shortly and pack a few things and then head to yours," looking, "is that Hendricks?"


I nod. "I'm too tired for this shit." I'm never vulgar. It's not who I am.


"I will stay until Hendricks is finished, then you take a break." I smile.

I walked out, and there stood Dr. Hendricks, Jason, and Matthew. "So I've spoke with Dr. Custozi," she motioned towards Matthew, "and Dr. Cigol." She motioned to Jason. "I've informed them who Nurse Ratchet is. They're yours until you either go on maternity leave, or you dismiss them. Same for you Dr. Storm." They smiled, along with Dr. Hendricks

"I will take them into my department Dr Hendricks," looking at them both, "I may work with the dead, but no-where else will you find a more lively place" I wink, "Dr Hendricks, is it true Dr. McCoy head of my department is leaving in November?"

Dr. Hendricks nodded, "Yes. I've suggested you for the position."

I feel my eyes pop out on stalks, "Seriously? I was only going to ask if you knew who wold be taking over." I don't know if to laugh or cry.

Dr. Hendricks smiled, "You deserve it. I'm proud to have you on our team. Mrs. Emerson is now the head nurse here in the ER. So it's very exciting."

I smiled.

Jason spoke, "We're extremely sorry about our behavior. We just like to joke around."

I smiled, "I don't joke about heart attacks at all. Kids, and pregnant ladies are off the joke list as well."

They both nodded, in an understanding.

"Thank you Dr Hendricks, it will be an honor to serve this hospital and the team." I watch the juniors squirm, quite satisfying, but I am glad they finally understand, "If you are going to joke around, make sure you are out of hearing range, or even better, do the jokes on the way in or out, not whilst you are here."

They nodded.

"So Dr. Storm is off for the next four days. I expect you to help Leah." Dr. Hendricks spoke. 

They nodded again. The ice was thin, and they weren't light weight guys. 

"I expect good reports from Nurse Emerson, if not there are some nasty jobs that I can make you do." I wink at Dr Hendricks and Leah.

Dr. Hendricks smiled. I stood up quickly, and ran for the bathroom. "The two of you, I need ginger ale, and crackers for Leah now." The boys took off.

"Maybe I set her off, do you think I should take her home Dr Hendricks?" I watch the boys fly down the hall.

Dr. Hendricks spoke, "That's her third time today."

"It is not a good day for her," sighing, "I will stay with her until her shift ends, then escort her home," smiling, "anything you would like from Italy?" Winking.

Dr. Hendricks smiled, "Olive oil, and a bottle of wine." She nodded, "She was only doing a four hour shift. Make sure she actually rests. I know her. Always going."

I washed my mouth out, and fixed my scrubs.

"Olive oil and a bottle of Italy's finest," She smiles.

 Nodding, "Of course, see you when I return." I knock on the bathroom door, "you ok in there?"

"Come in." I washed my face.

"Today just isn't your day hun," looking at her, "Dr Hendricks says to take a rest, I will stay with you and come with you to your home, then when it is time for me to go I will come back here to pick my car up." Smiling.

I nodded, "When they took blood earlier, that's when it first started. I just got here, and hit."

"You could be low on Iron," taking her hand, "come on, time to rest for a bit, I can look after the place for you."

I stood up, pulling my fleece jacket around me. "I've made it to eight weeks without really any issues."

"Any issue can arise at anytime but the first three months are usually the worst." I help her out and into the spare room.

I look at Ara, "Hunter's such a trooper. He made me lasagna in the middle of the night because I had a crazy craving for it."

Smiling, "He's so sweet," sighing a happy sigh, "I'm glad you found one another. Looks like it but on the bright side, I'm driving you home." I grin.


I smiled, and grabbed my bag. Matthew, and Jason handed me a bottle of ginger ale, and saltines.

"Feel better Leah." Jason spoke.

Matthew nodded.

Dr. Hendrick looked at Ara, "Watch her please for the rest of the day."

I look over my shoulder at Dr. Hendrick, "Of course I will, expect Italy's finest on my return." I wink and quickly hug Dr. Hendrick before linking arms with Leah, I nod to Matthew and Jason.

We walked out together. "I want to change into some sweats, and a sweater when we get back."

"For me Leah, you could run around naked shouting I'm free." Bursting out laughing.

I laughed, "Nah only Hunter get's those shows." I wink. "Would you like to look at my photo album when we get home?"

"He gets all the best," winking, "yeah, that'd be awesome." Smiling bright.

I laughed, "Listen everyone saw God's green earth when Sebastian was born." I'm laughing so hard, I'm wheezing. Ara looks as though she's about to fall over.

"God wouldn't mind, not sure about Hunter though." Leah is laughing so hard and I'm almost on my knees in fits of laughter.

Samantha is heading in for her shift, when she spots us. "Listen where ever you got those drugs from, let me have some."

"Hey Samantha, no drugs, unless you class a dirty mind as drugs?" Now I'm in stitches.

Samantha smirked, "Oh God. Leah and the green earth remark again?"

I nod snickering.

"Hey it's funny, if anyone ever sees god's green earth on me, they better be talking green icing." I fan myself to try to calm down.

Samantha burst out laughing. "Leah and her rolling green pastures."

I can't breath anymore. I'm in stitches.

"Don't forget the cows, oh aye rolling green pastures alright." I prop myself against something, the fits of laughter are hitting me hard and fast.

Samantha shook her head, "I now have to help women give birth. You two behave." She smiled, and left us.

"I doubt that, have a good time rolling in pastures green." I clamp my hand over my mouth trying to stop the giggles.

I stood up, and fixed my bag. "We need to go now. They'll have us locked in psych soon."

"So long as it's padded has a radio and I'm with you, it's all good." We make our way to Leah's car.

I hand her the keys, and climb in slowly.

"Easy cowgirl," I climb in in and wait until she's ready.

I got situated, and put on my seatbelt. 

"And away we go." Once out of the carpark I get up to 50mph, no faster, I have to be careful.

I closed my eyes, and rested as she drove. Soon two car seats would be in the backseat

I look at Leah as she rests, smiling I place my eyes back on the road.

We're home, and I've changed, and laid down in the sunroom. Hunter decided a small television out here would be good. I'm watching Romeo & Juliet. I've always hated the language. A love story, with such tongue tying ways, never intrigued me. The book, thank god for spark notes in high school

I left Leah to relax a bit, I join Hunter in the room with Sebastian, "Hi little man," tickling his chin, "how are you?" I look at Hunter.

He smiled, "Good. Glad we had a half day today. Sebastian had fun with Leslie."

"Awe, that's good to hear," whispering, "Leah may get upset later."

Hunter looked at her, letting Sebastian down to play. "Why?"

"Tomorrow I am going away, Fred is I think in a mood, doubt I will see him until my return from," whispering again, "Volterra."

Hunter shook his head. "Fred's planning the wedding with Alice you know? The other subject, Volterra?"

"Ah yes I forgot, either that or I wasn't listening," winking, "Aro wants to meet me personally, he is sending Felix to escort me tomorrow afternoon." I rub his arm, trying to reassure him.

"Ara I trust your judgement. Since the battle, I've spent many nights talking to Carlisle."

"Sometimes I don't trust my judgement but I've also been on the front line in many battles and wars," curious, "what did you talk about? If you don't mind me asking." I smile at Sebastian.

Sebastian giggled. "He told me about his whole life. When he lived with them. How they acquired the guard."

"I don't know much about them, only guard I really got to know was Felix." I pick Sebastian up and nuzzle him.

Hunter smiled, "They're precise. Reserved." Sebastian curled up with Ara.

"I am tactical, instinctive and soft." I giggle.

Hunter chuckled. "So why is she home early?"

"She's been sick three times, Dr Hendrick told her to rest." Playing with Sebastian's hair.

Hunter nodded, "At the appointment, she seemed to not be her chipper self."

"Anxiety perhaps." My mind drifts a bit.

Hunter shook his head, "She looked ill."

"Stress, worry, sometimes I don't know but when Carlisle returns you could ask him." I smile, "I worry too."

Hunter smiled, "Nausea Ara."

Sighing, "I should have known " smiling down at Sebastian, "so nice to hold him again."

Hunter smirked, "hold away." He smiled softly, "she's worried about the extreme sickness again

Standing up, "That won't happen this time, the gene isn't present, should be a normal pregnancy." I start whispering to Sebastian, "When life's cares have you worn down, you feel so alone, look up at the stars tonight, they shine so bright, hold onto that ray of light, the one shard of hope in your soul." I kiss him softly as I begin slowly dancing round the room.

Hunter smiled, and came in to check on me. I was snuggled up under a blanket, he stroked my hair softly, "I'm the luckiest man alive,"

I sway Sebastian softly, "I love you little man." I kiss his forehead.

He smiled, and closed his eyes.

We step out back, I have wrapped Sebastian up so he doesn't feel the cold, "So this is heaven, you, Leah Hunter, all of you make up heaven, I'm so glad to be part of this."

I stirred a little, and Hunter watched quietly. "Julian, be easy on your mom."

Looking at my watch, I have another hour before I leave to get my car, walking inside I put Sebastian down and head into the sunroom.

Hunter looked up, "He loves you."

Smirking, "I should hope so too," winking, "I love you all too."

Hunter smiled, holding my hand.











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