The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


56. Chapter 54 - Looks like it, we can finally breathe.

"Leah I'm fine. Please relax. It's back in place." Travis smiled. I shook my head, as Sebastian sat on my hip. 

“Travis I’m so sorry he hit you. I wasn’t expecting that. He’s only been verbal before. Threats that’s what he used. Never physical.” I swayed slowly with Sebastian. 

"So you bit him?" Hunter asked, standing beside me rubbing my back. 

Travis nodded, "Hey it was worth it." Travis patted my shoulder. “Listen you stayed calm, that was the smartest thing to do.” 

Deep in my gut, I was terrified. I couldn’t do anything. I feared him knowing I was pregnant with our second child. God only know’s what he might have done. 

Carlisle told me Travis had been injured, saving Leah and that Stefan had arrived just in time, despite the aches and pains I have taken a week off work to look after him, it will keep me occupied. Knocking on Leah's door I wait for an answer.

Hunter walked over, and opened the door. "My dear, you have  a key. Let yourself in." Hunter hugged Ara. "How's the flu?"

"With the tension, I'd rather knock," I hug Hunter, "apparently it was the norovirus, feeling achy but not bad, how are you?" I step in.

Hunter nodded, "Slept like a baby. My wife not telling me what happened exactly, not so good. She didn't want to wake me. Said I looked so peaceful sleeping." He chuckled. "I had Noro in college. I was in class when it hit. Freshmen year. The custodial department to this day hates me.”

"I'm glad you got some sleep, I know but she likes you," winking, "first virus I've had since 1427."

Hunter smiled, "Travis had his shoulder dislocated, Leah popped it back in. He's doing fine. Leah is a little here, a little there. If you know what I mean."

"Just doing his job," I smile, "she might be that way for a few days, can I see Travis? I have to thank him."

Travis walked out with Sebastian, "You're wife is pissed, at me. Sheesh can't win with her today." Hunter smirked, "Leah is high strung right now."

"What do you expect? A band marching past with presents and balloons?" I begin laughing, "sorry, just came to see how the hero was and to thank you."

Travis smiled, hugging Sebastian. "It's what we do, protect the ones we love. I'm good." Hunter patted Travis's shoulder.

"Very true but thought I'd come thank you personally," itchy thigh, "glad you're doing ok."

Travis smiled, "And how are you? I heard you were sick." He glanced at her thigh, "Vladimir do that?"

"Tired, achy but good," looking down then up at Travis again, "yes, it's his family crest, forever burnt into my skin." I show no emotion.

Travis spoke softly, "Sorry." A knock at the door  alerted them someone else had come.

Looking towards the door, "Could be Fred? Or Carlisle or Stefan."

Hunter looked, "Nope, Sam, and Emily."

I stifle back, "Do I need to be here?"

Hunter looked at Ara, "Easy there. Calm before the storm." He winked. I walked through, opening the door, "Come in."

Emily hugged me, "Hi there."

Sam walked in behind her, and nodded. I shut the door.

"Sam, Travis. Travis, this is the horses ass Sam."

Sam smield, "Hello." Travis shook Sam's hand. Sebastian smiled at Ara, and babbled reaching for her.

"I know, he called a truce with me," I reach for Sebastian, "come on then little man." Sticking my tongue out at him.

Sebastian patted Ara's face and giggled. Sam looked at Ara, "Need to talk to you actually. It can wait." He smiled.

I gently nuzzle Sebastian, looking at Sam, "Name the time name the place." I smile faintly.

Sam smiled, "Well now is fine." Emily smiled, "Ara you have such beautiful hair."

I carefully hand Sebastian to Travis, he whines a little, "Aw, I won't be long little man," pointing out back, "there ok?" Looking at Emily, "thank you, you have such lovely soft skin."

Emily smiled, touching her scar, "Thank you." Sam looked at Sebastian, "Hey buddy I'm sorry to steal her." Travis held him, "It's ok." Sam spoke, "There was a Nomad again. A new one."

I smile at Emily, such a kind face, I let out a little chuckle, "we best discuss this outside." Wandering through the kitchen and out back.

I curled up in the sun room, watching the winter season outside.

"So it's young. Looking at it, maybe 20."

"Did the nomad have a human ish smell?" I stifle back a growl.

Sam shook his head, "Fading. They're new."

"Vladimir must be doing something, probably sent it out for a test, that's what he does with all the gifted ones." Cracking knuckles.

Sam gently touched Ara's shoulder. "Ara you don't understand, it looked afraid. I'm guessing on the age. Ara she was taller."

Standing up, "Time to see if I can trace a smell," walking, "show me ."

Sam nodded, and they took off. Travis stayed back.

Sam looked at Ara, "So that's my brother."

"Yes, that's your brother," something in the air catches me, coming to a grinding halt, "I smell fear and apprehension."

A small girl, who looks about twenty, maybe eighteen is cowering in a tree. Sam looked up, "See."

Looking up, fear rolls from her, "Can I come up? I'm not here to hurt you."

She nodded nervously. Sam waited.

In one bounce I'm in the tree, I sit on the branch opposite, "Are you ok? My name is Ara." I extend my hand.

She carefully extended her hand, "Amelia. I don't know if I am ok."

Shaking her hand gently, "You seem confused, were you running away from someone?"

Her lip trembled, "He said he was going to help me. I would be safe."

"He lied," I look down at Sam and mouth, "I don't know what to do."

Sam sighed.

"I, I," she couldn't finish. She curled up, pulling her knees up to her chest.

"Please calm down," I hug her gently, "you're ok with me but I'm not sure of the next step," looking at Sam, "can you find Carlisle please, I'm stuck, I don't know what to do."

Amelia hugged her back, "Please don't send me somewhere."

Sam spoke softly, "Bring her down."

"I won't, come on, down we go, my friend is waiting." I feel ready to cry at the damage Vladimir seems to inflict.

"He bit me, then stopped. Then he stopped. He said I was already damaged." I've been up here since last night. My wrist burned, then stopped."

Sam waited, taking his coat off.

"He's a nasty piece of work," looking over to Sam, "he put her in hell, she's stuck like this forever."

"Hybrid. Something like that." Carefully she got down. Sam tried to put the coat over her shoulders. She flinched.

"Could be," i look her in the eyes, "it's ok, he's putting his jacket over you."

Sam carefully covered her.

"I," she winced.

Sam looked at Ara, "Let's get her to Leah."

"I hope Leah won't mind? She needs checking out," to Amelia, "it's ok, we're taking you to see a nurse." We begin walking slowly.

Amelia started to crumple.

Sam stooped, "Sweetheart easy."

Amelia whimpered, holding onto Ara.

I couldn't take much more, I watch her crumple, my brand burns like fire, "You are safe with Sam, get her to Leah, there's something that needs to be said to someone." I kiss her forehead and look at Sam for approval, not normal I know but I had to know if he agreed with my decision.

Sam mouthed, "She was hurt before he got her." He carefully held Amelia, and nodded and started walking.

"Even so, I can't contain the anger, get Carlisle please, he should know what to do." I smile at Amelia before turning away, the tears come crashing down but anger boils in my veins.

Sam brought Amelia back. "Leah I need you now." He helped her in carefully. Emily had taken Sebastian upstairs

"What is it?" I called out, then saw Sam with a young girl.

"This is Amelia. She's been hurt. Can you check her over?" Sam's voice was soft.

I nodded taking her carefully to the sun room.

Stefan had Vladimir by the throat. "What did you do to that child?"

Vladimir smirked.

Continuing the walk, I see Stefan, he had Vladimir by the throat, this isn't the time for bottling and crying, I need to be strong, I need release.

Stefan snarled, "Leave them alone. Build it on your own. Leave my friends alone. I've spoke to the Volturi. They're coming for you."

Vladimir spoke, "She was already hurt."

Casually I walk up to him, the one who brings hell everywhere he goes, "You really are a piece of work."

Stefan tightened his grip, "Felix is coming. Vladimir has to witness to the Volturi."

"Before that occurs I have some things to get off my chest." I snarl, "Felix is my fave of the guard."

Stefan squeezed tighter. Vladimir didn't fight. Totally taken by the surprise turn.

"First off, I hate you, because of you I'm changing, you ruin everyone, take the advantage and when its finished, you dispose of them," I punch him with all I had, it connected with his eye socket, "I know that doesn't hurt but you will never know how much pain you cause everyone," laughing, "I hope they break you into small pieces and burn you until nothing remains, not even ashes."

Stefan spoke, "I have a weapon. One that Vladimir never wants exposed. So if he were smart, he better be on his way."

"The Volturi can still take him, he deserves whatever he has coming." I'm fast losing patience, I wish Felix were here now.

Felix, and Demetri showed up.

"Well let's go. Now!" Vladimir scoffed.

Stefan looked as though he might let him go, then slammed his head into the tree and dropped him. "You are the scum Vladimir."

The two guard members grabbed him.

I begin laughing as Vladimir connects with the tree, I feel more sorry for the tree, turning to Felix, "Good evening both of you."

Felix nodded, "Are you all done with him. Aro is anxiously awaiting his arrival."

"I am more than finished, get him out of my sight, please." I sigh, feeling a little better for letting out the pent up anger.

Demetri grabbed Vladimir, and started walking.

"Ara," Felix spoke softly, producing a small box. "This is for you. Aro doesn't usually send gifts." Inside the box was a simple silver cross.

I look strangely at Felix as he hands me the box, looking at the simple cross, I let a slight smile, "Please tell him thank you." I bow.

Felix nods, "Take care Ara." They disappeared in a flash.

"And you," they're gone, tuning to Stefan, "I am so proud of you."

Stefan smiled, "I hold the ultimate weapon. I will tell you. The reason Vladimir wants Aro dead, is because he killed Vladimir's family.

"Did Aro have good reason to kill his family?" Such a revelation.

Stefan nodded, "Yes. Vladimir's mother gave birth to a monster. She'd lured people to him. He killed them, and created them. Vladimir killed children. Aro would not stand to have innocent children killed. There was a limit with him. His mother brought orphaned children in Romania, and he feasted. He even teetered with the idea of immortal children. Cute, and innocent as such."

I feel as if I am going to wretch, tears seep from the edge of my eyes, "An entire family of monsters, feeding on the innocent?" I drop to my knees, "oh dear god, if i wasn't broken before I am now, Aro did the right thing."

Stefan nodded, "Because I was grieving, and angry he manipulated me. Told me I could have a family again. I saw why Aro had the immortal children destroyed. They were monsters, like Vladimir. They were ruthless. Frozen at whatever age they were. No understanding of wrong from right"

Getting up, "Everything that came from him is a lie, I am so glad I got away from him when I did and so grateful you kept him from me."

Stefan smiled, and hugged Ara tightly. "You're like my daughter. And that's why I need to protect you. He's gone. So we can live our lives. Your thigh should be healing. That was what his mother created. Any vampire bearing that mark, was his property."

I hugged Stefan back with all the strength I had, "Still I am sorry for your loss," smiling, "all I want is my family safe, including you," sighing, "it doesn't burn anymore." Somewhere deep within I knew Vladimir hadn't finished, but that was worry for another time.

I checked Amelia over, and Carlisle was with me.

"She's resting now. She's transitioning. She'll appear human still. She'll be stronger, like Renesmee, and be able to live on human food. How old is she?"

I sighed, "Seventeen." I held her hand.

Sam spoke calmly, "She's alone. No family, or siblings. Foster parents did a number on her."

Stefan and I return to Leah's, "We're back." I call out softly. Stefan goes to Amelia.

I got up quietly, and slipped into Hunters office, and sat on the couch. My head was in my hands. I felt horrible. This girl had nothing. I couldn't bear to throw her back into the system.

I watch Stefan, I have an idea, "Stefan, can I have a word?"

Stefan nodded, and followed Ara.

I was angry. Angry because Fred lost a friend this way. She was killed. I prayed to God, nobody would touch this child. She was innocent.

"I see the way you look at Amelia, she needs you, you could take her under your wing, teach her amazing things, let her know she has wings," softly, "I no longer require protection, I love you but she needs what you have and this is your second chance."

Stefan smiled, "There are far better people out there for her." He was nervous, and it was apparent. "I was a father once before. Now I'm a bachelor, and work a lot."

"No, there isn't, she could travel with you, help out," whispering, "at least give yourself and her a chance, I will of course do as much as I can to help you both." I hug him, I know he is nervous.

"She looks like my daughter." He smiled.

"Please, do this one thing for me," smiling innocently, "I promise to help out, allow yourself to try. I will look after her if you need to go away for a few days." I'm excited and nervous, he has to try.

Stefan nods, agreeing.

Kissing his cheek, "You will make an excellent teacher and an even better father." I smile and walk out and into Hunter's office, "Leah." My voice is soft and gentle.

I keep my head down, "She's resting. She'll be ok. Someone beat the hell out of her. She's a little underweight. Fluids, and slowly reintroduce food."


I sit next to her, "Sam and I could tell, she's had a hard start but it doesn't mean it has to end there."

I nodded, and inhaled deeply.

Travis, and Emily hit it off.

"This may or may not interest you," taking a deep breath, "I could tell by the way Stefan looked at her, she reminds him of his daughter, I have spoken with him, he has decided to take her under his wing, they both deserve a second chance," twitching, "I couldn't bare to put her in the system, it is very much screwed up."

I nodded, and I was angry. "He didn't have to hurt her."

Hugging her, "I know exactly what you mean but he doesn't care, we do and that is what matters, Stefan has a chance to finally make peace and Amelia has a chance to excel and spread her wings."

I nodded, "I'm just tired. I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of this battling, and these stupid secrets."

I feel at a loss, "Maybe now things will calm down, Felix and Demetri have Vladimir and have carted him off to Volterra

I look up at her. "It's over?"

Smiling, "Looks like it, we can finally breathe."

I lean against her. "My boobs hurt,"

I'm not sure if I should laugh or what, "Warm water and massage." I kiss her forehead.

I look at her, "Ara I love you, but your not massaging these." I smirk.

I burst out laughing, "No, that's Hunter's job," winking and standing up, "I love you too, always." I wander out into the hallway lean against the doorframe and smile.

Emily smiled, Travis, and Sam are talking a lot. "How's my cousin?"

I smile, "Feeling a little overwhelmed but she'll be good."

Hunter came into me, "Hi baby." He sat down cuddling me.

I decided that in amongst the chatter I would head outside, so I wander out back and breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Carlisle smiled, watching. Amelia came around slowly.

Stefan smiled, "Hello there. I'm Stefan."

Amelia took right to him, "Amelia Fischer."

He smiled, "Well I'm now your guardian. If you're ok with it?"

From out here I can hear Amelia and Stefan, smiling I sit down on a chair, with a huge smile across my face, happiness was spreading through me, it was as if magic was in the air.

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