The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


55. Chapter 53 - Fire and ashes

I sat in the office. "Alright so ultrasound shows four weeks, three days. Due date is September 17th, 2014. Your vitals are great. You seem in better spirits as well." He smiled.


"I am. I have one issue, my breasts are really hurting on the side still." 


He nodded, "We're going to start you on an antibiotic. Slight case of mastitis. Hot shower, and massage the affected area." 


I smiled, "Sounds good." 


He smiled, and stood up, "Alright so schedule your next appointment before you leave. I want to see you at eight weeks."


 I nodded, "Sounds good." I left the office, after scheduling my appointment.

I had errands to run, before I had to be at work at three o’clock. Rose, and Esme had Sebastian at home. I felt bad leaving him. He was in good spirits, as usual. Nothing seems to upset that little boy. I think the only time he cries is when he’s tired, or hungry. He’s so even tempered. It’s amazing watching him. He rolls around. He sits up with support. The milestones he makes just amaze me. I feel like he’s growing up too fast. 


I arrived at the school, and parked. I headed inside with lunch in hand, and the ultrasound picture. "Hi Mrs. Emerson." Mrs. Donovan the secretary looked up, as I signed in; grabbing a visitor pass. "You have an ultrasound picture." she remarked. 


I grinned, "Four weeks." 


Mrs. Donovan smiled, "Congrats." I left heading to Hunters classroom.


"Hi there. This is a pleasant surprise." Hunter smiled setting down The Bell Jar. I walked over, and handed over the ultrasound picture. "Is that?" He took it looking at it. 


"Four weeks, three days. September 17th." I grinned.


His class was listening with a heightened interest. 


"Class this is my wife, Leah. Sweetheart this is one of my classes." 


I smiled, and waved, "Hello." 


They waved back, and said hello. 

"So guys, I may not be in for a few days next year. I'm going to be a dad again." 

One of the students spoke up, "Oh my gosh your kids will be close."


Hunter nodded, "Yes they will. Fifteen months apart roughly."


His class cheered, "Papa Emerson." 


He laughed, "Julian Christopher." 


A girl laughed, "What about a girls name?" 


Hunter smiled, "Julie Christina." 


I smiled. 


"Now class, homework tonight. Chapters two, and three. I want you to pick a quote that sticks out to you. You’ll need to break down, and explain what Sylvia was saying.  The final part is why you chose it. This lady here, she knows this book like the back of her hand. So she'll be overseeing it with me." He nudged me. The class laughed. "Leah show them."


I thought about it. "Page sixty two. Fourth paragraph. Ready?" They nodded, "I felt like a racehorse in a world without racetracks or a champion college footballer suddenly confronted by Wall Street and a business suit, his days of glory shrunk to a little gold cup on his mantel with a date engraved on it like the date on a tombstone." 


The kids jaws hit their desks. Hunter laughed clapping his hands, "Told you." I smiled. 


"How do you do it?" Someone asked. 


"I'm Quileutte. I grew up listening. A lot of listening, and a lot of legends. I just learned to retain stuff.” 


“She also graduated early from Nursing School."  Hunter smirked, "3.8 GPA." The kids were in awe. Hunter smiled, then the bell rang. "See you tomorrow." The class filed out.


"So when do you go back?" He asked taking a bite from his sandwich.


"For an eight week checkup." I sipped my drink.


Hunter nodded, and rubbed my belly, "I'm so happy. I wish I was going to be home to help more." 


I shook my head, "I will be ok." He smiled, and kissed me.


Dragging myself out of bed, I traipse downstairs and put the coffee machine on, "Typical," I groan, "feel like death." Strange waking up to an empty house, Fred keeps vanishing, doing errands, or so he says, grabbing my coffee and a blanket I lay down on the sofa, shaking.


Standing up, I decide a walk may do me some good, out I walk without a coat, too late . My legs were as jelly as I began walking, "Stinking cold," I moan, "got a shift later, least there's no snot flying out my nose." I chuckle and continue walking at OAP pace.


Now I'm meandering further from home but obviously I know my way back, looking behind me the leaden sky is catching up, I decide to run, keep going North for a bit, I may even make it to the Canadian border, "Ah, definitely, may have time for a quick feed, depending on what appeals." I grin.


Standing high above the border, epic view, the crispness of winter had encased the land in a soft blanket of white, from here you could see the very tops of Vancouver sticking out like beacons, "Could easily retire here." Giggling I make my way down.


I had arrived early, waiting for the switch over to the new emergency room. The old one was just discharging the last patient. I paced nervously. Samantha bumped hips with me, "You did great. I miss being here." 


I laughed, "Not liking the floor?" 


She grinned, "Babies everyday. It's a toss." 


I smiled, "Yeah, well you'll see me there in September." 


Her eyes went wide, "Oh my god." She grinned, "When?"


I smiled, "September 17th." 


She smiled, "Good for you." 


I smiled seeing them getting it ready, "Doors are open now." I smiled seeing it slowly come to life with nurses, and doctors move around. 


"It was weird leaving the old place." Sam spoke.

"Yeah had to close the old ER. That there was a tough thing. "Hey now we're situated. Luckily it wasn't long we closed." I smirked.



Yes, I'm home. Walking in I go upstairs get dressed come down and make broth to take to work, my muscles feel like a lead ton brick, instead of taking broth with me, "I'll grab something at work." Making sure I had everything, I wander back out and get in the car.


I sigh sitting down, and log onto the computer at work. I accessed the patients chart, and entered in my notes. It was a busy night of course. Why would it be quiet. I sipped my coffee, and went back to work.


In the basement, well the morgue, I'm trying to settle down but because I don't feel too good I can't focus properly, leaving stuff behind I go up to the land of the living and to see the new ER, taking a quick look I can't see if Leah's on shift or break. Sitting down I watch as a junior doctor passes me, "Hey, is that the cool chick?" He asks his friend.

"No one can get near, not to mention," pointing out, "some lucky guy put a ring on her."

He looks annoyed, I shrug and decide to go to the cafeteria.


I look up at the young boys. "Excuse me. For starters, that is Dr. Storm. She came all the way from Pisa, yes Italy to work here. She's also good friends with Dr. Cullen, and Dr. Hendricks who's chief of the department. Now if I were you, politely introduce yourself sometime. She's a grown woman, not a chick. A chick is a small feathery baby bird. If you have any hopes of surviving in my ER, I suggest you smarten up."


I'm walking down the corridor when I hear Leah's unmistakable voice, turning back I can't help but grin, the boys pass me and I keep quiet, I'm dying to laugh out, I arrive at the nurse's station, "Hey, look at you, smart arse."


I looked up and smiled. "I'm sorry. I've been tested today in Hunter's class. He's all too proud of my GPA, and how I can quote Sylvia Plath. Those two ass hats needed a swift kick. So I did it."


"High five," I feel my forehead, "didn't have the will to say anything," chuckling, "I came from Denmark." I wink.


"Pisa when I met you." I smirk. She didn’t look right, so I touched her forehead. "Oh you're sick." I whisper, "Are you hybrid?"


"True," sighing, "it's slowly creeping up, think I have a cold, I think." I lean against the nurse's station. "I'm not breathing yet." She replied.


I looked at her, "Element?"


I nod my head, whispering, "afraid so, partial activation is enough to change."


I swallow looking at her, "What does that mean?" I'm afraid to hear what she has to say.


"I don't think I dare explain," fanning myself with one hand, "it's changing me, what into I have no idea but," whisper, "I could end up as the deadliest weapon anyone can use." I rub her arm.


I nod, "I just don't want to lose you."


I hug her and whisper, "You won't, remember," I nudge her lightly, "to stand together, and I will always be right beside you," I point to her heart and mind, "I'm there too." Winking I give her a second hug.


I swallow nodding. I can hear the guys whispering. "Why don't you two go work with some patients. Take notes, and wait until your teacher comes along. Obviously you can't seem to to do your job." Dr. Hendrick walked over, "Gentlemen let's go shall we." Dr. Hendrick smiled at me, "Take it easy. You've been working hard dear." She was older. She reminded me of Carlisle. Her hair was a mix of grey, and brown. She was breathtaking. Her eyes were blue, and she had cream colored skin. She was the department.


"How about a movie night? When we have free time?" I wave at Dr Hendrick, "she always works hard," I wink, whispering to Leah, "no worrying over it, the most that could happen is I turn into half human." Smiling.


I nodded, "Ok. Just name where." 

"My place, we can make a night of it.” Ara grinned.

I smiled, "Sounds good."

Dr. Hendrick looked over at us, "Boys go ahead." She walked over, and leaned down, "Leah you're much feistier then normal."


I stare softly at Dr Hendrick, I nod my head in agreement.


Dr. Hendrick smiled, and dropped her voice. "Are you expecting? If you are, congrats. I just want to make sure, you get the days off you need."


I step to one side, allowing the conversation to flow, oh not again, I feel red hot, quickly I stand near the exit doors.


I nod to Dr. Hendricks. 


"Is there an invisible sign on me?” 

She chuckled, “No. Your overall personality is changed. You’re very on top, and no nonsense from the troublesome duo. Anyways, take it easy. These two will be watched very closely." She walked over to Ara, "Ice pack back of the neck. Fluids, lots of them. Flu and cold season are rapidly spreading." She patted her shoulder, and left. "Boys."


"Thanks, it has been a very long time since I had cold or flu," sighing, "may finish when Leah finishes her shift," smiling I watch Dr Hendrick escort the two cubs.


I close my eyes, feeling slightly uncomfortable. A cold night, and I'm achy.


I wander over and give Leah my jacket, "Keep that on for a bit" kneeling down, "fancy a quick massage?"


I nod, and whisper, "I had my exam today."


Starting to massage her shoulders, "So, how'd it go?"


I relaxed a little, "Good. Started antibiotics. He said its mastitis. Warm water, and massaging where it hurts. I go back for my 8 week check up, and another ultrasound."


"Sounds like a good start to the year so far." My father walks through a set of double doors.


I bite my lip. I'm nervous. "I'm having some cramps. He said that's normal."


Rubbing her shoulder, "Yes, that's normal, don't worry over little things, you'll be shattered."


I smiled, "Uncomfortable is the word today." I saw dad watching us. 


"He's fine," thinking a second, "have you tried calamine lotion?" 


"No I've not tried it."


"Try it, I have some at home.” She smiled, and kissed the top of my head. 


I wave to dad, "Don't you feel like we've been caught doing something bad?" Laughing.


I nod nervously, agreeing with her.


He looks like he maybe upset, but it's hard to tell.” Ara spoke softly.



He's watching us, that I'm positive of. "I think maybe I did. I'm not wearing my brace."


Ara smiled, “I'll go see," walking over to dad, "have we done something wrong?" I'm starting to boil again.


He shook his head, "Well your sister isn't wearing her splint. You are red, then pale."


"Maybe it prevents her from working to her full potential," looking up at him, "just a cold," whispering, "please go talk with her, I'm gonna go back down to the land of the dead," winking, "see you soon." I walk by Leah and blow her a kiss, "heading back to work, buzz me when your shift finishes." I walk and press the button for the lift.


Carlisle smiled, walking over and sat down, "So Lucas filled me in. I'm getting an air cast on that wrist. It's still quite bruised. This the wrist you fractured before?" He examined it. "Yeah." He nodded, "X-Ray then. Could be a hairline fracture." I nodded, and we started the walk. "So you go back in a month. Anything changes, you know to tell one of us immediately." I nodded. We were in our way.


Coming out of the lift I switch the fans on, go to the freezer and grab some ice put it in a huge glass and begin munching.


Carlisle called Ara on her extension. We waited for the results of the x-Ray.


Still munching Ice I pick up the phone, "Hello, Dr Storm."


Carlisle spoke, "She cleared her x-Ray. A sprain is all. I thought I'd let you know." I looked at dad, wearing a lovely air cast, "Oh I'm getting daggers Ara." He chuckled.


"Thanks, I am glad it was only a sprain, " spitting ice out, "because you got your way." I chuckle.


"I always do." He laughed. I got up to go check on a patient. He spoke softly, "What happened earlier. Those two young students who are buddy buddy, they're avoiding her like the plague."

Smirking, "I was sat down and one of them said is that the cool chick, referencing me, other said no-one can get near and pointed out my ring," sniggering, "Leah told them what for, then Dr Hendricks showed up and the rest is history." Running the glass over my forehead.


Leaning on a slab, "I’m feeling rough but I will grind through the shift and rest when I get home."


"Ara you have coverage, go home." He was concerned. "Fred's home waiting for you."


 Sighing, "It's only a cold," fanning myself again, "I can handle it, promise. Humans work through colds all the time."


"Ara colds don't have reactions the way you are." He sighed. I worked quietly, moving patient to patient.


I felt confused, "What does that mean? I don't understand."


"Ara you're having hot flashes. Please head home, and rest."


He was pleading.


I tried working it through my mind, "I'll ring Carol, my stand in," another wave of heat flows over me, "I don't know if I can drive home, the heat is, is," it was like thinking through fog, "like an ocean."


"I can drive you home." He spoke softly. "I can drive her home. One of the boys can bring her car home."


"So long as it's no trouble?" I place my forehead on the slab, "have I got flu?"


Carlisle spoke softly, "Very possible. Any other symptoms?"


"Achy muscles, neck pain, fuzzy eyes, no concentration, lack of balance."


Carlisle sighed, "sounds like it


"Lovely," growling, "just typical." Chuckling a bit. "Well at least I'm not breathing yet."


Carlisle laughed


"Knew I could make you laugh." I sit on the slab.


"You know if you have it, others must." He smiled, "Am I driving you home?"


"I should be able to make it home, don't want Leah having this," sighing, "my first virus in 600 years."


"Ara if you caught it here, she could also Hun. Get some rest ok. I love you." He smiled


Carol arrives, I nod, "No Idea where it came from, yes sir, soon as I'm home sir," laughing, "love you too." Hanging up, "hey Carol, thanks for the cover, think I may have flu."

Carol hugs me, "Go rest, you work too hard, everything is good here."

I kiss her on the cheek grab my things and head into the lift.


Carlisle saw a few more patients, it was passing the time. It was just shy of eleven o'clock at night. "Well you ready to head home?" I found him standing there holding his white coat, and his bag over shoulder. I looked up, "Yeah." I stood up quietly. "Come on Hun." He grabbed my bag, and helped me put my coat on. "You need to get home. You're exhausted." He put his arm around my shoulder, and we left together.


I had made it half way home before my vision decided to fuzz over and the hot flashes decided to turn into the temperature of hell, pulling over I am now waiting for a gap from the vision blur.


Carlisle was on his way home, when he spotted Ara pulled over.


I sat in the passenger seat putting the keys in the glove box. Grabbing a bottle of water I guzzle it down rest my head back and begin to doze.


Carlisle climbed out, checking on Ara, "You have the noro virus. Mimics the flu and lasts for about twenty four hours."


Opening one eye, "Woohoo," slowly climbing out my legs turn to jelly, "no fair, this change is annoying, I preferred my old self." Winking.


Carlisle carefully helped her into his car. "Home, and rest." They were on their way.


Shivering like hell I lean my head against the window, my eyes close as the movement of the car eases me down.


Fred came out of the house, and quietly brought her in. "Thank you Carlisle." He nodded, "Get her car please." Fred agreed, and put Ara to bed.


I couldn't stop the shaking nor the hot cold flashes, for some reason I begin to thrash out, tossing and turning, this felt like hell.


Fred spoke softly, "You're home safely." He gently touched her thigh, and felt the searing hot pain in his hand.


I felt as if I was burning up, sent into the depths of hell where they stoked the fire, just for me.


Fred watched anxiously. He had a cold wash pressed against her forehead. It was hard to watch her in so much pain. 


I was being pushed further into the fire, within the fire I saw my reflection, my skin melted away exposing muscles sinews and veins. I was desperate to turn away but he made me watch as I continue to melt away, piece by piece, he laughed and whispered in what was left of my ear drum, "Now I control you, freedom is no more, say goodbye to loved ones, Ara is no more." I dropped to my knees, snarling, fighting for what remained of me, although I couldn't speak, I began to fight as I ebbed away. BOOM! Ashes are all that remain of me, stoking the fire even higher I am no more, but I fought.


"Baby come on. Please talk to me." Fred was extremely concerned. He'd called Stefan, who was on his way. 


I got in my car, and sat quietly. I was exhausted. I still had to stop on the way home, and pick up my prescription. Thank god for twenty four hour pharmacies.


Still staring at the ashes of my former self, a line from a Dylan Thomas poem sprang fourth from my mouth, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light."


Stefan arrived, and quickly rushed in the house. "Her leg is burning up." Stefan nodded, "It's because the element was activated. He's close enough to spark it again. He's not here though. At least for several miles.


Fred's head snapped up, "Leah was working tonight, with Carlisle, and Ara."


I was trying to rage against the dying of the light, the death of me, what other choice did I have? I saw his eyes staring right at me, those red evil eyes, again my body thrashes, he gets me by the throat, my body is dancing the hangmans jig, "Keep away." I managed to push out between my lips.


Stefan watched with Fred, and they were at a loss of what to do. 


I started driving, and I was exhausted. I had to get home, and get up with Sebastian in the morning. It was my day off. I was worried about my sister, but it was a virus, and she'd get better.


Things swirled around me, I felt like I was floating on air, until I feel like I'm falling.


Stefan, and Fred each held her hands. There was nothing else that could be done.


"She'll pull through this. I know she will. She's my martyr." Fred smiled, kissing her forehead.


Leah came into focus, just as Vladimir also came into focus, he wanted her, to use her to his advantage, to rid himself of the Volturi for good, I crawl along the floor and put myself between, "She has a life, a human life." He threw me out of the way, like I was a rag doll and began to pursue Leah.


I had my medication in hand, and climbed back in the car. I turned on the radio, and I started driving. I was ready to crawl into bed. Tonight I could forfeit dinner.


I feel dizzy as my eyes begin to slowly open, it's dark out and I feel so lost and confused.


Fred spoke, "Baby you're safe. Stefan, and I are here."


I turn my head around slowly, "I couldn't help, I was a pile of ashes," realization kicks in, the burning on my leg is painful, quickly I limp out of bed, out the window into the night, he's out there and after my precious Leah.


Stefan, and Fred followed quickly. "Where are you going?" 


I pulled up to the house, and climbed out shutting the door. I went to the trunk pulling out my bag, just as I shut it, I head something behind me. "Travis don't do that." I looked but it wasn't him.


"I'm going to Port Angeles, he's there I know it." I yell at the top of my lungs. Despite the pain and the virus I kept pushing forward.


Fred quickly caught up to Ara, "You can't do it." Stefan was running, "Get home. I can handle it. I promise.


"I can do it," I hear what Stefan says, "if anything happens to her, it's my fault."


Stefan shook his head, "No it's not." Fred held onto Ara, "Baby please. You're in no shape."


"Well look at what we have here." The romanian accent was thick. His usually crimson eyes, were black. "I'm quite thirsty. I've been extremely busy. I'm building my empire again." He watched me. "So what do I do about things like this?" He looked around, "Oh so many neighbors." He smirked. 


The pain in my leg sears like hell, fever is quickly overcoming me, "Stefan, make sure he doesn't hurt her." I slump to the ground and sob, "can't believe I just gave in."


Fred scooped Ara up, "You didn't give in. You've been fighting since I brought you in the house."


Stefan was running.


"I did give up, I'm so weak," sniffling, "changing isn't all good."


Fred cradled her, bringing her back to the house, "Ara stop please. We're all only so strong for so long. Now you're sick. Please stop." 


I quickly fumbled for my keys. I thought I might be able to get inside quick enough.


"Silly dog. You think you can out number me?" I backed up slowly. Vladimir inched closer, then grabbed my wrist. "See she just let you have a taste. I can let you have the whole bounty." I yanked as hard as I could, and could feel the pain surging. "Oh you're already injured. She's not here to protect you." 

I swallowed, "I don't need protection. You won't touch me."


Vladimir came within mere inches of my face, "I turned you over to the Volturi."


I yanked again, his grip had death written on it. 


"If I were you I'd stop struggling. I need something to eat." 


I said a silent prayer. Then I heard the growl, and my arm was free. Travis had sunk his teeth into Vladimir's arm. "You stupid dog." Travis went flying into a tree, and a loud crack echoed. Vladimir was beside the tall wolf. "Mort" the crack was loud. The whine was heart breaking. I tried to run over. Arm's grabbed me from behind.


"NO LEAH!" Stefan was there, and he went towards Vladimir. 


"You're all dead." He was gone.

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