The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


52. Chapter 50 - Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve. It’s cold, but beautiful. Snow is lightly falling. We were about to board The Polar Express. Ara drove up separately from us. She wasn’t going to come with us to the house. We’d see her in the morning at the Cullen’s. After we’re done here, we’re heading to Sandra, and Georges house. We’ll have our presents. Everyone was gathering there for the night. Hunter, Sebastian, and I would leave roughly around ten o’clock, and make it to Forks just before midnight. 


“Well, you comin’?” The conductor called out, looking at all of us. I snuggled Sebastian against me. His eyes were wide, and taking it all in. Ara stood beside me, watching Hunter. He was in complete awe. 


“Where?” Hunter said instinctively. 


“Why to the North Pole of course. This is the Polar Express.” 


Hunter smiled, and turned to me. I nodded, “Well get on. We’re on a schedule.” 


While he wasn’t looking, I slipped a ticket in his pocket before we left home. This had to be special for Hunter. He’d been reading this book to Sebastian every night since he was born. 


Once we were on the train, we departed the station. “Ticket’s please.” The conductor called out. 


Hunter looked at me, and I shrugged. The conductor came over to us, “Ticket’s please.” Hunter looked at me again. “Try your pocket.” Hunter felt, and there was nothing. “Your other pocket.” There he pulled out his ticket. Hunter grinned, and could see the magic unfold around him. 


They served us the coco, that was delicious. Over the intercom, they read the story. When it came to the part where the lean wolves roamed, Ara nudged me, and Hunter laughed. I smiled.  


When we arrived at the North Pole, it was breath taking. They had reindeer dressed in the harnesses, and they had the bells attached. A little boy, who resembled one from the book was there. They re-enacted the whole scene for everyone who’d taken the train. Hunter looked so young, and carefree. It was the most beautiful thing to watch, as he pointed for Sebastian. 


Ara held onto me, “You did good sweetie.”


When it was time for us to board the train to head home; they made it look like Santa had taken off. We rode the train back to the station, and climbed back in the car. Hunter was on the verge of tears. 


“That was amazing.” He kissed me softly. 


We arrived, and they had set up Sebastian’s crib in Rose, and Emmett’s room. Everything was put away, and we were unpacked thanks to Alice, and Rose. 

“Get some sleep. We’ve got him sweetie.” Rose smiled, and took Sebastian for the night. 


Hunter, and I changed, and crawled into bed. 


“Leah?” He spoke softly in a sleepy tone. 


“Yeah babe?” I replied, curling up against him.


“My mom used to read that book to me when I was little. You made it come to life. I can’t thank you enough. It was like my mom was with us on that train tonight. When the whistle blew, I could see her smiling.” 

I smiled, stroking his cheek. 

“When the train honks, where ever I am; that’s my mom saying hi. Just like when the wind chimes sing, your dad’s saying hi. Ara is right, they’re never gone. They’ve just moved to a new part of their destiny.” He smiled, and kissed me. 

I was left speechless. He leaned in, and pressed his lips against mine. 

“Merry Christmas Darling.” He held me close, until we fell asleep. 


I stirred and cracked an eye open. My watch read two thirteen in the morning. I wasn't feeling great. Maybe it was all the traveling. I slipped out of bed, and crept downstairs. The tree was lit, and the lights were off in the living room. It was quiet. I curled up in the chair, pulling the blanket around me. The fire was still going, and the snow was falling gently, and I fell asleep.



Close to 3am, just arrived home from a hunt with the family, Emmett did his usual show off look how many I took down, I just had one, that did the trick. Fred said he was staying at the Cullen house as he needed to ask Carlisle something. Laying on the sofa I watch the soft twinkle of the lights on the tree.

I'm looking in the fridge, nothing I want. I remember I had made mince pies, grabbing one I hop back on the sofa. There was always something magical about Christmas, the atmosphere, attitudes, everything and this would be my first Christmas with family, the first of many. Biting into the mince pie I smile happily.



"She's sleeping." Esme checked on me. 


"She looked exhausted when they arrived." Bella remarked.


"We'll let her sleep. We can handle Sebastian. She made bottles." Rose smiled 


Jasper smiled, "Peaceful."



Just gone 6am, it is still dark out. Sighing I head upstairs to run a bath. Walking into my bedroom I get the shock of my life, there laid out on the bed is a dress, "Alice." I smirk. It was a short midnight blue silk dress with matching shoes and a silver bag. I haven't wore a dress in more than 100 years, they made me nervous. Although I am usually confident, when it came to dresses I felt exposed.



I stirred, I wasn't feeling well. I'd not gorge on food, but my stomach was turning. I sat up, and made my way outside to the porch. It was cold, and there was a soft snowfall. 


"Shes not feeling well." Jasper spoke.


Emmett came outside, and sat beside me, "You ok?" He nudged me.


I leaned against him, "I don't feel good." 


He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, "Take it easy."



Getting ready, and the presents were all in the car; so were mince pies. I look down at the dress, "Okay let's do this." I slide easily into the dress and zip it up. Looking in the mirror, I feel like I'm not looking at me, turning round slowly to see the entire dress, how it hugged every inch of me without intruding. Sitting on the bed I put the shoes on, midnight blue kitten heels. Again looking in the mirror I cannot believe that this is me. My hands run down my body but stop where the brand is at the top of my thigh. I can't take my eyes off the place.




The girls were all getting dressed. I still sat with Emmett. 


"Mama wolf, you feel warm. Like fever warm." He touched my forehead.


"Everyone seems to be sick that's come in. I've been very careful washing my hands." 


Emmett nodded, "We'll tell Alice, no dress." 


Alice came out, "Well it's a dressy top, and leggings. Thought you might be more 

comfortable that way." She smiled playing with my hair.


Emmett looked at Alice, "She's running a fever." 


Alice looked at Emmett, and felt my forehead, "Yeah I would say so."


Emmett looked at me, "Let's get you in onto the couch. We'll watch a Christmas movie." 


I nodded. 


Emmett was an amazing brother. I couldn't have asked for a better family.



Grabbing my lovely long khaki military coat, I button it up head downstairs, grab the keys, I take one last look in the mirror, my makeup is neutral, except for midnight black eyeliner, walking out the snow falls gently, "Merry Christmas world." I get into the car put a CD on and go.



Hunter came downstairs, looking around. 


"She's over here. Sound asleep." Emmett turned speaking over his shoulder.


Hunter nodded, and walked over. 


Esme brought over a coffee, "Can't sleep?"


Hunter smiled, "When she's not in bed, I can't sleep well. Everything ok?"


Alice sat on the arm of Hunters chair, "She's running a fever." 


Hunter nodded, "She picked at her dinner, at my family's house.



Parking the dodge outside, I climb out of the car with the mince pies in one hand and presents in the other, I'd left Hunter's present in the car, I close the door with my foot.



Carlisle walked out to help, "Hi sweetheart. Let me help you." He took some presents to help ease her load.



"Thank you dad, Merry Christmas." I kiss him on the cheek.


"Happy Christmas dear. We're English." He winked. 


I chuckle, "Well not completely English," I wink, putting things down quietly.


Esme opened the door, and took some presents, and placed them under the tree. 


Hunter was quiet, and watching me.


"She said a lot of sick people have been coming in." Emmett spoke.


Hunter nodded, "Luckily Sebastian seems to be healthy." 


Esme smiled, "That's great neither of you have caught it."



I look at Leah, whispering, "could be flu, she needs to see the doctor, soon." I look over at Alice and smile.



Alice smiled back, "Well we have a doctor on call." 


Carlisle chuckled, "She's in great hands. Two great doctors here." 


I stirred, as nausea crashed viciously against me.


"Easy sis." Emmett pulled me a little closer. 


Hunter looked at Ara, and Carlisle.



I shake my head, "Okay, I'll check her over," Leah stirs, and I bend down, "take it easy, I'm checking you over." I feel her forehead and tummy, "wow."


Carlisle moved over, "Ara?"


I feel it inching up my throat. My heads throbbing, and I'm so tired. Emmett's cool body, 

is refreshing against my burning skin.



"Dad, can I have a word please?" I kiss Leah's forehead and begin walking away.



Carlisle followed Ara quietly into his office. 


Hunter watched quietly. 


I woke a little, "I don't feel good." 


Hunter moved sitting on the couch. He held my hand, "Just take it easy." 


Esme smiled, "We'll wait until you feel better." 


Alice smiled, "It's still early in the day."



I close the door, "All the signs are there, she's," hesitating, "she's with child number two," smiling broadly, "far as I can detect, no wolf gene present in the child." I stand there unable to stop smiling.



Carlisle leans against his desk. "Wow. Sebastian's only six months. No wolf gene. So this means it can jump." He rubbed his face. "When do we tell them."



I hold my fathers hand, "Steady gramps," breathing, "it would seem so yes," smiling, "you make her some ginger tea, lavender is good too, compazine too," whispering, "you tell Leah, I'll tell hunter, I need to give him his Christmas present."



Carlisle nodded, "I will email Lucas." 


Esme knocked on the door softly, "Hello?" 


I quickly got up, and made a run for the bathroom. Alice was right behind me. Bella 

slipped in with us. 

"I can't ruin Christmas." was all I managed to say before I started vomiting, 


Bella ran a wash cloth under the cold water. Alice held my hair back, "You're not. Did 

you bring your pump? I'm thinking you should pump, and we'll take care of Sebastian." 


I nodded, "There's four bottles already. I did bring it though. He’s on food as well now."



"Good idea," looking at the door, "come in mum, I'm just leaving," Esme opens the door, I slide out, looking at Hunter, I do feel for him, I kneel down near him, "can I borrow you for five? If that's ok with you of course." I pat his hand, the brand mark is feeling itchy, Fred walks in.



Hunter nodded, "She's sick. Bella, and Alice are with her." 


Emmett heard Sebastian, and took to him. 


Carlisle smiled at Esme, "We're going to be grandparents again."


Esme smiled, but was taken back, "Wow. I'm happy, but Sebastian will be only 15 months."


Carlisle nodded, "No wolf gene present though."



"Come on, she's in good hands." I begin walking outside to the dodge.


Hunter followed quietly. The snow was falling again. "Ara I read her journal before. She described the helpless she felt. It was when Bella was pregnant. I feel that way."



"And with good reason, before I give you your Christmas present I'm going to put your mind at ease," I hold his hands and whisper in his hear, "congrats papa on the news that Leah is pregnant with child number two, the big bonus is, no wolf gene present in the child." I stand and fold my hands.




Hunter looked at Ara, "Oh. No gene?" He rubbed the back of his neck. "We agreed on two years. She's still up, and down." He started pacing.



"Calm down, nature has decided otherwise," hugging him, "I know but we will help her through this, I promise."


Hunter nodded, "Who's going to tell her?" He looked at Ara.



"Carlisle will be telling her," I looked at him, "I know this present won't much," getting it out of the car I show him the 5ft wooden case, "I hope this gives you strength to see things through just as it once gave me." I hand him the case, the note is attached.



Hunter read the note.


Merry Christmas Hunter, this is the last piece of the old me, I am no longer Joan of Arc, she died May 1431 at the hands of the English, may this give you strength in your darkest hour, just as it once served me when I needed it most, Joan of Arc xxx


He then proceeded looking at the gift. "Ara oh my god." He hugged her tightly. “This is absolutely amazing," 


Patting his shoulder she spoke, "When it serves its purpose, bin it," I start walking back but the branding serves me searing pain, I stop and stand as still as a statue. Instinct tells me Leah didn't take too well to the news. The searing pain increases.


Hunter moved over to Ara, "What's wrong Ara. Tell me." He was concerned.


Meanwhile inside I'd gone upstairs,showered and dressed. I had pumped enough to make it through today, and part of tomorrow. I put everything in the fridge, and washed my hands. 


Carlisle was beside me, "Hi Hun." He smiled, pulling out a chair for me. "Sit please." 


I sat down, I was scared.


He sat down, and looked at me, "So you don't have the Flu." 


I was relieved to hear that. 


"You're pregnant. Ara told me. This baby doesn't have the wolf gene." 


I shook my head, "No I can't be. I just had Sebastian, and I'm breastfeeding."


Carlisle nodded, "Breastfeeding does show to be a deterrent of pregnancy, but not guaranteed."


I quietly stood up, and walked passed dad. I made my way upstairs to the bedroom, and shut the door.


I lie, "Leah didn't take well to the news, she needs you, I just need a minute." It begins to feel like electricity running up me.


Hunter looked at Ara, "No. Listen you need help. Ara squeeze my hand please."


I only just manage to squeeze his hand, the electrical force is getting worse but I manage to speak three words, "You, Leah, now."


Hunter nodded, leaving Ara and walked inside.


"Upstairs. She's quiet." Alice spoke softly.


The only thing that could be heard, was Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift playing from the room where I sat by the window.


Some kind of force field wraps around me, the electrical energy surges bounces off the field and back into me, I can't move, I can't scream but I think, "What is happening?"


I hope this is soundproof? My body jitters, my mouth opens, as I growl electricity surges from my mouth!


Bella was outside watching Ara.


I can see a blurry image, bolts of electricity are pounding my body, the brand mark feels like it is burning, still I'm stood upright, my arms straight out to either side of me.


Bella projected herself around Ara, just in case anything should happen. 


Edward came outside and watched as his wife used her ability.


My body begins spinning like a tornado, one last strike hits me, I fall from the tornado, that vanishes, leaving me on the floor looking dazed.


Edward stood there, shocked into place.


"Ara look at me." Bella touched her carefully.


The world is spinning, I look up to see Bella looking me, the brand mark still burns, "Hi."


Bella smiled, "Um what happened?" 


Edward smirked, "I think the storm blew in." 


Upstairs I was numb. I felt the tears ready to fall. The door opened, and Hunter slipped in. 


"Leah, love." He approached me carefully. He knelt in front of me, touching my stomach. 


I looked at him, "Two years. Sebastian is six months." 


Hunter nodded, "Baby we can't control our destiny. If we did, then we wouldn't learn anything." He kept his hand on my stomach. 


"Leggings. I should have known, Alice."


Her giggle could be heard from downstairs.


"No idea," I show them Vladimir's branding mark, it is his family crest, "this brand mark burned, then all the electricity stuff began, couldn't stop it," I smirk at Edward, "that I think was a taster. I wink.


Bella spoke, "Something big is coming."


"I agree with you," sighing, "it is the last thing we need right now."


Edward spoke, "We're stick together. No matter what."


I nod, "What do you intend to do? Glue us together?" I wink but understand exactly what he means.


Bella laughed. Edwards face went straight, almost pained.,


I laughed with Bella, it soon faded as I look at my brother Edward, "Whatever fate has in store, we see it together and end it together." My thoughts turn to Vladimir, of course, he branded me, maybe I'm rejecting the mark??


"Change is coming." I blurt out in a distant voice.


Edward nodded, "Leah's very perceptive. More then we've ever known. Something is bothering her."


"I best talk to her, unless someone else would like to try?"


Edward looked at them both, "She's really concerned. We need to help her relax. Let's go enjoy Christmas." He smiled


"Well my hair should do the trick." It stuck out, I looked like a scarecrow.


Alice was outside, and in a blink had it looking perfect. 

"Nice." Bella smiled


"Awe Alice, spoil my new hair do." I wink as we wander back inside.


Carlisle moved quietly, "The song is on repeat. Hunters up there. She's quiet."


I hug my father, "Okay, my turn, my burden, she needs to relax." I almost feel as if my father is looking at me somewhat differently, odd!


Carlisle whispered, "This isn't on you. She's pregnant, and that's life." He hugged her. "Love you Hun."


I whisper back, "Her pregnancy may not be on me, but everything else is," snuggling into his neck, "love you too." I slide out from his arms, head upstairs and knock lightly on the door, "only me." I walk in quietly.


Hunter looked up, and smiled. Hi there. Nice storm. Saw it outside." He kept a hand on my stomach, and rubbed gently.


"Twas an electrifying experience," I laugh, "how are you Leah?" I sit down not too far away from her.


He laughed, and smiled. Hunter motioned for her to come closer. "She's upset." I whispered, "We agreed two years."


"I could tell from down there," I whisper back, "want me to give it a shot?"


Hunter, "Talking she's done a little. The song has been playing repeatedly, softly." I touch my stomach. Sebastian deserves more time with me. That's all I can think,


Stretching my neck, "I will do my best, you go spend some time with Sebastian," I wink, "should have her smiling soon and this so called music out the window." I smile.


I spoke softy, "Alice sung it when I was in labor. Safe, and sound," Hunter leaned in kissing my stomach. I gently ran my fingers through his hair.


He smiled, "Baby,I'm going to check in on your brother. I fear Uncle Emmett may be corrupting him." 


Rose's laugh filled the house.


"I heard that Hunter." Emmett boomed back.


Ara looked at me, "They are lovely lyrics, I just don't seem to like the person singing them," Laughing, "yes, Emmett will have him boxing in no time." I wink.


Hunter stood up kissing me, "Infinity." I nodded, "Infinity." He patted Ara's shoulder, and left us. The snow looked beautiful. My phone vibrated, "Merry Christmas. See you for dinner at The Cullen's. A surprise, Billy is coming. Also Emily, Sam." I didn't reply. I just set the phone down.


I can only assume Leah's text wasn't such good news, "So, Merry Christmas." I kiss her forehead.


"Merry Christmas." I look at her. "Emily, and Sam are coming. So is Billy. Plus everyone else." I play with my wedding ring, twisting it around.


Huffing, "Oh wonderful, I'm not going to like staying but if it is needed I will stay because of you?" Fred won't stay, he hates Sam.


"Sam wants peace." I speak softly. My phone buzzes again, "Cuz I'm not making it. I've caught a stomach bug. I'm not bailing. It just hit." That's odd. I shrug it off. "You're safe he's not coming."


"He may want peace but there's a part of him that would want me gone, I can tell," looking at the text, "coward," shaking my head, "enough of that, so about your unexpected arrival, how do you truly feel?" I wrap an arm around her shoulder.


I look at her, "I'm not excited." Hunter already has his support system in place. He's nervous,


"I didn't expect you to be excited," sighing, "Hunter may have his network ready and waiting, I will be part of your web of support," winking, "you know I would do anything for you."


I nod, "Ara something just doesn't feel right. I can't place my finger on it. I can't be away from Hunter."


A shiver runs down my spine, "I can agree, something isn't right but neither of us can place it," hugging her a little tighter, "lets go down and have some fun, otherwise Emmett will call us old farts." I laugh.


I nod, "Ara, it's not Vladimir, or newborns. I think it may be the baby."

"What about the baby?"


"Maybe it's the baby, why something feels off." Emmett walked up, and knocked, "Can I come in?"


"Could be, I'm sure you felt similar to this first time round," I stand up, "come on in."


Emmett walked in, "I heard you." He shut the door, "Today I won't pick on you guys. You've got a lot going on." I teared up. Emmett grabbed tissues, "Don't cry please. Then you'll get me crying, and I will ruin my makeup." I chuckled and looked at Ara.


"New nickname for you, earwig," I step to one side to allow Emmett to pass tissues, "you need a lot of makeup to hide that," I snigger, "Emmett, when you have a minute can I have a word with you? I need to let it out, but not in front of Leah, I will ruin my mascara." I wink at Leah and duck outside.


Emmett patted my shoulder, and followed Ara. I stood up quietly, and made my way downstairs. Rose was feeding Sebastian. Jasper held him, while she fed.


Hunter came over to me, "Do we tell the family when they come?"


I shook my head, "I don't know how far along I am." 


Hunted nodded. 


Alice spoke softly, "Truthfully two, to four weeks. Hard to tell. It showed sooner because it's your second pregnancy." 


Hunter smiled, "Thank you Alice." She grinned and pecked my cheek, then disappeared to set the table.


"Emmett, you know I don't usually come to you when I have the weight of the world pressing down on me, but I feel like I'm falling, well crashing again," huffing, "then this happened." I showed him the crest, it was glowing red and hot to the touch, "Leah has to be top priority no matter what."


Emmett squatted looking at it. "When one would rebel against something, your blood would boil. The fight was in you. You knew in your heart what was right. Ara I think a fight is coming, and you're going to win." 


"Emmett, I don't have any fight left in me, not anymore," plonking down on the floor, "in my soul I know a fight is coming, a fight I cannot win, Vladimir, newborns, what happened outside, I can't keep going." I put my face in my hands, I'd been strong for far longer than I had ever imagined, at the pivotal moment I was breaking down.


Emmett held her carefully, "The Volturi will wipe him out, and now they have a reason. We all think we're weak when times are tough, truthfully it's when we become our strongest."


"They may have reason, he is more powerful than they realize," smiling, "I accepted my coming change, but it's like everything is coming all at once," images flash through my mind, someone stands behind me with fire in their eyes and white wings, I see me, someone holding a whip, I can hear the crack, one last image of me flashes, I look like death, I mould into him, we are as one, shaking my head, "maybe one day I will believe it."


Emmett hugged her tightly, "Maybe we're reborn. Like a Phoenix. You're the Phoenix, who rose from the ashes." He kissed her forehead. Esme came over to me, hugging me gently. "Just make sure, you let us know how you're feeling." She smiled.


"I hope so, this pain better be worth it," I kiss him on the cheek, "love you earwig," chuckling, "you know I can't do that, it piles the pressure on you, Leah stands as top priority, always." I smile.


Emmett looked at Ara, "You say she's top priority. Is there something else going on? I thought she was better, or getting better.


"Something is bugging her, she can't place what," looking at him, "its like conflict, she senses something, she does not want to be away from Hunter," standing up, "anyway today is about the magic of family, chaos can wait til tomorrow."


Emmett laughed, "Oh you've not seen Christmas here. Snow, and a snowball fight." Hunter took me hand, and lead me over to the fire. He took my face in his hands, "No matter what you feel, think, be honest with me. If you feel as though you can't handle it, tell me. If I'm at work, Text 911. I'm always here for you and our children." I nuzzles into his hand. "For Infinity"


"Snowball fight hmmmm," I ruffle his hair, "if I ever have to leave, promise to continue looking after her the way you've always done." Hurt flashes across my face.


Emmett nods. I heard Ara, and my heart feels like it may have stopped. I kiss Hunter, and slip down the hall. I pulled on my boots, and coat, and quietly slipped out the back door. I made my way to the now frozen rivers edge.


I wander downstairs, damn it Leah heard me, I go out back and head for the rivers edge, "Leah." I whisper.


I'm standing there. "Little one. I'm sorry I'm not ready for this. I just started doing great with your brother. I feel as though he needs me. So does your dad." My heart breaks a little.


I hear her heartbreaking words, "No one is ever ready." I stand next to her and offer her a hug.


I turn to find Ara beside me, and hug her. "Is my heartache that loud, or is it my disappointment. Hunter loved his gift last night. It was the most magical experience ever for him. That's his favorite book. Now I'm what Renesmee says, merp."


"It is loud to those who hear," I hug her back, "I'm so glad he loved the gift," I need to cheer her up, quickly switching from kitten heels to flats I put both feet on the frozen river and push back, "magic is everywhere Leah, let it in and smile." I grin and continue on the ice I make a face.


I watch her move gracefully. "Ok Elsa." 


I begin singing, "Let it go let it go, can't hurt me anymore." I laugh out loud.


I shake my head, "Is it thick?"


"Almost four inches," I get to the edge, "climb on my back and I'll take you for a spin," I shout out, "Emmett, your Sven." I laugh hard.


I started laughing, and felt the ground thundering. Before I knew it, Emmett had somehow attached two branches to his head. Jasper was laughing. Emmett pulled me onto the ice, and I tried balancing myself. The others watched laughing. Hunter smirked, "Sebastian look at mommy."


"Emmett, take your time with her you branch headed reindeer." I shout out to him, I feel Fred's arms on my waist, "Merry Christmas lovely."

"Merry Christmas Olaf," I stick a carrot on his nose and quickly skate off.


I laughed, and hard. "Come on sis." Emmett brought me onto the ice. "I'm not wearing skates." Emmett shrugged, "That's ok."



"You'll be fine Leah, the reindeer is a softy," giggling, looking behind me I see Fred coming, quickly I glide to the edge, "all you need is snow my love and coal." I chuck a soft snowball at him and glide again, passing Leah I wink,  "who needs Disney eh, we've got Emmett." I begin laughing again.


I laugh shaking my head. Emmett proceeded to bend over, and skate on his feet, and hands. He then started singing, Reindeers are better then humans. At that I lost it.



I start laughing at Emmett, "Show off." Carlisle joins me on the ice as Alice takes photos.


Esme came down, and watched with Alice. 

"This is an amazing Christmas." Carlisle smiled.


"The best I've ever had." I smile at my father.


Sighing, "Leah is having fun too." Quickly I look over.


Carlisle whispered, "She's on guard. The smile is genuine."


Whispering, "Can't have everything, but Leah with a genuine smile, I'll take that."


Carlisle nodded. Jasper came along, linking arms with me. I smiled, and enjoyed it. Then a snowball hit me from behind. I turned around, and found Seth, and Jacob snickering.


I skated off just in time to avoid a stray snowball. Gliding quicker the wind whipped through my hair, I felt happy and free. Turning on my heel I head back.


Jasper helps me to the edge, and I race up the hill. "Oh crap!" Jake, and Seth speak in unison. They start running. I whipped a snowball at Jacob, hitting him off the head. Next target Seth. I scooped up the snow, and bam, right to to the shoulder. "Damn your sister isn't slow." Jake remarked running trying to make another one. Seth laughed, "Nope." Emmett was filled with laughter. Charlie, and my mom pulled up, and headed inside.


I watch from the edge as Leah leaves a fire trail, determined to snowball Seth and Jacob, I sigh happily.


Carlisle, "Why the sigh?" We ran like hell, and then I heard the guys jump. I had no idea why. "THUMP." A cloud of snow thrown into the air. The two of them were in hysterics.


"It was a happy sigh." I hug him tightly, "thank you for making me a part of all this." Standing back I smile.


Carlisle looked up in the direction of the thud. Jake was wheezing he was laughing so hard. "Oh man she's going to kill us." Seth laughed. 


Shaking my head, "The joys." I climb out, come to think of it I'd never unbuttoned my coat, I begin laughing.


I ran after them, and got both of them again. "Not fare that's a stealthy move." I grinned. 


Carlisle was laughing. "She's going to kill them." I dodged a few, then caught one to the face. 


“Uh oh. We nailed Leah.” Seth said, backing up.


Fred picks me up, "Come on honey, inside," he sighs, "I'll see you at home later, you know I'm not a people person."

"Okay but next year year you are staying."

Fred chuckles, "You win." He puts me down kisses my forehead and goes.




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