The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


42. Chapter 40 - It's time

I've made it to thirty seven weeks. I'm now wearing two scars on my body. Proof that I'm stronger then anyone would have ever known. Bed rest have been the orders the past couple of weeks. Making sure the venom hadn't done any damage. 

"I hate that vampire." 

Hunter rubbed my scar carefully. "Battle wounds." He kissed my hand gently. I nodded. "Why don't you take a hot shower, get ready for bed?" He smiled helping me up. 

"Alright." I made my way upstairs.

I was in the shower. We're getting ready for our last weekend in Forks before Sebastian arrives. I decided to take my shower the night before. I'm leaning against the wall, "HUNTER!" My water broke, and I'm scared.

He came flying in, "My water broke." He quickly pulled out his phone, dialing Ara.

Hunter spoke calmly, "Her water broke. She's finishing up in the shower. She wants to lay down."

"Keep her calm, ring Lucas I'll ring Carlisle and I'll be there in ten minutes, hope Charlie doesn't mind me speeding." I chuckle, standing up I grab my keys, "Hun Leah's water broke, take either of the bikes, I need to ring Carlisle." Fred smiles and I head out the door with the phone to my ear.

Carlisle answered, "Hi Hun. I'm just leaving work. Everything ok?" Esme smiled walking with him. Hunter called Lucas, and he was enroute. 

"Hey grandad, Leah's waters have broken," revving up the engine, "I'm heading there now, Hunter will let Lucas know." Putting my foot to the floor I accelerate down my driveway.

Carlisle smiled, "We're here now in Port Angeles.  We'll meet you at the house?"

Weaving in and out of traffic, "Oh yeah, wouldn't miss this for the world, see you there. Love you."

Carlisle smiled, "Love you too." They headed towards my house. Hunter stayed with me. I decided to lay down in bed, after putting down a towel. "I'm not doing this at home." Hunter nodded, acknoledging me. He wasn't going to argue with me on this. 

I'm seconds away from the venue, yesterday I'd packed things just in case, screeching to a halt I'm here, running in and upstairs, I'm in time to hear Leah, "You might have to, its gonna be painful but he should be here within a few hours," smiling at Carlisle, "hi." I hug Esme.

Carlisle, "Hi sweetheart." Esme smiled hugging back. I snap, "My water just broke. That's it. Contractions aren't continuous."

"Would a water birth be any good?" I enquire. I shrug off the temper.

I snap, "I'm not some fish. I'm a woman." 

Esme smiled. 

Carlisle snickered, "Sweetheart, sometimes it's easier on your body." 

Hunter held my hand. "I'm going to the hospital once they're closer. I'm having an epidural."

Again I ignore her temper, "Okay then, Carlisle can you take Leah and Hunter? Esme can come with me?"

Esme smiled stepping out of the room, and shut the door, "What's going on?"

"I'm a demon driver, they'd be lucky to be in one piece if I drive them, on the way here I was pushing 135mph," snickering, "sorry, if Leah wants a hospital delivery then we may as well give it her, she's scared that's for sure."

Esme nodded, "She's never snippy. It's so rare if she is." I feel a contraction start, and I moan, "Mmm mom, Ara." Carlisle stepped out, "She's been doing great these past few weeks. He's still high up. It may be a long labor."

"Its the pain," looking at Carlisle, "well hospital it is," walking back in I stand to the side of Leah, "you got your wish sis, hospital it is." I rub her forehead.

I look at Ara, "What would you do?" Carlisle called my mom, and she called Seth. Leslie showed up, and made her way upstairs.

Chuckling, "I'd be screaming, in all honesty I'd want to be in the safest place with the best help and loving family." I smile.

I squeezed her hand, "No where is safe anymore." Hunter swallowed.

Leslie knocked, and stepped in, "We just need to know what you want. At a certain point, we won't be able to get to the hospital, and we'd do it here."

"Okay, as safe as possible, even if that space had been invaded," I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry, spying Leslie, "Leah's choice, I have supplies in the dodge." Clicking my tongue.

Leslie smiled, "I'm aware of Vladimir. That's all I want to say. Siobhan was my family."

I think I may have felt my heart stop hearing her.

"Ara, I'm willing to help however needed. 

Carlisle spoke softly, "Your mother is coming with Charlie. They're leaving Harry with Jacob, and Renesmee. The rest of the family is coming. Seth sent his best. He said he'll come by later." 

I just looked at Ara, "What do we do?"

Oh god, I'm under pressure, oh this is not good, "I need to think," thoughts wildly spin, its not like I can focus, looking softly at Leah, "I have equipment in the dodge, everything we need, its been in the back for a few weeks," pacing the floor, "home birth, I'll go grab the supplies, thanks Leslie, come and help me if you'd like to?"

Leslie followed, and Carlisle stopped Ara, "I'm asking, if it becomes to much, we have to go to the hospital. We can't do an epidural at home." Leslie looked at Ara.

I nod, "Agreed, have them on standby," I wander down and out to the dodge, "I'm sorry about Vladimir, he needs finishing." I hand her a few sheets and a blanket, I don't want to make eye contact yet, the freezer incident is fresh in my mind.

Carlisle sat quietly upstairs. Esme gently stroked my cheek. Hunter was speaking with Lucas in the hall. 

"I just don't think I can handle the pain." I curl up, and bury my face in my pillow. 

Esme looked at Carlisle. "It's whatever you want, and what's better for you both."

Getting the rest of the supplies I follow Leslie back and I'm in utter silence, things are starting to catch up with me, I can't allow it to render me useless, not yet.

Leslie whispered to Ara, "Thank you for saving Leah. I'm glad you're ok."

I stop on the stairs and whisper back, "But I didn't, Jasper and that did, I was too weak to even stand."

Leslie helped her sit down, "You did. You alerted them what was going on. It's hard keeping a secret, I know."

"Too many of them stupid secrets, especially when it comes to me and gifts," blowing out gently, "it was a last minute thing." I smile. "Secrets are painful and they're burdens that wear the carrier down so low."

Leslie nodded, and removed her bracelets. There was a scar.

My eyes grow wide in shock, "Vladimir?" I whisper.

She nodded, "Yes. I'm alive. It made me become a nurse. I saw how fast life could be gone. I sucked it out, thought of it like snake venom." He marks us. I was marked for my lineage.

"He changed me too, many years ago," hugging Leslie, "non of us truly count our blessings, until it is too late," I stand up and show her the brand mark near the top of my thigh, "technically I'm his property," I show her the half moon scar on my left wrist, "I wear this like a battle scar, the other, no one has seen it."

She smiled, "I'm human." A whimper escaped my lips.

"I'm glad you are, you're here to tell the tale, being like us, it can destroy us," I hug her and whisper, "enjoy each moment, you're very much loved."

"I do my dear" She smiled, and hugged Ara. Carlisle came out of the room, "She's uncomfortable. Esme is with her. Hunter's speaking with Lucas now."

Standing up, "Hospital, the only option we have." I wink at Leslie

She smiled. "She won't go until she's farther. Ara she's so torn with any decision she makes." Hunter walked over, "Lucas said, on the last ultrasound, Sebastian was roughly seven pounds, just under eight. He's not huge."

The pressure inside is building up, putitng my hands in the air I snap, "Do whatever is necessary, it is her choice." I walk outside, I don't feel any remorse for what I just said, events are eating me alive.

Hunter walked outside, "Hey. Listen I want to know, what would you do. Right now. She's tired, and cranky. You're exhausted as well."

Turning to Hunter, "I have no clue what I would do," grabbing an IV bag I rip into it and swallow the contents, turning back, "I wish I had all the answers but I don't people turn to me for answers, I don't have them," rubbing the back of my neck, "ever since I have been here, trouble has followed," sighing, "yes I know trouble was probably here before I arrived but it has escalated since."

Hunter hugged her carefully. "I ask you, because you've seen birth for hundreds of years." He smiled, hugging her.

I hug him back, "I have seen, births, death, mothers dying giving birth, babies who don't live long, each time I've made a choice, sometimes its the wrong one."

Hunter spoke, "Home until she's ready to go? Then they could do a water birth there?"

I giggle, "I thought she said she wasn't a fish?" I look at him, "yes home until she's ready to go, I will hunt after I've held Sebastian and hugged the proud parents." I wink.

Hunter laughed, "That was priceless, and that sounds great." 

Leslie is upstairs with me, "Hun you have a fever. It's not uncommon, but I think we should go." I squeeze her hand, "I need." 

Esme hurried downstairs, "She's starting to run a fever."

"I should have recorded that," I spin to face Esme, "cool washcloth, maybe liquid paracetamol, if it continues, we go to the hospital, there's better equipment there." I hurry up the stairs holding the door open for Hunter and Esme.

I open my eyes, and see Ara, and Leslie speaking. Hunters holding my hand. "Hi Hun. Lucas is on his way."

"My outburst was uncalled for, pressure blew." I whisper to Leslie.

Leslie smiled, "I figured. Shes at 100.6. I know she's been at 108 before. We can't risk a phase." I shake my head, "I can't phase."

"I can think of one thing, but I'm not a 100% sure it would work," sighing, "I best assess and find out," I pat Lesle on the shoulder and walk over to Leah, "hey you," I smile, "I'm just going to check," hovering my hand over I close my eyes, I jerk back, "Leah, remember what I did to try and ease the wolf before?"

I nod, "He's just waiting, so am I." I feel tears start. Hunter stayed quiet, his eyes tearing up. Leslie brought over an ice pack, placing it against the back of my neck.

"I can try," I rub Leah's forehead and place an arm around Hunter, looking at Carlisle, "I should at least see, that takes very little energy." I wait for an answer. The IV bag of animal blood I took outside has restored 50% of my energy.

"I can try," I rub Leah's forehead and place an arm around Hunter, looking at Carlisle, "I should at least see, that takes very little energy." I wait for an answer. The IV bag of animal blood I took outside has restored 50% of my energy.

Carlisle, "I'm concerned about you. I saw how much it took before. You were at 100% then." Hunter held onto Ara. My moms voice was in the hall, "Guys let me see how she is first." Leslie spoke softly, "She's not even dilated."

"I am more stubborn than you give me credit for, that time I hadn't done that since Abraham Lincoln," I wink and hear Sue's voice, "maybe in a bit, since it is getting crowded in here, I will wait outside the door, anyone need any air?" I quickly open a window before opening the door, letting Sue in and me out.

Carlisle stepped out following Ara. I was surrounded, and felt alone. "She's extremely quiet, and running a fever." 

My mom came over to me, "Sweetie, dads downstairs" 

I pushed myself up. 

"Leah?" my mom called my name.  

I managed to a standing position, and went to the bathroom. There was a knock on the door. "Leah it's Charlie." I opened the door, and sat back down on the floor. He walked in, and sat beside me.

"I have to know what is going on, with all of us there, it's a wonder she feels like she is alone, if I could get five maybe ten minutes, I could talk with her, laugh, she could call me an idiotic vampire, anything to distract her and me." I lean my head on Carlisle, "I won't back down just because it hurts. If at the end of that short time I feel she needs the hospital, then it's time to go."

Carlisle hugged her, "Charlie is with her now. She had locked herself in the bathroom. Ara this is your chance."

I started crying, before it turned into me sobbing against Charlie.

"Okay then, you are right, this is my chance, but," I hesitate, "nope, that will have to wait." It was nothing important, just a thought about,, then I smile, "perfect." I walk back into the room.

Sue looked up, "She's in the bathroom."

"Thanks," I knock on the bathroom door, "hi Charlie its Ara, fancy a shift change?"

Charlie looked at me, then answered her, "Yes, or help if you don't mind." 

"Okay, can you open the door?" I wait patiently.

Charlie called back, "It's unlocked. I can't get up."

I step in and quietly close the door, "thank you," I look at Leah, "you look pretty good, the look suits." I wink.

Charlie smiled, "She's having some trouble breathing. She's been sobbing hard."

"Deep breath Leah," I cram myself in, then shuffle until I'm opposite her, "I'm ready to do what I did last time, just to see," I look at Charlie, "please don't freak out," winking at Leah, "you ready hun?"

Charlie smiled, "No phasing and I'm ok." I try, to catch my breath, but I whimper.

"Leah I'll be less than twelve seconds," looking at Charlie, "definitely no phasing." I take a deep breath, put my hand on Sebastian and close my eyes. Instead of darkness it's pretty bright, "new life of course," looking round I see a wolf and her cub, I walk over slowly, the female looks at me, "oh please not now, let her give birth, I beg of you." The female nudges me and nods, she goes back to her cub and starts cleaning him, vroom, I'm back but accidently hit the bathroom door, luckily it doesn't crumble, "Leah, its gonna be a long labour but you should be able to give birth, the hospital will be the best place." I hold her hand and wipe tears away with my trembling hand.

Charlie patted Ara's shoulder, "Thank you."

I gasp feeling a sharp movement. "Stop. Please." 

Charlie holds me tighter, "Ara what is it?" 

Meanwhile Leslie, and Esme have everyone waiting downstairs. My mom knocks, "The cars ready, whenever you guys are." I'm trembling in tears.

"It is time, Sebastian is on the move," shouting out, "time to go, Charlie open the door," I pick Leah up, "I can't guarantee it'll be painless, I can't guarantee it'll be short and I can't guarantee what could happen with reference to phasing but I'll be here whenever you need me." Charlie opens the door I walk out, Sue looks at me and I mouth, "It is time." And carry on down the stairs.

"Ara he's moving. His foot was in my rib." Emmett smiles picking me up, "Let me help ok."

"Oh well excuse me Missy," I start laughing and trembling, "hey least you have some uses, you coming racing Sunday?" I look at Emmett.

Emmett grinned wickedly, "Hell yeah." He held me carefully. I looked at Ara, I wish I could say it out loud. I'm terrified. I'm not ready. I thought I was, but this is it. There's no more time. "Hey no going white on me." Emmett smiles. I can't reciprocate it.

"Good, I'll thrash you on the track," I laugh, "Leah, try to relax, as you could tell from my reaction to your child playing on your ribs," I whisper, "I'm scared too, see you there." I pat Emmett on the shoulder.

Emmett nodded whispering, "Hey I need my little sister to relax, both of you." I nod, and feel a stronger contraction then before start. "Stronger now." Emmett carefully got me in the car. Hunter was already in the backseat, "Easy baby."

I salute, "Yes sir," I wander outside, "breathe easy, good luck papa and mama to be, I'll be there shortly." I climb in my pickup and rest my head on the wheel, only to remember I'm in no fit state to drive, but I start the engine anyway.

Alice climbed in with Ara, "Scoot and I can drive. You need to hunt. We won't miss the birth." Carlisle climbed in, along with Esme. My mom smiled, "See you there." She smiled, and we were on our way.

"Thanks you sweet angel, yep afraid I do, you coming with me?" I lean back in the passenger seat, "Alice you told me a while ago I'm the ultimate weapon, is that because of the god killer?" After she answers I'm going to forget about it and move on, Vladimir thinks I'm dead.

Alice grinned, "Yes ma'am. Vladimir is gone. He's moved onto traveling, Romania is what I saw."

A weight lifts, I smile a genuine smile that I haven't done in a while, "time to forge a new life with you guys." I kiss Alice on the cheek.

Alice grinned, "I love you." She smiles, holding Ara's hand. "Did she say who would be in the room? I'm just curious."

"Love you too pixie," I grin, "no idea, hunter is definite, she asked me to be there, Lucas, Carlisle, no idea after that."

Alice nodded, "I just want to check on her. I can't do a delivery. Afterwards." Alice smiled. "Alright hunting we go."

"Always planning something, okay let's hunt, I'm in the mood." Away we go.

Alice giggled, and they were gone.

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