The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


40. Chapter 38 - Daydream

Carlisle read the messages, and sighed, "So there's an Irish coven in Leslie's lineage. That's Hunter's aunt by marriage." 

Alice spoke, "It's almost as though the whole thing fit perfectly together. Leah being a wolf, his aunt being of vampire lineage." 

Esme sat quietly listening, "Will Ara tell Leah, or is it something we should sit down with her and speak about." 

Carlisle rubbed his face, "I"m not exactly sure what we should do. Maybe find out from Hunter, if he know's his families genealogy."

The time passed, and they waited quietly for any word from Ara. No news, is good news right? 
I was working, and working my tail off. The emergency room makeover, was driving me nuts. We were almost at completion, but there was so much going on. Two days, and it would be up and running. I was on for an overnight shift. I would get home, just as Hunter left for work. Why a Friday of all days to open the new ER. Snarky, cynical remarks started raging into my thoughts, filling up the little spots of sanity I did have.

"Leah young lady complaining of severe migraine pain. Symptoms have been on going for three days now." I took the chart from Sam, as she headed back to triage. 

"Kimi Blaisdell." I knocked, before walking in. There he sat, in a darkened room. "Hi Kimi, I'm one of he nurses here. So you're in for migraine." 

She opened her eyes, and looked at me. "Wow small world." 

I looked at her chart, "So a migraine for a few days." 

She corrected me, "Yeah it's been more like a week, but became unbearable the past three days." 

I nodded, and started taking her vitals. I went through my usual list of questions, and went over her medical history. I noticed a slight accent. 

"Where are you from?" I was curious. 

"Trinidad." She replied. 

I nodded, "Ah ok. Your accent isn't very thick." 

She smiled, "I moved here a few years ago." 

I went to touch her head, just examine the are quickly. Her hand shot up, and she grabbed my wrist quickly. She squeezed to the point of it being painful. 

"Let go please." I pleaded 

She looked me in the eye, then dragged her eyes down to my stomach, "Sebastian?"

I stood horrified. I yanked so hard I stumbled backwards into the doctor. 

"Be careful there." Dr. Winston smiled at me. 

I turned quickly, losing balance slightly due to my size, and bumped into someone. 

"Leah, you're having a waking nightmare, breathe slowly and deeply, I'm here." I pick up the stethoscope. 

I turn, and find Ara beside me. "She was in that room. She had a migraine. He was here in scrubs." 

Carlisle looked over, watching quietly.

I stand behind her and massage her shoulders, "She can affect you from a distance," looking at Carlisle, "I'm sorry I snapped at you, when do the Denali's arrive?" I whisper, "have you ever heard of the god killer element?" I kiss the top of Leah's head.

Carlisle smiled, "Tonight hopefully. I'm not quite familiar with it." He moved over to us, and stood quietly holding onto a chart. I'm so afraid I will walk in that room, and she'll be there. Ara is a comfort, and my friend, my sister.

Still massaging her shoulders, "Vladimir mentioned not long after he created me, all I remember is that it is the rarest of gifts, only one has had it and that was Archangel Gabriel," so I'm meeting more extension of the family, "which room was it Leah? You show show me and I'll go and see."

I try to speak, and I can't muster the voice. 

Carlisle looked at me, then pointed, "Ahead of us." It's empty I discharged the patient from their." I close my eyes, listening to him talk. 

Carlisle looked at Ara, "Just so you know, the Denali's are very kind, like us. Fred is part of their team." Carlisle winked. Sebastian was stretching, and my ribs were the victim today. 

"Mmm come on kiddo move." I pushed gently, and felt him reposition himself.

I touch Sebastian, "Not long and we can finally meet you," I smile, "yeah about Fred, I have a date tomorrow night with him, oh, interesting," I stand up and go to the door, knock and walk in, smelling the air, turning round, "she was there maybe 25 minutes ago," I close the door, "Gabriel was the angel of death, second in command of heaven, maybe Vladimir has found a vampire with the," I stop and slide down the wall.

I smile, hearing Ara.Then I'm left speechelss. 

Carlisle listened quietly, then moved over to Ara, "You're alright." He carefully helped her up, hugging her. She was here, and how'd she know his name.

Hugging Carlisle back I smile at Leah to try reassure her, "Carlisle, Vladimir is after someone who holds control over death," letting go, "Leah want me to stay with you for a while? We can go into the staff room, if necessary I will stay near you tonight.?"

Carlisle looked at Ara nodding, then gently touched my cheek, "When was the last time you slept Leah?" 

I shrugged. "Is Hunter aware you're not sleeping." I shrug, "He knows I'm having issues. He had to work as well. I reassure him I'm fine."

Carlisle exchanged a looked with Ara.

Stepping over to Leah, "I know you're afraid to go to sleep, you want to keep busy, I want you to sleep tonight so I shall stay with you," rubbing her shoulder,"I think I know a spell that will keep her from interfering, at least for the night, I have to be close, I'm the shield," looking over, "is that okay with you Carlisle?"

He nodded, "I'm becoming concerned. You're at thirty weeks. You're exhausted. For now, why not rest in a spare room? It's quiet. You can head home of you want also. I can have Esme come up." He looked at Ara.

"I agree, the lack exhausts the body quicker, maybe a power nap will help? I will always if you wish, stay with you," I turn to Carlisle, "I'll meet the denalis in the morning, this is my last shift for a few days." I smile and hold Leah's hand. "Yes Carlisle, I'm full of surprises," tapping my foot, "Stefan will have to come to your place dad," it just slipped out, "I really owe him my life." 

That's when I spoke, "Is he safe?" Carlisle looked at Ara, then me. 

"I'm following my heart Leah, I think he's been lost for a long time and was only following orders." I know she's scared in case I cock up.

Carlisle smiled, "I trust Ara." 

I saw another patient come back, "Back to work." I stood up, and reached for my stethoscope.

"No, she needs a break, get someone else to do it," I walk up to them, "I will take them wherever they need to be, no ifs no buts, " huffing, "I'll be back shortly." I wink.

Carlisle stopped me, "Leah it's ok. We don't need you killing yourself. Beth can you take over." 

She smiled, and was on her way. Carlisle looked at both of us, "We can leave early. All three of us." 

I sighed, heading to my locker.

"She's frustrated, stressed and hell knows what else," walking to my locker, "will one of the visitors I mean the Denalis, know if anyone has that element? I'm scared witless especially if Vladimir has found one."

Carlisle nodded, "Their mother was one who created an immortal child. They're very extensive with research." 

Then I spoke up Eleazar escaped the Volturi, and there's been no back lash." 

Carlisle smiled, "There's my girl." 

I looked at Ara, "I'm all of those, plus a bit depressed." 

Carlisle sent a text to Esme asking her to come up, and if Bella would join.

"Im sorry for dumping my stress on you both, it isn't fair," I make a mental note to try shut my mouth more, the last thing I need are these two stressing out over my minds concerns, "really? Oh I do hope they can help." My mind is uneasy.

I chuckle, "Want to keep Emmett in line, look at Kate, then at Emmett. She can electrify her body. She can take down a full vampire." Carlisle chuckled, "Poor Edward. It did teach Bella her shield ability though." I nodded. 

Carlisle spoke, "Better to vent, then hold it all in."

Ara laughed loudly, "I'd love to see that," looking between them, "talented family Carlisle." I wink.

Carlisle nodded.

"So you're taking Leah home?" Quickly I text Stefan, "I'll be back shortly but I will need to leave sharpish, stay at mine tonight and I will see you at the Cullen's tomorrow morning at 9am, Ara x" putting phone away, "I'll follow you guys on the bike." I knew it, I'm still an outsider, guess I knew that, I accept it without question.

Carlisle moved over to Ara, and whispered, "I know that look. You're very much a part of our family." 

I spoke softly, "I can drive myself. I'd rather work though." 

He looked at me, "Ara, and I are in charge. You need to rest." 

Stefan, with some difficulty replied, "how do. People. Ok."

"Sorry Carlisle, my doubt can sometimes have a field day," I suppress giggling, "I'm afraid we are, you can go back to work tomorrow," looking at my phone I start giggling, "poor Stefan, he's new to mobile tech," I reply, "are you ok? X"

Stefan tried again, "Confounded device. Yes I'm fine. Be safe." 

Carlisle patted her head as if she were a child. He loved us all. I had to fight through it, and I held onto the door of my locker.

Texting back, "See you shortly, ha ha x," I look at Leah, she's having a hard time, I walk the few steps, "you don't have to forgive him or even see him, I have a gut feeling I know what I'm doing." 

I shake my head, and grab her hand. Carlisle watched quietly, sending a message to Esme, asking them hurry up. "I trust you, and I do trust him."

Hell, "Sebastian." I whisper? Keeping hold of her hand.

I nod, "It's because," I gasp. He's stretching, and restless. "Dad call Hunter." He quickly called Hunter, and spoke to him.

As Carlisle spoke with Hunter I bend down not letting go of Leah's hand, with my other hand I put it on 

Sebastian and whisper, "Sebastian, I know you feel restless and probably excited but mom needs a rest, we will make her rest for tonight at least, please, please take a deep breath and rest." I hum him a tune, hoping this may calm him down long enough to get Leah home.

Carlisle hung up quickly. "How is she doing?" He came over, rubbing my back. 

"I can't drive." I cringed, 

Carlisle looked at Ara, "Fred's coming to get her car." He was worried,  "Let me get the car, and we'll get a wheelchair. 

I cringed, "If no more vampires come around, I'm ok."

"Only Fred," my eyes light up, "yes a wheelchair sounds good, would look funny if I carried her out," I go find a wheelchair and bring it back. 

Carlisle rubbed my back, "Leah breath through them." He started counting, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5." 

I leaned on the chair, "I have to lay down once were home."

Sebastian is cheeky, we get her into the wheelchair as she carries on breathing, "I'll go on ahead, Leah I will see you at your house soon," looking at Carlisle, "I don't wish to overcrowd her."

That's when Carlisle mouthed, "He's coming in a few weeks."

Looking at Carlisle, then at Sebastian, I mouth back, "Five weeks max." I do not like this, not one bit.

He nodded, and quietly slid into the car, and started back to my house. Stefan called Ara, and waited patiently.

"Hi Stefan," I say quietly as I begin my walk across the carpark.

Stefan sighed, "He's gone through Mexico, ruffled feathers. He's moving through South America now. Leah is safe from him."

I drop to the floor in relief, "Thankyou Stefan, South America?" I try standing up but my legs still feel like jelly, "I owe you my life, you do know that?" I stay on the floor.

Stefan spoke calmly, "As do I owe you mine. How is she, and the child? I want to send her something. To show my remorse."

"No you don't," I say softly, "Leah had to go home, the child is restless, he will arrive within weeks," my voice is tainted with despair, "can you wait until after the child is born? It might be the best option for you, that way you can tell her in person." I still cannot get off the floor.

Stefan felt bad, "Of course. Tell her rocking is great, on a chair, or ball. It will help any discomfort." His compassionate side was shown.

My heart melts, "Of course I will tell her," I growl, "I might be a while, I can't get off the floor, as soon as you said she was safe, my legs gave way." I laugh.

Stefan laughed, "Be careful. I will kill Vladimir, if I can. For now, relax, and make sure she does."

"I will, you too," sighing, "get in line," I laugh again, "I will do my best sir." I smirk, "thank you again."

Stefan was quiet, "See you later." He hung up. 

Carlisle pulled up to the house. Esme was outside waiting, Hunter quickly came out. "Easy ok." Carlisle told me. I undid my seatbelt, and turned to get out. I held onto the door, "Leah take your time." Esme's voice was soft. 

Hunter waited, "Baby we have visitors."

"Yes," I shout as I get up off the floor, "homeward bound." I get on the bike, revving the engine it roars to life, soon as I exit the carpark, I speed upto 140mph, within 6 minutes I'm home. Walking in Stefan is sat on the sofa, "Hi, how are you?"
Back at my house, it took about five minutes for me to move. 

Once I was on my feet, Hunter lifted me carefully. 

"I need help." I hated saying that. 

Carlisle looked at Esme, "They're here?" She nodded. 

"Fred told them, and they came." Esme filled in Carlisle.

Stefan answered, "Good, you ok?"

Nodding, "I feel alot better, just grabbing a few things and then I have to head off, please relax, call me if you need me, think of this as your home for now." I run upstairs change clothes, run down, kiss Stefan on the cheek, "Bye, see you tomorrow at the Cullen's."

"Be careful," he warned, "thankyou." He smiled.

Esme smiled, "I think everyone's concerned. It's sincere. Now how is Leah." Carlisle sighed, "Up to five weeks. She's having trouble now. He's a large baby as well. I rubbed her back, and had her breath. Ara's been helping as well."

I come to a grinding halt outside Leah's house, getting off I walk up to the door and knock.

Edward answered the door, "Come in. Stop having such impure thoughts about Fred." 

Fred burst out laughing, and Edward grinned. Bella smiled, and continued to speak with Kate. 

"So we're no threat to the baby, does it recognize that?" Tanya asked. 

Fred nodded, "Sebastian only acts up if there's a threat." 

Carlisle came downstairs quietly, and nodded. Esme stayed upstairs with me. Hunter bounced down the stairs, and into the kitchen.

I playfully slap Edward, "Give away all my secrets why don't you," I wink and walk in, "hi lovely," I look at Fred, I will have to tell him Stefan is staying with me, walking in I feel odd, almost closed in, I hear Fred's answer, "true, Leah has an inbuilt alert system," I laugh, seeing Hunter, "why hello Hunter." I smile and move to one side.

Hunter kissed Ara's cheek, "Hi Hun." 

Tanya walked over, and hugged Ara. "Wow! Pictures in books don't do you justice." 

Garrett grinned, "Another oldie but goodie." 

Then the outburst shocked us all.

"Hunter I'm trying. Five weeks at most. He's strong, and ready. It's more discomfort then pain." 

Hunter was angry, that's when the back door slammed shut. Bella flinched, then quietly slipped upstairs.

"The secret's out then," I hug Tanya, looking at the vampire with a beard, "Garrett, wow, long time no see," Hunter slams the door, "Fred come out in five minutes, I need to tell you something," looking at Edward, "you wish," I laugh and head outside, I see Hunter, the poor guy looks miserable, "hey trooper." I put my hand on his shoulder.

Hunter looked up at Ara, "He checked her. Said she's not dilated, and he's not dropped at all."

"Look, she needs you, you need her, deep inside you had the feeling this wasn't going to be normal, he's advanced both in terms of size and time, he's ready, you should be up there supporting her, just as she would support you," I grab his hand, "Sebastian is amazing already, think about it, half of him is you." She continued, "You cannot back away just because it is hard, we are with you every step of the way." I kiss his cheek.

He looked up at her, "I do support her 100% of the time. She asked to be alone for a few minutes. She thinks I don't know she cries. She feels horrible for crying, but truthfully, I'm glad to see it. She holds so much in. She's also worried, Brendan turned the bookstore over to us. We'll manage the books, run the place, host events. She feels bad because she's able to do less, and less. School's wrapping up soon, and she'll have me." He looked up at her, "She told me about the dream, and Stefan. Tell him thank you."

"Let her know you know, tell her it's okay to let it out every now and again," swallowing hard, "do you need help in the bookstore?" sighing, "tonight she should sleep easy, I know a spell, I'm the sheild, only thing is the nightmare will be on me, I'm going to take a vow of silence if she does it to me," patting his shoulder, "I will tell him, he wanted to send her something to say sorry, I said wait until after Sebastian is born, then he can do it in person, he said rocking is comforting, either in a rocking chair or a ball, suggest it to her from Stefan." I wink.

Carlisle stepped out joining them, "She took a mild sleep aid. It won't affect Sebastian. She has a good cry. Esme is with her, along with Bella. Edwards keeping an eye on thoughts. 

Hunter looked up, "I appreciate his apology. She's very forgiving. The Denali's offered to stay here to help." Hunter spoke, "Ara don't use the shield please. Unless it's absolutely necessary." 

Carlisle smiled at Ara, "She's out for the night most likely."

"Carlisle if she does have a nightmare, she won't be able to wake from it," stepping back, "Hunter I am honoured to do it, she maybe out for the night, I am more than willing to go through it, I do have to stay in the bedoom though, I have to be close," smiling, "good, I need to ask them a question, the god killer element thing is annoying me now," kissing Carlisle on the cheek, "I'm still willing."

Carlisle spoke calmly, "Ara she begged for it. She's not been able to sleep, because of his movements. Nausea is also rearing its ugly head. It's a very low dose. Like a antihistamine." 

Hunter smiled, "She's up, and down. At least this will help. Let's see how she is. Maybe this Kiwi," 

Carlisle smirked, "Kimi." Hunter waved his hand, "Maybe she'll back off since our family is here." He wrapped an arm around Ara.

"I know she needed it," breathing, "ok not tonight but I'll keep watch of the house tonight," tutting, "Kimi has something of mine, ten days ago something of mine vanished, when I came back I could smell her and this was before Stefan arrived, I'm ready whatever she throws at me. All of us won't deter her, she will just keep her distance." I wrap an arm round Carlisle and Hunter. They both smiled 

Eleazar came out quietly, "The child is a wolf as well?"

I turn and look at Eleazar, it wasn't my place to answer though I stay quiet.

Carlisle nods, "It appears so." Eleazar smiled at Ara, "Do I call you Ara, Ms. or Dr. Storm." He offered a hand to shake.

I shake his hand, "A pleasure to meet you, call me Ara, formerly Joan of arc," I laugh, "do I call you Eleazar? Or something else?"

Kate came out, "Old wise one works." She smiled.

Eleazar chuckled, "Eleazar is perfectly fine. I admire your work my dear." 

Esme came down, "Carmen is with her. She was shivering slightly, so we covered her up."

Smiling, "Thank You, Eleazar it is," I better ask, "have you heard of the God killer element?" I look at Eleazar.

Eleazar's eyes went wide, "Why yes I have. It's been rumored an amazing vampire has it.

"Not long after my creation, Vladimir kept mentioning it, Alice has said I'm the perfect weapon, Stefan said Vladimir chose me because of my gift but he's not talking about my soul saver or realm ability," coughing, "Stefan said Vladimir has moved onto south America, he's searching for the one who possesses that element." What a mouthful.

Eleazar nodded, "Selfish moron. He's going to try and go against the Volturi. No offense if the Volturi wanted you, oh they'd try and persuade you to join. Seeing as though Aro hasn't pursued you feverishly, I don't think he knows." 

Carlisle listened, and held onto Esme. "So you're the gem." Eleazar smiled. "Stefan is no longer with Vladimir. That's remarkable." Carlisle nodded. 

Kate spoke, "When did all this happen?" 

Esme's quiet voice, broke through, "Recently. I'm not sure if he'll join a coven, or continue to roam."

Hunter looked towards the woods, "Travis it's ok."

Tanya smirked, "Why hello there." Travis stopped, looking at her. She laughed, "Relax I won't bite."

Travis walked over, "Sorry I'm careful when approaching."

"I know he is selfish, I had to put up with him for 6yrs, oh yes, he wants his power restored," huffing, "they can't have me anyway, I'm free to do as I please, no Aro doesn't know, one day he might," I laugh darkly, "I'm no gem," I wonder if he was talking to me? "Stefan was a puppet he felt he had no other option," looking at Esme, "he will roam until he finds the one," waving at Travis, "I'm going inside, I need to tell Fred Stefan is staying with me." I hunch my shoulders and wait, plucking up courage to go in.

Fred was waiting in the kitchen, and smiled. He tapped his ears, "Vampire Hearing." He can have my old place if he wants. It's small, but secluded. He pulled Ara into his arms kissing her. 

A soft moan, floated down the stairs. 

"Shh." Carmen's voice was beautiful, "Baby boy. You're strong. Be easy, and rest." My stomach rippled, as he moved. Bella held my hand as I slept. 

"Watching is harder, then going through it sometimes." She spoke to Edward, and he nodded.

Spinning round staring at Fred through the kitchen window, "And here I was scared to tell you," raising an eyebrow, "why are you moving in with me??" 

Fred looked at Ara, "It's up to you." 

I grin, his lips press against mine, damn I'm melting, "poor Leah, " pain flushes through my head, "have to go, head pain." I brush by Eleazar go through the house and out into the woods, I'm a vampire I shouldn't feel pain.

He looked at her, "Baby?" He quickly followed. 

Kate, looked at Garrett, "Go make sure they're safe."

Travis took off running.

I saw my dad, "I don't feel good." Then he dropped again in front of me. I startled awake, and wrestled with the sheets. I just made it to the bathroom, before I'm sick. I'm vomiting, and it's killing me. Everything I ate. 

"Mi dulce niña. Será bien."Carmen utters as she walked in the bathroom.

Edward looked at Bella, "My sweet girl. It will be alright." 

Carmen was just as caring as Esme. I started crying, and I couldn't stop.

Ara was running through the woods, her hands on her head. I feel like I'm being crushed, I see Harry Clearwater, Leah's dad fall to the floor, in the distance I can hear Leah being sick, "Not Leah," I cry out and begin screaming, "hypnosis, get Leah hypnotised, hypnosis hypnosis," I don't see the edge of the woods, my sight feels fuzzy, the sensation of falling through the air feels real. Landing on the floor, again I cry out, "Kimi is seven miles East of here, help Leah please." Then I feel the sensation that Vladimir is creeping up on me. Kimi was knocked to the ground. "Leave. He'll use you, and then you'll become a dinner for the Volturi." He has her by the throat. Not wanting to kill, but if he must. Then the shriek pierces the air, and the growl is one like none other. All eyes are focused on the distance. I hear a growl, lifting myself up I look behind, I can still see Vladimir, I start running again shouting, "No no no," running faster, "I'm not doing your dirty work." I'm almost at top speed.

A blood curdling scream, and a whimper from Kimi prove to have worked. Seth chased her through the tree lines, until she's dropped something. Seth quickly laid down, protecting the item.
I can't stop myself quick enough, I can see the drop, I go for it anyway, "Hi ho silver." The water should wake me from a startling horror.

Seth refused to move. Then Kimi was gone. A trail of blood was left on the leaves.

Hitting the water, snapping out of it, "I'll kill her," I feel too drained to swim, I allow myself to sink, peace at last.

Travis was in the water swimming rapidly, and grabbed Ara. Hoisting her up, he swam towards the waters edge. "Oh no you don't martyr."

"Oh ha ha," my gravely voice replies, "peace from kimi's horror, I can't drown." I wink.

Travis swallowed, "I'm wearing boxers, no making fun of me. So I rescued you. I saved your life." He winked.

"I'm wearing jeans, they weigh a ton," laughing, "thankyou Travis, I owe you." Smiling at him.

Travis smiled, "So Seth sunk his teeth into her leg. She bled. Do vampires bleed?" Seth came up behind, 

"She's something that's for sure." He smiled, handing the object to Ara.

"Hybrids do, its the human aspect, she must be a hybrid," smiling at Seth, "thank you Seth, I'd feel better if she had dropped the item connected to Leah," looking round, "is Fred alright?"

Fred walked up, bringing a change of clothes. "Prepared babe." He also held up a blood bag. "Animal blood. Carlisle made them up." 

Seth looked at Ara, "She's using something connected to Leah?"

Fred sighed, "Your dads fishing lure was gone from his grave." Fred checked on the grave daily. This was the day, he noticed it. 

"Thank you lovey," looking at it makes me feel a bit sick, "I could murder a coffee," smiling, looking at Seth, "yes, that's how she can do her thing at a distance," mouth open, "alright that's it, I'm finding her now, I want that fishing lure back." Standing up I head off, I'm in pursuit of the stupid girl, anger fuels me.

Seth, Travis, and Fred all followed in flight. Back at the house, things were a bit rocky. 

"She's back asleep finally." Carmen spoke softly, looking into Hunters eyes. Bella carefully wiped my forehead with a cool washcloth.

I see her leaning against a fence, she's hurt and I don't care, I grab her by the throat and growl, "I want that fishing lure back, give it me," I snarl, her eyes show shock her body says fear, "give it to me before I snap your neck," she hands it over, "do not touch it again, you have something to say?" I relax my grip, a little.

"You're the one, the one he searches for." Her body trembles.

"No I'm not, I don't have the element." I'm puzzled.

"Yes you do." She hits me and runs off, I stand there, dazed.

Fred caught up with Ara, "Are you alright?"

Turning round, I stare at him blankly, "she's wrong." I say in a distant voice, she has to be wrong, hasn't she?

Fred looked at her, "I think he's trying to figure whether you have it or not. He's uncertain." He gently stroked her cheek, before kissing her softly.

"There's one way to find out, hypnosis," I lean into his hand and press my lips against his, after a moment I hand the fishing lure to Seth, "Put that where it belongs," I smile, "with Harry."

Seth smiled, "Thank you Ara." Seth smiled. 

Fred held Ara, "Let's head back, and visit with family."

"Anytime Seth, you are family to me, same goes for you Travis, " I wink. "Let's, I need to go under to find out before it eats away," kissing his cheek, "you're welcome to move in, I'll let Stefan know when he arrives at the Cullen's tomorrow." We begin walking back.

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