The Life of Leah Clearwater (Book 2)

Have you read The Stories of Leah Clearwater yet? If not, you'll need to read that first. This is book 2 in the Leah Clearwater stories. It takes place roughly six years after the end of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer.

We wondered what had happened, once the Volturi were confronted. Well six years later, Leah, and Hunter are together. Living in Port Angeles, fulfilling their careers. Hunter is a teacher, and Leah a nurse; how could things get any better? Well there's much more to the story, and that includes the Storm that arrives.

I've had the lovely addition of my co-author Ms. Ara Storm. She's my lovely beta, and editor as well.


39. Chapter 37 - Fuzzy Electricity

The fog wrapped itself around me as I walked through the woods, the grand owl is hooting, jumping into the tree, the view is fantastic. I have transferred to part time, for a while. When I am not busy with Leah I make sure the two idiots and the dreamer girl at bay. 

Fred caught up with Ara, and some wolves lurking behind, "So Storm." Fred winked. 

"So Freddy," I chuckle, "what's up?" 

Fred smirked, "Oh god, ok Ara. Please no Freddy." 

I shake his hand, "Deal," a surge of fuzzy electric runs through me, I feel all tingly, "How are you Fred?" 

Fred spoke softly, "Well, and you?" 

He smiled, winking at her. 

I decide to quickly hold his hand, the same electricity runs through me, I quickly let go, "Busy but I'm good thanks, what have you been upto? Anything interesting?" I look at his tall frame. 

Fred smiled shyly, and looked down, "School. I'm on the verge of graduating early. I mean early. I'm going to start a new business venture." 

"Exciting times ahead for you," smiling, "hope it works out for you." 

Fred shrugged, "Nothing else to really do. Too shy to be a public person." Nobody would think of Fred as shy. Truthfully he was. Never had a kiss, a girlfriend, only a hug from us. 

The urge to give him a hug gets the better of me, I hug him, "Maybe one day you will have everything you'd like." I pull back and smile at him, wish the electric feeling would go but it intensifies. 

He looked down at her, "Nobody really knows me. I was coined with a name, Freaky Fred." 

"Odd nickname, why would people call you that?" I am curious. 

Fred decided to show her. He made the repulsive shield come out, and remained quiet. It was as though he could blind your sense of smell, taste. Scent was important to vampires, and Fred could shut a vampire down, even an army. 

I look at Fred awestruck, "WOW, that is cool, that is one hell of an ability." I smile. 

Fred turned it off, "It's how I protected myself, and Bree." His face showed the sadness of missing his friend. 

There is an aura of sadness about him, "I'm sorry." It was all I could say. I bowed my head. 

Fred smiled, "Truthfully she's in a much better place. 

I mumble, "Wish I was," looking up at him, "never give up on hope, things test us, I bet she is smiling down on you." I lock out the other realm. 

Fred stopped Ara, gently holding her hand. He carefully put it in his chest, over where his quiet heart lay. "Ara, right here you have the greatest gift of all. A heart doesn't have to beat, in order to care. To be a compassionate friend. An amazing person." Then he whispered, "You've brought me to a better place." He bent down, and pecked her on the cheek.

I'm startled as elecricity surges through me again, he put my hand and placed it where his heart should be, I look up at him, he kisses my cheek, "Wow," I say before grabbing his hand and placing it where my heart is, "slowly this heart thaws, cherish your heart, you are a dear friend to everyone, including me, thankyou." I kiss him on the lips and continue my walk. 

Fred is stopped momentarily, before jogging at human pace to catch up with Ara. His tall frame towers her. He slid is hands into her thick dark hair, holding her head steady. "Ara," was all he choked out, before his lips pressed against hers. There was such care, and love in him. This one person, this one girl, did something to him, and he couldn't fight it anymore. 

My lips respond, maybe Fred is the one? Carlisle was right, damn! Gently pulling away I wrap my arms around his waist, look up at him and say, "Fancy a date." I chuckle and kiss him on the lips before gently pulling back. 

Fred grinned that boyish grin. "I would love one. A first for everything in life." He carefully held her around her waist. 

"Well it will be a first for me," laughing, "I spent alot of time on my own," leaning into him, "you pick the time and place." I feel my heart has thawed completely. 

Fred smiled, "I don't eat. I can do the occasional coffee shop?" 

I grin, "I can eat human food, how about my place Friday night around 8pm? We can watch a movie and maybe go stargazing later?" Now I'm showing my age. 

Fred smiled, "I would love that." He squeezed her hand a little. 

"Then it's a date." I squeeze his hand and smile like a teenager. Fred leaned in for one more kiss, before Travis snickered in his brilliant wolf form. 

I could stay this way forever, I turn to look at Travis, walking over to him I bend down and stroke him, "Give us a break, this is new for all of us." I wink. 

Travis nudged Ara in his form. Fred spoke, "This guy hasn't had a date in," Travis head butted him. Fred laughed, and watched as Travis headed back to the house.

I can't help but laugh, I lightly poke Fred, "Bet he will soon," looking at my watch, "I better go, need to get ready for work and see Leah." I kiss him lightly on the cheek. 

Fred smiled, "I have class work to do as well. Be careful." Travis was loud, "Stop it you two." Fred laughed hard.

"I will do my best, enjoy studying," I kiss him again, "Travis at it again?" Walking away, "see you soon." I blow him a kiss. 

Travis nodded, "He's embarrassed me before. Payback." He laughs. Fred smiles, pretending to catch it, and starts on his way. 

"Boys will be boys," I laugh as I walk toward Leah and Hunter's place.

Travis stopped, and looked up at the porch. 

I follow Travis' stare, "Stay here, this may not end well." I walk forward. 

Travis stayed at distance, but close enough if needed. Stefan watched, standing quickly, "Easy Ara." 

"And what do you want?" stepping closer, "you shouldn't be here, Vladimir is looking for you and the last place I want him is here."

Stefan shook his head, "Oh he's off to Mexico. Trying to pick up some angry fools. Ones who are looking for a fight."

"Take a walk with me," I nod to Travis, we walk away from the house, "so why the change of heart?" 

Stefan leans in closely, "I never wanted to hurt anyone. I needed to hunt the human, to survive. I fed, and continue to feed on, what do you call them?" He searched for the word, "Low lives." His accent was thick on the words. He looked at Ara, "Vladimir is the one who's power hungry. I've been a puppet. I saved you, and have run him all over the world, trying to avoid running into you." 

Sitting down on the beach, "But why? What is special about me? And who do I remind you of?" This is an interesting development. 

Stefan sits down, pushing his coat behind him. "What's special is your gift. Who you remind me of, is my daughter."

I feel in shock, "You're daughter? I am so sorry, what happened? Did Vladimir turn you?" I put my arm over his shoulder, strange I know. 

Stefan speaks slowly, "My wife was distraught. Our daughter was roughly your age, when a horse trampled her. I tried to save her. Protect her, always keep her safe." He goes quiet. He stares at the water, "Shortly, after we lost her, my wife was dying. Not of illness, but of loss. She stopped eating, functioning. A vampire, well one who claimed to be a doctor; said he could heal her. I believed him. He drained her, left her lifeless body there." Stefan turned looking at Ara. "My hands were trembling, and hovering over her body. I didn't know what to do. Vladimir assumed I had some power, and then it happened. My body writhed in pain. I laid there beside my dead wife. Once I transformed, I repeatedly bit her; thinking I could save her. It was far too late." I wandered the streets, drowning my sorrow in wine. They accused me of killing her. Vladimir assumed once again I was one, and it began." 

Tears escape from my eyes, I feel overwhelmed, I hug him, "You did your best, I am sorry for your loss, suffering and pain," straightening up, "Vladimir is power mad, he brainwashes people, like he tried with me," sighing, "Is there any way out for you?" Why do I feel so distraught? 

Stefan carefully returned the hug, "I told the Cullen's they were fools. Most would have assumed, because of power. It was because they had the chance to dismantle the Volturi. He's probably going to turn me over to the Volturi. I won't go without a fight. That fight involves destroying Vladmir. He does brainwash people. I've been fighting him recently. That's why he's seeking out others." 

"But the Volturi are just as bad as Vladimir himself," pulling back, "If I must I will go to Italy myself to vouch for you, would you like to stay at mine tonight? The idiot is building an army." 

Stefan smiles a little, "I'm not on his side. He threatens, and there are times I'm unsure of his plan." 

"Because by keeping you in the loop with everything you could use it against him," standing up, "the offer is open, if so I will see you later, but please stay away from Leah, the last thing she needs is stress." I pat him on the shoulder and make my way home.

Carlisle sent Ara a text, "Hope you're well. We miss you."

I decide to head for the Cullen house, quickly I reply, "I'm on my way over, be there shortly, I mss you all too xx" 

Carlisle wrote back, "You have work don't you? Everything ok?" 

I quickly ring work and pull a sicky, then I reply to Carlisle, "A situation has arose, I need to discuss it with you, I'm confused but the walk will clear my mind, be there in 15mins, Ara xx" 

Carlisle looked at Esme, "Family now. Ara is on her way." Esme looked at Carlisle, concern plaguing her face. Alice's blank stare, warned of an incoming vision. "Alice?" Jasper spoke. She shook her head, "Deja Vu." She smiled, and stood on her tippy toes; her lips meeting his.

I knock on the door before entering, "Hello, it's me." I call as I make my way up the stairs. 

Everyone emerges from various parts of the house. "Ara dear," Esme hugged her tightly. Emmett's ever so happy grin, was a serious smile. Jasper, kept an arm around Alice. Rose slipped in quietly. Bela, and Edward walked in together. 

"Did you miss me?" I smirk, Esme hugs me and I hug her back, "so nice to see you." Looking at Emmett, "Awe, did you mis your partner in crime?" I nod at Jasper, Alice Edward and Bella. I look over to Carlisle and smile. 

Rose spoke, "He's been pouting for quite some time." Then she winked. 

Carlisle smiled, "You're troubled, what is it? Leah's become work obsessed I've noticed."

I smile at Rose, "Soon we can cause mischief," I wink, turning to Carlisle, "very much so, burdens are getting heavier," sighing, "she just wants to keep busy, sitting at home she has too much time to think," sitting on the steps, "as you know I have been tracking Vladimir, a few days ago he vanished, gone without a trace, not long ago Stefan was on Leah's steps," rubbing my neck, "he has broken from Vladimir, he was used as a puppet, well I don't know if I did the right thing, he thinks Vladimir will turn him over to the Volturi and I said if I had to I would go there and vouch for him," breathing out loudly, "I'm wondering if I did the right thing? Stefan has much on his mind," clicking my fingers, "Vladimir has gone to Mexico to round up those willing to fight." I lay back a second before standing up, waiting for blame to come at me. 

"Whoa The Dracula couple broke up?" Jacobs snarky remark came from the kitchen. A crack was evident Renesmee had hit him. "Ouch Ness that hurt." 

She spoke smartly, "Not as much as it could." 

Emmett laughed. 

Bella spoke, "Stefan was a puppet. Just like Fred, Riley, all the others." 

Jaspers voice broke through, "Just like Maria." His southern accent more noticeable today. That's when Bella's eyes went wide, and Jasper straightened up, "Vladimir is in Mexico?" 

I chuckle at Renesmee, she did right, "Exactly, it could mean that this is bigger than the volturi could ever see coming, I may have to travel to Mexico," I look at Jasper, "yes Mexico, there has to be something down there for him, he's a strategist, always keeping a step ahead of everyone else." Looking at Jacob, "hi." 

Alice's whisper, is like a blood curdling scream, "Maria!"

Oh dear me, of course, "Maria, of course, she is as mad as he is, I've encountered her once, ugh," I shudder, "looks like a trip to Mexico is in order," sighing, "Stefan saved me, he kept Vladimir from me for 600yrs, I owe him." 

Jasper spoke calmly, "Maria wants to hold territory where she resides. They'll be a massacre down there, if he tries anything. It's not safe. The Volturi are always watching. My friends Peter, and Charlotte will let me know if anything. 

That's when Carlisle spoke, "Stefan saved you?" 

The Cullen's are shocked. 

"We need the Denali's to come visit. Tanya, and the others are aware of Leah's pregnancy. Fred has kept them up to date." 

"So you are saying I can't go to Mexico?" I look at Jasper, then at Carlisle, "yes, he said i was innocent, I reminded him of his daughter, I asked what is special about me, he said it was the gift I posessed but I have no clue what gift he means, he had Vladimir run all over the world to try and stop him finding me." 

Jasper spoke, "I'm not saying you can't, I'm saying you shouldn't. Maria will most likely destroy him." 

Emmett grinned. 

Carlisle was pained hearing this news. "Joan you know your gift. Don't act as though you don't. It's why you have that streak." Esme smiled. The others were thoroughly intrigued. 

Edwards voice broke the silence, "The way he looked at Renesmee, I had no idea." Carlisle held Esme, "None of us knew he had a child."

"Well, for now I will stay clear," I growl at Carlisle, a rareity, "he didn't mean that gift, he meant something that I'm unaware of but Vladimir picked up on it the day I went to the stake, I'm not trying to be innocent, I'm trying to work Vladimir out before," huffing, "forget it, if you'll excuse me I may have a guest arriving soon, I will find out as much as I can, see you tomorrow." I walk down the stairs, quietly shut the door and run, I want to run away from my gfts but I am stuck with them and stuck with the knowledge I have a gift I know nothing about.

Stefan waited quietly outside the house. He'd been looking off, thinking.

I spy Stefan as I arrive up my driveway, "Hi," I smile, "come in,, I have something to discuss with you." I open the door and let Stefan go in first. 

Stefan was soft spoken, "Yes ma'am." 

He speaks softly following. The hostility he used to carry, is gone. There's now a calm demeanor, I grin, he seems much calmer, maybe because he feels more like himself? "Would you like anything?" I head for the fridge and pull out a bottle of water. 

He shook his head no. Quietly he removed his coat, setting it down. 

I sit down next to him, "I mean what I said, I'll vouch for you," sitting back, "answer me this, Vladimir saw something in me that day, it couldn't have been the soul thing nor the between realms thing, so what was it? Did he tell you?" My eyes are sincere. 

Stefan shook his head, "I truly have no idea. Vladimir doesn't say much. All is, gifted one. That's it." That's when he looked down, "That's what Leah is. Gifted. So was that woman." 

"Okay, that kind of leaves me in the dark but I'm ok with that," The mention of Leah's name makes me shudder, I can't imagine Vladimir getting hold of her, "what woman?" 

Stefan looked at her, "I apologize for the darkness. See Vladimir's mind is like a diary. It holds everything. The one who was staying with them. She's very caring. Hunters mother?" Stefan raised an eyebrow, "There's been two women. One who've I've seen a glimpse of. She's been there, especially when Leah was alone. This one woman, she was there when Vladimir hit you. Easter I think, she's wiser then you know." 

Damn it, "Kimi? The dream walker, yes Leslie was there, she was staying overnight-," realisation hits me, "of course, get close to Leah by putting a family member there, no-one would suspect it," looking at him, "I can help you, give you money you can go stay in England for while, I have a cottage there, you could stay there? Or you can stay in Oregon, I have a place in the Blue mountains," standing up, "I need to text Carlisle, this isn't right, I feel like everything is caving in," whipping my phone out I quickly text Carlisle, "Hunter's Aunt Leslie isn't what we think, she works for Vladimir, Ara xx" My blood runs cold. 

Stefan looked at her, "Kimi, she's the one Vladimir collected. Leslie, no I traced her roots. She's Irish, and her heritage dates back to a coven. She's pure human, good natured, and pure." He quickly puts a hand on top of Ara's. "Kimi isn't young, nor is she old." 

"Leslie knew everything, does she work for him? Or was she trying to protect Leah from him?" Texting Carlisle, "Hold up a minute, Leslie has Irish roots and date back to a coven, Ara xx," sighing, "but if she is neither young nor old, I need some air, you joining me?" I head for the door. 

Stefan spoke, "Protect, and yes I will join." 

Standing outside I feel so worn down, "That is good to know," I text Carlisle, "Leslie is safe, watch out for a half cast vampire called Kimi, she hangs around near Leah when she is alone, Ara xx," Sitting on the porch swing, "I am sorry, I feel as if I have played a part in all this," a brainwave, "the god killer element, it is supposed to be the most powerful of all gifts, I cannot recall what it does," staring at Stefan, "you can stay a few days if you wish? I will leave that upto you." I smile feintly, I feel weighed down. 

Stefan held her hand carefully, "Ara, I will do whatever you wish." He was concerned now. 

Holding his hand, "You are free now, you do not have to follow me or anyone." 

Stefan smiled, stroking her hand, "I'm always bound. No matter how much I don't want to be. I'm bound to this earth, for as long as creation exists."

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